Friday, July 31, 2015

Weekend Window Shopping: Barneys Warehouse Final Haul!

The Barneys Warehouse sale is getting... serious. An extra 40%-70% off everything! (Lots of MBMJ bargains, y'all.) This is madness. It's all final sale and the clothes are a little weird but the accessories are great. Plus, you can get an additional 2.5% cash back with eBates. Woo. Here's what I thought looked promising:

Cute Boy Friday. Hunnammmmmm.

So. Charlie Hunnam. Yeeppp. I mean. Charlie. Hunnam. Is just. Yes.

Like, his last name is the noise my brain makes when I see this:

Only it's pronounced HuuuuhhhhnnaaaaaaaammmmmMmmm. And! Oh, man, he's going to be King Arthur:

Yes, please. Thank you.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Hashtag Nope.


M: David Byrne? Is that you?

A: Dis ish not my byootiful jacket, yoo guys.

M: I guess that's one way to look thin.

A: Her head looks tiny, like she’s floating in a giant fake outfit.

M: Maybe this is just vanity sizing.

A: That jacket is a 00.

M: I want to look so young I literally look like a five year old wearing my daddy's jacket.

A: #preschoolchic


M: #inspo

A: #nailedit

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Adrien: Outfit I Just Bought.

Okay, quick story. I went shopping last weekend with Kate and Anthro had 20% off of everything. I tried on a bunch of weird crap like I do and fell in love with some weird distressed jeans. They weren't even flattering, I just loved how they felt on. So comfortable! So stupidly expensive! I mean:


Yeah, I know. Derp. But so comfortable! And still freaking $80. I left them there which was the right decision. We went to Banana Republic where I lamented that all the nice distressed denim was not on sale and I touched all the jewelry and we left without buying things. 

And then I went back because there was a necklace I couldn't stop thinking about and I tried on cute distressed jeans that magically were on sale (AND an extra 60% off) even though they weren't marked as such and I bought a great top and the necklace that were both 40% off and I felt like a winner...until all of these things got marked down further on the website plus an extra 50% off (BRFIFTY) because OF COURSE. But I am really happy with the stuff I got and the prices were really good and now they're even better. Anyway! Here it all is:

It's a cloudy day so the light is a little weird which makes it hard to photograph black clothes.  My top is the Linen Trapeze Tank and I loooove it. It's got a nice swing and the material is light and slubby and has a bit of a sheen. It comes in a few colors including this interesting saffron. It does run big though - I'm wearing an XS. Fingers crossed that it doesn't shrink because it's perfect. I like that it's longer in the back, but not in an obnoxious way:

Nice farmer's tan, dummy.

I loved a lot of the sale jewelry they had in store including these sweet little labradorite studs which I am still eyeing and these delicate hoops which are so, so pretty. Dammit. What I did buy is this Beaded Cone Pendant Necklace which I am super happy with. It looks expensive and has a little sparkle to it that dresses up whatever you wear it with. Plus, a pointy bit! My favorite.

And now, the jeans, which are the Distressed Skinny Ankle Jean in the Mia wash. You guys. These jeans are so freaking good that I was willing to pay way more than the price they rang up - $32. They are super-soft, have a comforting mid rise, and fit really well all over. Super comfortable and true-to-size. The only thing I wasn't crazy about was the stitching around the distressed bits, but it doesn't bother me that much:

Not that you don't know this but my bag is a MBMJ Too Hot To Handle Hobo and my shoes are old Chie Mihara (though this updated version is very similar and on sale.)

So, yay! I had a happy shopping trip and I hope this is helpful if you're on the fence. I will try to get better pics of the top the next time the sun is out but please take my word for it that it's a nice tank with a flattering swingy cut. 

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Cheap Thrills: This and That.

Sonia Kashuk Undetectable Pressed Powder
My favorite Benefit powder finally crumbled into sadness so I needed a new compact for my bag. I never liked the small mirror in the Benefit compact and didn't want to spend that much to replace it. My compact requirements are thus: decent mirror, attractive compact, separate compartment for the brush/puff, must not cost a million dollars. I checked out some reviews and this Sonia Kashuk compact got high marks:

It fills all my requirements and only costs $10. Hooray! And it's nice powder - translucent and finely milled. One thing I'm not crazy about is the brush,  which feels a little cheap and flimsy. (I'm using the brush from my Benefit powder instead.) 

Nip + Fab Energy Boost Body Wash
I finally ran out of my favorite Kiehl's body wash and I cannot justify replacing it. I went to Marshalls to see what I could find and they had giant bottles of the Nip + Fab body wash for $3.99!

