Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Adrien: Favorite.

I had a bad day last week. Sometimes I just know when I get up that my day is stacked against me and my only defense is to wear all of my favorite stuff all at once. I swear it helps! Consider this my "best-of":


dress: BCBG (not really similar, but cute.)
blazer: Gap (similar)
boots: Camper (similar)
bag: Rebecca Minkoff MAM
bracelet: Marc by Marc Jacobs (similar)
necklace: J Crew (similar)

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Adrien: More Jeans at Work.

I wore this to work last week (bosses were out! Don't tell! Scandal!) but it's pretty indicative of what I wear on weekends: skinny jeans, boots, long tee, jacket or cardigan. 

And ooh, look! Nina gave me this bracelet for Christmas, not knowing I'd blogged about it last year:

I do like some hardware. 

tee: Gap slub tee
jacket: Gap (similar)
jeans: Levi's legging jeans
bracelet: Marc by Marc Jacobs (similar)
boots: Frye Veronica
bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs Hillier Hobo

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Marianne: All about the accessories.

It's fun to dress up and everything, but when it comes down to it, this is pretty much my ideal outfit. Comfortable with cute accessories and good boots. Bam. And oh yeah, the boots. These boots. Typically, I stalked them on eBay, sold a couple of things, and now they are mine. They are perfect--perfect cognac color, soft leather, the more beat up they get the better they look.
Perfectly complimenting the boots? This fantastic hand carved wooden bangle from Mango Tree Fitted Bangles. When I was approached about reviewing one of these candy colored bangles I initially thought I shouldn't bother. I have extremely skinny wrists and I have never found a wooden bangle that didn't fall right off. But the brilliant thing about these bangles is they come in different sizes. I ordered the size small and it FITS. It doesn't flop around, doesn't come close to falling off, and the color is gorgeous. They are really reasonably priced, too, and I want an armful. And I promise you, I'd love it even if it wasn't given to me to review, this is just a gorgeous, fun bracelet.
sweater: Express (similar here)
jacket: Doki Geki (similar here)
legging jeans: Gap (similar here)
boots: Frye Melissa Button
bag: Su-Shi Old Skool Mini in Honey
cuff: Marc by Marc Jacobs(similar here)
bangle: c/o Mango Tree Bold Bangle in Grapefruit

Shabby Apple Winner!

The winning number for the Shabby Apple necklace giveaway is...

Number 49...Sweed! Congratulations, Sweed. Please email us so we can hook you up.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Holiday Wanty.

A: This just in! There is something at Anthro I might actually want to buy!

M: That is pretty damn great. My inner hippie loves the outfit they paired it with, too. I am fixated on this sweater/top/jeans combo (NOT the shoes, though) which I can't track down the source of.

A: Oooh.

M: I will give you a dollar if you can tell me why I keep staring at this picture like it's my own personal Sparkly Vampire:

I maybe just love her hair? And okay the scarf. And the gloves. And the orangeyness.

A: I'm really liking a lot of J Crew stuff this fall. It's probably good that none of it fits me. But, I'd pretty much love this in nearly every color:

Cashmere Sweaters by J.Crew at ShopStyle


M: Oh yes. I need so many new sweaters. That's right, NEED. Know what else I need? This watch, even though I don't wear a watch. I make sense!

Watches by Michael Kors at ShopStyle

A: I actually do need sweaters. Mine are so sad! And oh man, I love that watch. Just think of it as jewelry that also tells you the time! MULTITASKING ACCESSORIES YO.

M: Yes! It's pretty much a bracelet that also is a clock. Hey, I just invented watches.

A: That is a thousand dollar idea right there, Marianne.  Also, a thousand dollar idea, that someone should be giving me these for Christmas:

M: OH MY GOD SO SHINY. Also shiny and never going to happen? This ring:

Rings by Made Her Think at ShopStyle


A: Oh, that is shiny! And a little confusing. But shiny!

M: Here, this helps:


A: I don't know if that helps. Still, it's really cool.  You know what we both need? Bam:

Eye Makeup by Bobbi Brown at ShopStyle



M: I am pretty sure that makeup would make me a better person.

A: I don't know if it would make me a better person, but I'd sure be a lot nicer. Maybe.

M: And

A: That too! We win.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Adrien: Devil Dress Again.

