Thursday, April 30, 2020

Outfit of the Day: More of the Same.

I try to be honest with the outfits I post which means you get variations on the same six things I'm wearing every week while working from home. Mostly I'm leaning towards ultra-comfort with enough flair to keep me feeling like a real human person. 

I've been wearing my Letluv lightning bolt waffle tee a ton because it's super comfortable and thicker than your average tee but the sleeves are kind of ridiculous and don't photograph very well. It's sold out but I love this NY graphic tank that's also by Letluv. For something similar, this lighting bolt sweatshirt is pretty cool and this Chaser tee has glitter bolts

I did a temporary tuck so you can see my pants, which are the Athleta Brooklyn Ankle Pant. I love them so much, you guys. They're basically pajama pants that you can wear out into the world. Light as air and super comfortable. They also have a tuxedo stripe down the side that you can see here. I am definitely considering buying the grey plaid version at some point and the wide crop version also intrigues me. Details: 

So boring. I am just wearing the horn pendant necklace from my Madewell set because it's got a satisfying weight to it and it's fun to play with. No other jewelry because eh. However:

 I had to brave the grocery store this day so I thought I'd give you the whole thing. My very old (and, um, slightly tight in the arms) Madewell et Sezane jacket. For a current version, the Madewell Dispatch Jacket looks similarly cute with the big front pockets. My mask was made by and it's super soft and really well-made. (It's not as cute as my kitty mask which I posted on IG but it's nice to have options.) My shoes are the Day Glove flat by Everlane and I love them but please buy them on Poshmark or the like, because Everlane is a mess right now.

And finally, I am still very into my Lo & Sons Pearl crossbody with the Madewell webbing strap (which is on sale for $25 at Nordstrom! It's absolutely worth it, I promise.) One day I might switch my bag out but for now it's great to be hands-free for pandemic panic shopping. Hooray.

Wednesday, April 29, 2020

BUY THIS (Because We Must Stop): Madewell Is Relentlessly On Sale.

Y'ALL. I have to stop ordering shit from Madewell but the sales have been so insane that's it's hard to resist. Mostly I just bought some casual summer stuff but they KEEP HOUNDING ME. It's very rude. Anyway, here's a bunch of great items that are 50% off the sale price with code BIGTIME. (Be warned: Some of it is final sale.) Anyway, here you go:

Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Beauty Talk: A Tale of Two Serums. (And a tip!)

I have been pretty careful with my skincare lately because my face was doing that flare-up thing again (rosacea? Who know?) so I backed off everything for a few weeks. Once it settled down, I got back into a routine, but one that's more simple.

Before I tell you about it, though, I want to share a tip. I wish I could remember where on the Internets I read this, but somewhere I read that we aren't washing our face long enough. Like, you should be working that cleanser in for a full damn minute before rinsing it off. I decided to try this with my favorite balm cleanser by literally setting a timer and spending a full minute massaging my face with it. I can't swear to it, but I think it helps. My skin is clearer and the massage part helps to de-puff. I only do this at night, by the way, I'm not a monster.

NOW, serums. I have been using my Ghost Democracy Lightbulb serum consistently every night (I talked about it here) and I am starting to notice that it's working! I am looking slightly more glowy and my skin seems happier overall. In the morning I'm using my usual The Ordinary Buffet followed by the Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1%. (Then moisturizer, sunscreen, etc.)

Because the weather is warming up and I'm spending more time outside, now is when I tend to back off retinols. I'm intrigued, though, by bakuchiol as a more gentle retinol alternative. My vitamin C serum has a small amount in it but I've been thinking maybe it's time to add a bakuchiol-specific serum into my routine. The one I'm most interested in is the Herbivore Bakuchoil serum but it's sold out everywhere. Has anyone tried it (or another bakuchiol serum?) It is available in this tempting set at Anthro but I don't really need all of those options, it's just too overwhelming.

What's your skincare routine been like lately? Do you give no fucks or are you leaning into a more complex routine?

Monday, April 27, 2020

Monday Mood: It's the Little Things.

Honestly, because my world has gotten so small in quarantine, the things that are working for me are pretty small things but that's okay. You gotta have something. Here's what's working for me this Monday:

This book which my mother lent to me. I'd never heard of Georgette Heyer but her Jane Austen-influenced stories are EXACTLY what I need right now. Just some witty, well-written (and downright funny!) Regency-era romance stories by an author that's new to me, which is always exciting because she was prolific. I'm currently reading Sylvester (who is a very Darcy-like character) and enjoying it a lot. Up next I have Devil's Cub which is the most ridiculous book title but it sounds like fun.

