Friday, May 28, 2021

Weekend Window Shopping: It's All About Me.

 Yep. Today you get to see the running list of stuff I personally want but am trying to resist. Have a great weekend!

Thursday, May 27, 2021

BUY THIS (So We Don't Have To): Universal Standard!

 Recently when we were whining about denim shorts a reader mentioned wanting to try the new offering from Universal Standard. I was like, OH RIGHT, because I always forget about this site and it's so good. They offer a huge ranges of sizes from 00-40, have the best models, offer free shipping and returns and will give you $35 off your first order of $85+ with code WELCOME35. I mean, what are we waiting for? Universal Standard focuses on quality and drape and it shows. Here's what I love:

First, the shorts. These are cute as hell and come with a long inseam that can be rolled or not.

I'm always looking for my next great striped tee and this one has the best details - those sleeves! 

This is the dreamy draped top you didn't know you needed. It comes in a bunch of colors too. 

This dress, y'all. This is what put US on the map. It's so flattering across the range of sizes! Also...

It comes in a v-neck! And in a long sleeved version! I want this one pretty badly.

This wrap dress is also really cool. It just does this magic drape-y thing that works. 

I checked out the jeans and stopped dead at this great cropped style. These are your summer jeans. 

Ooh. It comes in a lighter wash, but the dark denim/white stitching on this feels really current. 

They have a whole athleisure line and these pants are so freaking cute with the sporty stripe.

I saved the best for last. This is your bra-friendly summer tiered dress right here. Love.

Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Outfit of the Day: That Tiger Tee.

 Hi! This is just a quick one but I wanted to show you guys my awesome new tiger tee because it's it's on sale, quickly becoming a favorite, and it makes everything better. I swear. I mean, check this out:

Right? That is a GOOD damn t-shirt. This tee is by Chaser so it's thin and drape-y but doesn't feel delicate. I went with a size large because I wanted it to be be a bit oversized but I think a medium would've been fine too. Evereve has it here on sale and Nordstrom has it in plus sizes, also on sale! 

I'm wearing it with my old Madewell slim boyjeans which I'd packed and then forgotten about. They're so good - just the exact right amount of slouch without feeling oversized. This pair is probably the closest to what I have on but I also love this style in a light wash and I'm curious about the Roadtripper version as well. My sneakers are Allbirds Tree Runners (reviewed here) and I still really like them! 

I wanted to get a closeup of the graphic and also show you the color of the tee - its kinda gray/green, which is cool and the lettering is a bit faded which gives it a perfect lived-in look. So good. My necklace is a Gorjana Parker wrap with my own labradorite charm added. 

And listen, I can't promise this tiger tee will make your day better, but it really will. (It did for me, anyway!)

Monday, May 24, 2021

Monday Mood: Marianne Needs a Beach Bag.

If you follow Marianne on IG you may have seen her call to action about needing a new extra-large beach bag. She currently has a Land's End canvas bag and wants to set it on fire. Here were her requirements:

She got a LOT of great responses and we thought it would be fun to make this into a blog post. So here are her top contenders: 

Contender #1: 

Marianne: The Patagonia Black Hole Gear Tote is one of my top contenders. Love everything Patagonia stands for and I know it'll hold up forever. $99, sustainably made, lifetime warranty. 

Contender #2:

Marianne: The Travel Cloud bag from Baggu. $78, super light, looks the most comfortable to carry. I do wish it had a bit more structure though. Either way, buying a set of cute Baggu pouches to corral sunscreen, goggles, etc.

Contender #3:

Marianne: The 3 Girls Tote from Scout. I like the structure (no tipping over!), the zipper and it's super light. And cheaper at $54. 

Honorable Mention:

Marianne: Also probably buying this Target bag that was recommended because it's $10, mesh, and seems like a great backup for second bag for sandy toys or wet towels. Also, this gingham swimsuit at Target is my current fav! 

PS. She's set on one of these options and isn't still looking but if you want to share your fav in the comments, feel free! 

Friday, May 21, 2021

Weekend Window Shopping: Graphic Tees Roundup.

I've been throwing cut-off shorts at you all week so here are some graphic tees to wear with them so you can be a dirtbag like meeeee. Seriously, though, I love a graphic tee so much. Just FYI The Chaser tiger tee is on sale at Evereve. I bought it and it's good! Extended sizes here.) Here are a few more to consider and I actually managed to not include a Bowie tee this time:

Thursday, May 20, 2021

We Discuss: Shorts Are Hard.

