Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Adrien: ...And The Living Is Easy.

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Ah, summertime. I've had a few days off and thought it would be fun to show you an outfit that I've basically already posted, but too bad. This is what I wear pretty much any time I'm not at work:

I'm going to have to burn this Olive and Oak blouse at the end of the summer! I wear it a lot. This is a gorgeous similar version from Joie and this one from F21 would be my budget pick. My roll-up shorts are Lucky Brand and they're fantastic. Good quality, soft denim. I've been wearing them a ton. I didn't get a closeup of my necklace but it's basically this one. It's pretty, I should wear it more. 

 My usual accompaniments, Lotta from Stockholm peeptoe clogs (I want this pair next!) and my MBMJ Too Hot To Handle Hobo (on sale finally!) Also, Daniel who is priceless:

That's it! Off to enjoy my last day of vacation...

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