I've posted this one before but it bears repeating: this Mark Bittman recipe is a staple in my house and it's a delicious, easy weeknight meal that takes no time at all. I usually serve it over rice with a side of roasted broccoli. I make it pretty much as written, though I usually just use 1lb of shrimp but I don't adjust the spices. If you have smoked paprika, add some of that too! If you only have regular (not hot) paprika, add a few pinches of cayenne pepper.


The Sephora sale was disappointing so instead I used some credit I had at Credo to order something frivolous- the Westman Atelier Lit Up Stick. Y'all, this dumb thing is exactly what I needed. The packaging feels expensive and weighty and the lid is magnetic, which I love. The product itself feels soothing like skincare and leaves a really natural lit-from-within highlights. It's a lovely product and now I want to try more of Gucci Westman's stupidly expensive line. (Apparently the brushes are really good.) 

Finally, Killing Eve is BACK. Season 3 started a few weeks ago with perfect quarantine timing and it's giving me life every Sunday night, which is exactly when I need it. I hope y'all are watching it because Villanelle's outfits are so amazing and over-the-top. Also, Jodie Comer's skin is ridiculous. RIDICULOUS. 

Friday, April 24, 2020

Weekend Window Shopping: What's Up, Gap?

I forget to check out the Gap but when I get around to it I'm always pleasantly surprised. Lots of cute, comfortable options for those of us working from home and big discounts, as always: Up to 75% off + an extra 20% off with code MORE and an extra 50% off markdowns with code PERK. Here's what I like:

Thursday, April 23, 2020

Outfit of the Day: Shopping In My Closet.

Out of sheer desperation, I pawed through my closet looking for inspiration for a blog outfit and lo, I found a top that I bought back in January (thanks, Past Me!) and tucked away for warmer days. I mentioned it here, just for reference. Anyway, here you go:

I mean, it's a cotton t-shirt but isn't it CUTE. It's the Wilt Ombre High-Low tee. I don't normally buy expensive tees but this one had such nice drape and details and it makes me feel all summery. It's roomy (I'm wearing a medium) and has a flattering pointy drop hem: 

Wilt also has a similar cut tee (also on sale) in solid colors if pink ombre isn't your thing and this asymmetric long-sleeved version is also really cute.  I'm not sure pink ombre it's usually my thing but I love how light and cheerful it is. I suppose you could do a front tuck: 

But I'm not sure how successful this look really is. Ha. My jeans are Madewell boyjeans from a few years back and they magically still fit? It's unpossible but I'm going with it. This is the current version of the basic boyjean but I really like this pair with the ripped knees. Or, if you are into the patchwork, check out this pair of adorable Pilcro jeans! Now for details: 

I'm wearing my Madewell mixed chain horn pendant necklace set that I talked about Monday and I'm so glad I bought it! It just elevates any old thing I wear. Bonus: it's on sale plus 50% off so it's basically free. (Seriously, it's $12.49 now and I am mad.) My earrings are from Amano Studio and I love them. Highly recommend supporting this small company! My lipstick is a mix of Kosas Rosewater and Fringe

I threw my Athleta long hoodie over the whole thing because it's still spring and my house is cold, y'all. It's such a good, cozy thing. Because I'm basically in denial, I keep trying on my new Lo & Sons Pearl with the Madewell strap:

Isn't it cute! I do use this for my weekly grocery store horror-outing and it's nice to have a small, hands-free bag. Here's another view: 

My shoes are Everlane Day Glove flats but I'm still mad at Everlane so I'm not linking them. Madewell has a similar pair in black and neutral or you can get some cute soft red flats from Fitflop of all places. (Or, just buy the Everlane flats secondhand! That's what I did.)

Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Beauty Talk: Sephora Sale, Anyone?

Hey, so, this was supposed to be a post about my great purchases from the Sephora Spring Savings Event, in which VIB members get a whopping 15% off their order. *insert eye roll* I keep a running shopping cart at Sephora so I can remember things I'm considering buying, like you do. But y'all, I am just not feeling it. I will probably buy the It Cosmetics CC+ Cream because they have a value set that comes with samples, but otherwise I'm coming up empty and the few things I wanted were out of stock. 

That said, I am firmly of the belief that buying a nice lipstick (or fun skincare set or whatever) can be very cheering, so I am going to make some suggestions for products that might cheer you up. ALSO, I know I've mentioned this lipstick a million times, but Sephora carries Kosas Weightless Lip Color and it's my current favorite.  Here are some other recommendations:

Monday, April 20, 2020

Monday Mood: What's Working Today.