This dress is such a pain in the ass but when I can get it to work, it really, really works. I first wore is here and then tried again here. But, I think this variation is the most successful and I've finally got photos that show it's true color. (See? This dress is work.)

dress: Banana Republic (similar)
cardigan: Gap ribbed drape sweater
necklace: Ann Taylor (similar)
boots: Camper (similar)
bag: vintage LV (similar)

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Marianne: I can't say it.

You guys. I have an issue with...shirts of this style. Do you know what I'm talking about? Blouses that tie at the neck, so perfectly showcased in movies like 9 to 5? The style that rhymes with Shmussy Bow?

I can't say it! It mortifies me. My husband didn't even believe that was what it was called. What say you? Do you find the term Shmussy Bow embarrassing, or do you think I'm being childish? Wouldn't be the first time, is all I'm saying.

blouse: Banana Republic (outrageously priced, but remarkably similar here)
cardigan: LOFT
skirt: Gap (similar here)
boots: Frye Lisa (similar here

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Scout's Honor

image: The Sartorialist

A: This is quite the scrolldown horror, isn't it?

M: Ooh, cute hat, I want all of her bracelets WAIT.

A: It's all so good and retro and detaily and then WOP WOP WOOOOOP.

M: I think she's been watching too many LMFAO videos. It starts with the shoes, next think you know, neon leopard print spandex.

A: Or maybe she just did that thing where you get dressed all cute and save your shoes for last because it's easier to run around the house in grungy sneakers and then oops.

M: I don't care how comfortable those shoes are. NO.

A: Seriously, why ruin an otherwise adorable outfit with big ole white tennies? A hot pair of heels would've made that outfit perfect.

M: It's so cozy otherwise, though I am not loving the Nurse Ratched tights.

A: I think the tights could work with the right shoes, and by "right shoes" I do not mean DINGY WHITE TENNIES.

M: Maaaaybe. A cognac riding boot. Maybe.

A: You have boots on the brain.

M: You say that like it's wrong.

A: Bitch, you know I love boots. BOOTS FOR EVERYONE. ESPECIALLY THAT GIRL.

God, those sneakers are killing me.

M: They are genuinely hurting my feelings. Maybe I need therapy.

A: I have a hard time with sneakers. I'll just come out and say that. I'm that girl.

M: I am with you. They are fine for the gym and, I don't know...yard work? I don't do yard work, but that seems like a sneaker situation.

A: Even when I buy cool sneakers I can't seem to do it. Maybe I'm buy the wrong thing. She definitely did.

M: I feel like she bought those laces special.

A: I'm pretty sure Whoopi Goldberg wore those in Jumpin' Jack Flash. GOD. WHAT THE HELL.

M: I have moved through the stages of grief and landed on ANGER. WHY?

A: I'm still in the denial stage. MAYBE SOMEONE STOLE HER REAL SHOES.

M: THAT CAN BE THE ONLY EXPLANATION. Alternately, blunt force head trauma.

A: She does look a little confused.

M: "Vat is dis liddle troll do-ink?"

A: Is she holding the SHobbit's camera bag?

M: God, I hope so.

A: Why? Because otherwise that's her purse?

M: Or her lunch. But mostly, I love picturing him making her hold his bag for him.

A: But she's suffering from a head injury! He should take her to the hospital.

M: He'll probably keep her around to reach things out of his grasp. Like elevator buttons and light switches.

A: Well, at least she's equipped to run away when she regains her senses.

M: So she's just prepared, that's all.

A: Concussed, but prepared. Like a Boy Scout!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Adrien: Inspiration

Do you ever see a photo in a magazine or catalog and just think, "THAT. THAT IS WHAT I WANT TO WEAR FOREVER AND EVER THE END." That happened to me with the new J Crew catalog:

Ooooh, right? I won't be buying any of it because:

a) the sweater has angora in it (why)
b) Minnie pants do not fit me
c) I have a bag just like that
d) I have a coat similar enough to that one
e) I do like the red flats better than mine. Hmm.

Anyway, I have enough similar-ish stuff that I thought I could do a pretty good approximation. Fun! So again, the original:

My dupe:

Not bad! I thought it could use improvement so I changed up the accessories a bit and liked it more:

Then I added a scarf because I like 'em:

turtleneck: unknown brand (J Crew version)
pants: Gap slim cropped pants
shoes: Chie Mihara
coat: Ann Taylor (J Crew version)
black bag: Andrea Brueckner (J Crew version)
red bag: vintage LV speedy (similar)

Friday, December 9, 2011

Marianne: Adrien Pants.