Even full price it's not very expensive and it smells really good - zesty and citrusy without smelling like floor cleaner. It won't change your life, it's just liquid soap, but it's nice-smelling liquid soap in a cute container that doesn't cost very much.

Old Navy Lounge Shorts
My pajama situation was looking pretty dire so I recently bought a couple pairs of Old Navy lounge shorts for a ridiculously low price (sale + code, of course.) I wasn't expecting much but I am really happy with them! Cheaper than Target, really cute prints and a comfortable fit.

I don't expect them to last forever but they are cheerful and cheap and the striped pair makes me extra happy. 

Banana has a 40% off code today and I really dig the sale jewelry, especially the pendant necklace, which I was fondling in-store over the weekend:

With the code it's under $14 and it looks much more expensive! There is also a really cute scarab bangle if you want to be matchy-matchy.  I'm a little obsessed. 

Monday, July 27, 2015

Adrien: Embroidered. An Outfit and a Review

It's really nice to be able to post weekend outfits! This past Saturday I wore my new embroidered top which I picked up on super-sale from 310 Rosemont. They have good sales. It's really comfortable and satisfies my burning desire for an easy embroidered blouse.

Mine is by THML and I can't find it online, but they have a few others that I love. Like this one! Eep. And an embroidered dress too. It's not a trend that really screams "Me!" though so I didn't want to invest too much.  The only thing I'm not crazy about is how damn long the tassels are. If I don't tie it up in a bow they're down to my knees. Annoying.

Also wearing: my Lucky Brand roll-up shorts, my MBMJ Too Hot To Handle hobo (it's on sale!) and my Birkenstock Gizeh sandals. All the stuff I've been over-wearing all summer long. 

I'm sure one or two of you are all, "But what about that Lucky Brand embroidered top you were so crazy about?" Ah, that one. I did order it when it went on sale (tipped off by a reader, thank you!) and I was so excited to get it. Initially I was really pleased:

 Lucky Brand embroidered top
Lucky Brand embroidered top

It looks cute! A little bit see-through but cute enough. Until...

Side-boob gaping, y'all. It doesn't look that bad in this photo but it was pretty bad IRL. This armholes were too big and it was clearly designed for the small chested and it was just all badness. I don't generally like having to wear a cami under my tops in the summer (it defeats the entire purpose of light 'n floaty) and I will also admit that I wasn't a fan of the material. It's that kind of weird cotton blend that kind... of catches on things. I'm not explaining that right but it didn't feel very nice to touch. Anyway, I returned it.  The end. 

Friday, July 24, 2015

Weekend Window Shopping: There's Always Old Navy.

Who's feeling poor lately? ME TOO. Whenever that happens I start wondering what's good at Old Navy as they never fail to have cute, cheerful summer styles. And hey, it's still very much summer! (We're not allowed to think about fall clothes yet.) Right now they're offering 8.0% cash back with eBates and an automatic 30% off of most styles. Check it:

Cute Boy Friday: Something About Harry.

You thought this was going to be about Prince Harry, didn't you? Nope. Here's something you don't know about me - when I was in high school I was a HUGE fan of Harry Connick Jr. I saw him live and everything. He was doing a serious big band thing and was so young and nerdy cute! Ugh, so cute and so sweet about how much he adores his wife. So when he was suggested on IG last week for Cute Boy Friday (thanks, Nicole) I was like, YES. Because, come on:

That crazy lopsided grin! And, ooh, with the cowboy hat in Hope Floats? Yes.

And I think he's been aging quite well:

Yes indeed. 

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Adrien: Like A Real Grown Lady Person.

The other night I was out on a mountain bike ride and ran into some friends. We joked that we wouldn't know each other without our kits, helmets and whatnot. I said something like, "When I'm not on my bike I dress like a real grown lady person! You wouldn't even recognize me." Heh. So here's a grown lady person outfit:

This is an old Ann Taylor dress, one that I love. It's hard to find work-appropriate leopard print, amirite? Not impossible, though. I think this Vince Camuto number would definitely not get you fired and this one is just fun

Daniel has came by to make sure I didn't leave the house without some cat hair. I'm wearing my TOMS strappy wedges, which are seriously the most comfortable wedge I've ever owned. I would not just say that. Mine are a metallic linen they don't make anymore, but they come in lots of other cute patterns and colors.

My necklace is a charm pendant I bought a while back from Saks Off Fifth. I have a thing about charm pendants. I still think about this Lulu Frost beauty a lot. Sigh. My bag is an old Andrea Brueckner that I love because it reminds me of a Mulberry Bayswater, something I'll never own. (This MBMJ satchel would also do the job nicely, so no need for that kind of nonsense anyway.)