Hey y'all. It's Monday again and it's pouring rain here which feels about right. Since I can't really do my weekend shopping report right now (unless you want to hear about the t-shirts I bought? They are a staple and on sale but...still t-shirts.) I thought I'd try something new - Monday Mood. This is "Stuff I Like" but more immediate. It's what's working for me to get through another Monday alone in my house. It could be anything - beauty, clothing, books, podcasts, food, nature, whatever. So today:

This banana bread recipe, which I haven't made yet but I am so intrigued by the idea of bourbon in banana bread! I LIKE BOTH THOSE THINGS. I am not a baker but I will definitely make this later in the week. Something to look forward to! (Note to self: buy bananas.)

Marianne and I were just chatting about the Kosas Rosewater lipstick which we're both putting on before video meetings every day. It's a very your-lips-but-better color and it feels like lip balm. I know I talked about it on the blog already, but it's still a favorite. I've found that putting on a little bit of makeup every day just makes me feel better in general.

The Strokes just put out a new album, amusingly called The New Abnormal, after a seven year hiatus and I had no idea! I was so excited to have something new to listen to and downloaded it immediately. It's not the best album they've ever done, but I've been listening to it on repeat and it's making me pretty happy. I dig this track a lot.

The Athleta sweatshirt I'm wearing here has become my #1 around the house cozy top. I've suggested it to you guys a few times but I can't stress how much I love it. It's not too thick, has a slouchy, oversized fit and it's never anything but comfy and soft af. Plus, leopard print! I wear mine multiple times per week (and today, obvs) because who even cares anymore.

Finally, I mentioned buying this Madewell necklace set and I'm currently wearing it over my sweatshirt and the combination is making me feel almost like a real human person who might go out into the world. Sigh. Anyway, it's cute, I'll post it up on Instagram.

Hope you're all doing well! Hang in there, gang.

Friday, April 17, 2020

Weekend Window Shopping: I Swear I'll Stop.

Listen, I know I'm getting boring yammering on about my Athleta obsession but it's all I've been wearing lately and they just discounted selected at-home styles - 25% off (discount at checkout.) Here's what I like:

Thursday, April 16, 2020

Outfit Of The Day: Dressing Like I've Got Somewhere To Go.

One of the things majorly bumming me out on a daily basis it my lack of motivation to put together cute outfits because WHAT IS THE POINT. However, it it also one of the things that makes me feel like a real human person, so every morning I strive to add in something new to the rotation - a favorite top I haven't worn in a while, a pair of shoes that isn't my Birkenstock clogs. I also make sure to put on a piece of jewelry, wear a tiny bit of makeup and maybe some perfume.  I was pretty much always doing this stuff for myself anyway, so why stop now? Anyway, here's what I'm wearing for a day of working from home:

 Hey, I didn't say it was super-flattering, but it feels like something I'd wear to work. I'm wearing a linen tee I bought at TJ Maxx the last time I visited Marianne. I can't find it online but this one at the Gap is pretty similar and this one at H&M! Linen is a little high maintenance but it feels dressier than your average cotton tee.

It definitely looks better tucked in but you can see by my face how I feel about that. My pants are the super-excellent Brooklyn Ankle Pant from Athleta. I've tried these on a few times and wasn't 100% sold but when they went on sale I went ahead and ordered them (assuming I'd probably return them) because my non-jeans/legging game is not tight and I needed a new option. They come in a bunch of solid colors and also an interesting grey plaid. Anyway, obviously I ended up keeping them and I'm really glad I did - they're comfy and light - perfect for spring/summer. I also love the tuxedo stripe down the side (which you'll see in a minute.) 

I added my new Lo&Sons bag with the Madewell strap because I feel complled to try it on once in a while (and I did use it for my weekly grocery run!) 

I ruined up the whole look with a hoodie because it's freaking cold in here. It's a really good hoodie though! This is my short Triumph Hoodie from Athleta and it's got a cozy zip up collar, thumbholes and zippy pockets. It's basically perfect. Details: 

More Madewell bling! I bought this necklace set a while ago when it was basically free. The set is cute together but I often wear the horn by itself. It's cute  and the quality is fine but I wouldn't pay more than $20ish for it (which is how much it is right now with the 40% off code.) 

This was mostly to show you the tuxedo stripe but I'm also wearing my Madewell leopard flats because I needed a Birkenstock break. The flats are nearly sold out but the leopard Alex Loafer are still in-stock and very on-sale! You're probably thinking, who's buying loafers right now? I don't know, but future you might be happy about it. 

Wednesday, April 15, 2020

BUY THIS Real Quick: Madewell 40% off (nearly) everything

I'm down for the count with a migraine today but I thought worth mentioning that Madewell is 40% off nearly everything with code VERYRARE.