Gratuitous Lulu outfit picture? Done. Moving on...

When I bought these pants, I assumed I would only wear them tucked into boots. After all, they were cropped on me, and I don't pull off cropped pants like my cohort does. Being tall, they just make me feel out of proportion and dumb.
OR DO THEY? I don't know, I felt pretty cute in these! They are such a fine wale corduroy that they almost look like velvet, which makes them feel a tiny bit fancy.
I'm also kind of digging this olive green/silver/black/white color palette, which is also not in my sartorial wheelhouse. New things! Look at me. This buys me at least a week of schlumping around wearing leggings and boots and sweaters, right?
Try anything new lately?

sweater: tag cut out, super old (similar here)
scarf: Target (similar here)
shoes: Frye Lisa T-Strap (similar here)

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Career Opportunities at The SHobbit

Wow! The SHobbit posted this morning that he's looking for an assistant and we both got really excited. Then Marianne and I read the job description and were both like, "...Huh. That doesn't seem very accurate."

So, because we're super go-getter types, we decided to rewrite it for him. Because that shows gumption, right?  Here's the original version. Now, here's our much more awesome version (our additions are in red text):

ABOUT THE JOB- Personal Assistant to Scott Schuman, The SHobbit

The SHobbit studio is seeking a full-time personal assistant for Scott Schuman.  Candidates should be a size zero and able to reach the top shelf of my closet. I have sweaters up there, I think.

Administrative Responsibilities:

-Handle all email communications on behalf of Scott Schuman. I'm like, rilly, rilly popular

-Schedule appointments, interviews, conference calls, and meetings but not with other bloggers, ew

-Manage extensive domestic and foreign travel arrangements, including Fashion Week travel and show requests but please don't think you're going with me. Plebe

-Liaise with accountant on studio financials and invoices. I make a lot of money and am pretty good at The Sex

-Prioritize and manage multiple projects simultaneously; get used to being yelled at in rage

-Oversee projects from inception to completion, especially if project involves heights

Studio Responsibilities:

-Manage imagery and inventory of short pants

-Maintain photographic equipment on high shelves

-Miscellaneous studio organization from waist-height up

This position also offers the opportunity to become involved in digital advertising, but not involving magazines, I mean PLEASE.  Experience with a bunch of techy stuff I think makes me sounds smart will be viewed as an asset. 


-Bachelor’s Degree

-Extremely organized and quick learner, ability to hem pants

-Be a size zero and at least 6' tall

-Really, just be a model

-Seriously. And don't wear yoga pants. Or denim shorts for the love of god

 -Previous experience as an assistant or in the fashion industry is not required, but is highly valued especially if you worked for someone I'm completely jealous of, like Tavi

The SHobbit offers competitive compensation in the form of tiny wine glasses, backhanded compliments, and shoe lifts.  Candidates MUST be based in New York.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Adrien: Valuable Lessons

More layers! I don't know why I do this, really. It's not like I'm teaching you some valuable lesson on how to wear a cardigan over a t-shirt and then! Dun dun dun...a jacket! (You can steal that idea, I don't mind.)

So, leopard print and a bunch of downplaying so it doesn't look tarty, but a fun necklace so it doesn't look too, uh, downplayed:

Then a cardigan so I don't freeze in my igloo office:

Perhaps I should've buttoned it or something. Huh. Anyway, then a jacket because it might be warm(ish) out, but it's still December:

t-shirt and cardigan: Banana Republic
skirt: Ann Taylor (similar)
boots: Camper (similar)
necklace: Ann Taylor (similar and pricey, similar and cheap)
jacket: J Crew Downtown Field Jacket
bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs (similar)

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Marianne: Brown Town.

There is a whole lot of brown happening in this outfit, and yet, I still love it. I was warm and comfortable and still felt cute.
I think the tipping point for brown-ness came with the coat, though. Don't you think I need a peacock blue coat? Santa, can you hear me?

I continue to have the kind of good hair days you only get when you've made an appointment to get it cut.

sweater: Grace Elements (similar here)
dress: Old Navy (similar here)
boots: Frye Lisa (similar here)
coat: Cynthia Rowley (similar here)
scarf: J. Crew (similar here)