My bracelets are Giles and Brother skinny railroad cuffs, And oh, isn't the tiny key on my bag the best? I love a tiny key.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

And Then This Happened.

A: !!!




Tuesday, July 21, 2015

BUY THIS (So We Don't Have To): The Madewell Sale Is Killing Me.

This one hurts, you guys. That gorgeous embroidered top I want is on sale at Madewell and now there's an extra 40% off with code EXTRA40 and ugh. I am sad because I can't justify it. Want to know what I did buy? A key fob. Seriously. (That is the saddest thing I've ever typed, but they are really nice looking.) It's a good sale! So good. Here's what I'd buy in a heartbeat if I could:

Geo-Shape Cuff Bracelet

Embroidered Fringe Tank

The Edie Metallic Sandal

The Glasgow Satchel 

Silk Trapeze Cami Dress 

Headliner Sunglasses

Monday, July 20, 2015

Adrien: Pared Down.

My summer style is really simple and sometimes I wonder if it's worth taking pictures when I'm not wearing anything terribly interesting or unique. But, that's kind of the point of this blog - accessible personal style, outfits both successful and unsuccessful. (I would say it's "a style journey" except I'm really, really sick of that old chestnut and journeys are exhausting.)

I do think there's some value in figuring out what suits you and culling the rest. What you're left with should, in theory, work.  So, blah blah blah this is what I wore Saturday to go to lunch and a movie with my friend Kate:

White Ann Taylor jeans, a black James Perse scoopneck tee and my Giles and Brothers hook necklace. All things I wear a lot because they all A note about the tee: I am generally happy with Everlane cotton v-necks (can't beat $15!) but I bought this James Perse tee a few years back at Nordstrom Rack and every time I wear it I'm just...happy. It fits nicely, the slub fabric is substantial without being heavy and it keeps it's shape. I can't find my exact tee online but this is a good price for their banded scoopneck tee.

Unintentional Serious Face action shot:

And, the same old favorites: MBMJ Too Hot To Handle Hobo and Birkenstock Gizeh sandals. There is no good cheap alternative to the Birkenstocks (in my opinion) but a taupe-grey hobo is definitely something to consider. I also love this Studio Moda handbag version and this Minkoff tote. This color is especially great if you're a one-bag person. Just saying.

 That's it! I'll try to make my next outfit more...something. Maybe.

Friday, July 17, 2015

Cute Boy Friday, By Request.

So! I put a little RFP out on the Instagram because I was fresh out of ideas for cute boys. As usual, you guys delivered in spades. This week's winning suggestion comes from FreshHell66 (who also happens to be my sister but this didn't factor in at all, I swear.) She suggested Aidan Turner and I was all, "Aidan Tuh-who?" and then I remembered. I remembered seeing this on her FB wall:

AND YES OKAY. ABSOLUTELY. I mean, holy shit. He was a dwarf in the Hobbit movies! I had no idea! He should just really never wear a shirt again. That photo is from Poldark (which I haven't watched) but apparently he mostly stands around and broods:

Yus. I like. I kept running across photos of him being adorable with the other dwarf from the Hobbit who was played by Dean O'Gorman who I also highly approve of:

Like, I don't know what is going on here but it made me grin and also arrrrrrrms:

Thursday, July 16, 2015

BUY THIS (So We Don't Have To): MBMJ Under $200.

I am always on the lookout for a bargain for you guys and this adorable Marc by Marc Jacobs satchel definitely qualifies:

Marc by Marc Jacobs Luna Satchel 

Sale priced at $183.20 (originally $458) at! That is a steal. This MBMJ tote is too:

Marc by Marc Jacobs Mility Utility Tote

Sale priced at $191.20 (originally $478). Code 9FH297XL5I should work for an extra 10% off (it worked when I tested it) but expires today!

Trolling my way over to Nordstrom I found this cute little MBMJ Sally crossbody for under $100:

Sally Perforated Crossbody Bag

It also comes in white if pink isn't your thing. Finally, I found this very minimal-cool MBJB Percy crossbody for under $150:

Double Percy Crossbody Bag

Sorry/not sorry. I know I'm an enabler.

The Dark Side.

A: I’ve started following the Shobbit on Instagram.

M: Haaaaaaaa

A: I’m pretty annoyed that it’s not terrible. I mean:

M: Nice. He’s pandering

A: He knows his audience. He also posts a lot of croissant/latte shots like an 18 year old fashion blogger:

M: He’s trying to win you over with butts and carbs. Be strong.

A: Ha! It almost worked, but this happened:

A: I am going to mail him a package of tube socks.