This is the time to buy a great pair of jeans, a ridiculously cute summer dressmy favorite bag strap (which also comes in leopard print!) or the chic clog sandals posted above. Ugh, love those. Also, the Get Comfy section seems particularly relevant right now though I am definitely considering buying a few things that I can look forward to wearing this summer because I really need something to look forward to, you know?

That's it for today, I'll hopefully be back tomorrow with another super exciting WFH outfit. Ha.

Tuesday, April 14, 2020

BUY THIS (So We Don't Have To): Half Off Sale at Anthropologie

Anthropologie is giving an extra 50% off sale items and it's kind of a weird selection but I found some things that seem both cute and supremely comfortable, which is my stay-home standard. This is a weird time but no reason why our clothes can't still bring us joy, right? Here's what I like:

Monday, April 13, 2020

Stuff I Like: Thank God For Books.

Marianne and I were chatting the other day about how weird we think it is that people keep posting on social media about being "so bored" while quarantined. Obviously I get that things are weird and sucky right now and I am cranky more often than not, but bored? Y'all. I have nature, bikes, endless TV, the Internet and, most importantly, BOOKS. I've always been a reader and now more than ever. How can anyone be bored when there are books to be read? Here's what I've been reading lately:

The Testaments by Margaret Atwood
Overall I enjoyed reading this and the three intertwined narratives kept the story moving along but I'm not sure I loved it? The Handmaid's Tale was profound and terrifying, this one just seemed to overlap the  direction the TV show has taken, which I found an odd choice (I guess to loop in fans of the show who haven't read the book?) It also had a couple of characters that felt really flat and one dimensional to me. Overall it was compelling and tied up the overall story in a satisfying manner, but I can't help feeling it should have been...better. (Just me?)

The Paying Guests by Sarah Waters
Woof, this one was heavy. I've read a few other books by Sarah Waters and enjoy her moody, gothic, sexy stories and this one was pretty compelling. I'm not going to spoil it with too much detail but it's one of those stories that spirals down into a dark place and you end up not being sure who you can trust. It's engrossing and dark but also stressful and tense? I know, sorry! Anyway, I am glad I read it but decided I needed a palate cleanser:

Christmas at Rosie Hopkins' Sweetshop by Jenny Colgan
Jenny Colgan is who I read when I need a comforting book that's not challenging in any way. I read the first book in the Rosie Hopkins series a few months ago, and decided to read the second one now, since I just read two dark-and-tense books back to back. This is not my favorite series by Jenny Colgan but it'll do just fine for now, because the next book I'm reading is The Nickel Boys by Colson Whitehead.

If you want more book recs, I've talked about some of my favorites here, here, here and here.

And please leave a comment and tell me what you're reading and what book you gave up on in disgust because I truly believe life is too short to read books you don't love.

Friday, April 10, 2020

Weekend Window Shopping: Madewell Sale Dregs.

I  know "sale dregs" doesn't sound very compelling but when Madewell does deep cuts there's always something good in there. Right now they're giving an extra 30-50% off sale items with code GOODVIBES. Here's what I like:

Thursday, April 9, 2020

Outfit Of The Day: WFH Outfit and a Review!

YOU GUYS. THE SALES. THEY ARE BREAKING ME.  I had a bad week last week and let my guard down and some stress shopping happened. It just did. I will tell you about it but first, my WFH outfit:

I am still wearing jeans because... austerity measures. Leggings are a slippery slope! These are an older pair of Madewell skinny jeans that I thrifted and they are thankfully very stretchy. My top is the Zephyr Tee from Athleta. It's expensive, but y'all. It's comfortable and light and looks dressy. I also have the Zephyr shell. I love that whole line. Easy to care for and always looks sharp, even if you're wearing silver Birkenstocks. (I mean, metallic makes them fancy, right?)

Quick details! I'm wearing a Target necklace from last year but this one has a similar vibe and this one is the same shape, more or less! My evil eye earrings, which are hard to see, are Lulu Frost and are sold out!  This similar pair are super cool and I LOVE this pair as well. Now, let's get into it. I recently sold a couple of bags on Posh and felt like maybe that meant I could finally give into the Lo and Sons sale and give the crossbody a try: 

I mean, 40% off plus 15% off with code SUPPORTSMALLBUSINESS? I AM NOT MADE OF STONE, PEOPLE. I have been trying and failing to find my perfect smallish-but-not-too-small travel bag and I think this might be it: 

This is the Lo & Sons The Pearl crossbody. It comes in two different leather variations and a lot of different color/hardware/lining variations. I went classic and got the smooth nappa leather in black with gold hardware. I immediately loved it! It's well-made, looks expensive, and is carefully designed. It's got three compartments (two that fully zip), a bunch of little pockets inside and it holds a surprising amount. It comes with a crossbody strap and a wrist strap to convert it to a clutch but y'all know what I did almost immediately: 

That's right. The camera strap from my little Madewell transport bag works beautifully with The Pearl. I was SO HAPPY. This gives me so many great options if I'm ever allowed to leave the house again. If you're thinking about this bag - now is the time. And, one final thing: 

This dumb Chaser t-shirt needed to be mine because Last Call was basically giving it away. (They also have this one but I resisted.) Yes, it's pre-shredded and paint speckled but how could I not? The minute my last meeting ended, this shirt went on and stayed on. And with that, I am done. No more retail therapy for a while! My new hobby will be going through my closet and listing anything I'm not wearing anymore on Poshmark. One in, one out. Or three in, one out. Whatever.

Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Stuff I Like: Quarantine Fitness.

Hi y'all! If you follow me on my personal Instagram account you know I've been working out in the worst gym ever:

(yes, that's the same wall I use for my outfit pics!) 

Welcome to my spare bedroom. It's everything you don't want in a gym - tiny, not much equipment, full of judgmental cats. Since January I've been working (online) with a coach to get back all the muscle I lost last year when I hurt my shoulder. I was just staring to make real progress with my lifting at the gym when the Coronavirus hit and now I'm working out with not much equipment in a very small space. I know I'm not alone in this so I thought I'd share some of what's been working for me.


This is my yoga mat (which I talked about here) and it's still really good! It gets a lot of use and is starting to show some wear, but it's still going strong and I would buy another one. I use it for yoga, obviously, but also use it to protect the floor when I do kettlebell workouts.

When the gym closed I panicked and started pricing weights. They are...SO expensive. I settled on an adjustable kettlebell which was not inexpensive, but gave me a weight range between 5 and 40lbs. Not ideal, but DEFINITELY better than nothing. I was worried about the quality and even more worried when it showed up damaged. (The plastic piece that stabilizes the plates was cracked in several places.) I got a refund and was told to keep it so I've been using it anyway and I'm so happy to have it. It's good for deadlifts, squats and rows, not great for swings or anything too vigorous. I don't know that I can really recommend it but it's sold out anyway, so I guess it doesn't matter. If you're going to invest in weights, I'd just get regular kettlebells or dumbbells.

I also bought a set of inexpensive mini-bands which are fine for arms but I wish I had a bigger range - they're kinda wimpy for lower body. This brand - Arena Strength keeps popping up online and looks like a solid product for legs. Let me know if you've tried them!

So, to recap: My space is limited and my equipment kinda sucks but the workouts I'm doing are good and I can do quite a lot with what I have, plus bodyweight exercises. Which brings me to...


Now, obviously I have someone writing workouts for me, which helps a lot. If you don't know what to do and can't spend the money for a coach, there are tons of free and low-cost options out there. I can't tell you what the right workout is for you, but here are a few I know about:

For a crossfit/bootcamp type workout, the WOD Women account on FB is posting a no-equipment workout every day. (You can also get a weekly plan at their Barbell Beauties site.)

If you do interval type workouts, I highly recommend the SIT app. It's free and super simple - just an interval timer that keeps track and beeps to let you know when to move and when to rest so you don't have to keep stopping  and resetting your phone's stopwatch.

I also really like @achievefitnessboston because they know their stuff and are excellent at breaking down exercises. They've been posting some fun at-home moves you can do with little or no equipment on their IG, so definitely check them out. They're also doing virtual classes for $9 each which I haven't tried yet but I suspect it's probably worth it, based on the kind of content they post on IG. (Plus, they just seem like nice people.)

Also, I was able to sign up for the Peloton app for a free three-month trial. Aside from cycling workouts they also have fitness classes, yoga, and outdoor walk/run classes led by instructors. I've done a few of the fun/power walk options which is nice when you need to get outside and want to do more than take a stroll. I also tried a few of the Peloton yoga classes but didn't care for them because they're what I call, "fitness yoga." Meaning, poses without the intent. The whole point of yoga is that its moving meditation so when you take that out it just feels like you're doing weird things with your body. It wasn't for me.

If you don't have a local yoga instructor doing streamed classes (my first choice) I really like Yoga With Adriene on YouTube. She has an enormous catalog of free yoga classes for all levels and her dog is really cute. What more could you ask for? Other than in-person classes where they clean the floor because you keep forgetting? Ugh.

I'd love to hear what you guys are doing - apps you love? Equipment to recommend?