M: I swear suddenly grown ass women with real bodies are recommending Abercrombie of all places. I NEED SHORTS HELP

A: I was literally just looking at shorts online

M: It’s madness out there

M: I had some in my cart at Gap and they are sold out now

A: I am leery of my usual go-to Old Navy because everything is super super duper extra high rise

M: Yeah

A: Not so great for the short-waisted

A: I don’t know if I can handle Abercrombie tho

M: I know

M: I feel like I need to do the shorts version of my denim shirt quest

A: I support this


A: I went to try on shorts. It I did not go well. 

A: These are the Madewell relaxed shorts. They were comical:

M: They don’t look bad! But a little loose in the leg

A: Oh trust, they were not great on me.

M: 😬

A: The pic makes them look ok but they were SO WIDE

M: I think my issue is that to accommodate my ass/hips anything relaxed is going to be stupid wide on my legs. So looking for more of a Bermuda cut because those will be loose on my legs but not insane

A: Yeah, I like my Joe’s Bermuda length. I might try to find another pair.

A: Sadly I think I’m sized out of those 😫

M:  H&M?

M: mAbYe!!!??

M: How I feel:

M: I just don’t think I can get away with shredded tissue paper shorts any more

A: The H&M pair look good

M: Agree

M: I know this will only end in tears but also looking at these:

A: Oh no

M: I know

A: All these 100% cotton shorts tho

M: Yeah I mean, I do like a full cotton jean even though they are a challenge

M: In the meantime, my Camper sneakers arrived:

M: They are perfect

A: Those are SO cute! 

M: So lightweight. 

A: I love them on you. They come in red too! Want. 


M: Verrrrry interested in these.

A: They’re men’s 😂

M: I was about to send that goddammit


A: Haaaa

A: Your curse: All good shorts are men's shorts

M: So rude

A: It is

A: The Internet is now serving me up a variety of men’s shorts

M: Just great


M: Oh good, cotton blend 😒

A: I think I saw those at Nordstrom and they looked thick and heavy

M: Exactly

A: Maybe... these:

M: It's been so long since I tried any bottoms for J.Crew that I am scared.

A: Same, but they look promising?

M: I am curious though.

M: Every year, right on schedule, I wonder if what I really want is a pair of Patagonia baggies

A: I tried on a pair in medium and couldn't get them past my hips so I am mad at Patagonia

M: Reviews definitely say to size up if you have any hips and ass whatsoever

A: sigh

M: This is 100% my inner college kid wishing I was one of those sporty girls

A: My inner college kid just wants leather jackets and Doc Martens

M: Also fair. 


M: Me: I don’t wear chinos. Also me: maybe I wear camo chinos?

A: Those are GOOD! And an actual adult inseam! 

M: Well I ordered them and a million other things because I am broken

A: Excellent

A: I want a full report 

M: Of course

A: I really want to order those J Crew shorts but I am waiting for a discount

M: I’m sure it will be soon

A: I just can’t fathom paying full price on J Crew

M: Hell no

Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Outfit of the Day: And Another Thing.

Finally! I have taken over the little tower loft in our new place and made it my outfit photo spot. Much better than standing in the hallway, I think. Now, remember that shopping trip a few weeks ago?  Here's another thing I bought that I've already worn and love:

This is the Roan + Ryan Kylie V Neck blouse is probably not something I would've picked out for myself but it's really good! It's got great colors, it's flattering and fun and the elastic gathering on the hem makes it easy to wear with basically anything - no half-tuck needed. I also love the flutter sleeves which I'm trying to demonstrate here:

I just went to the link and dammit, it's currently out of stock! Argh, hopefully they'll restock soon. I believe Roan + Ryan is their house brand and all of it is freaking cute (including this top which I also own and wear A Lot. Like, a lot a lot.) For something similar, this top has a good blouson hem and this BCBG top has a similar vibe as well. Also, this Stine Goya top is a bit more splurge-y, but I love it. 

I really like it with higher waisted jeans and I'm wearing my favorite Madewell Cali Demi-Boot. Mine are an older version but these are pretty similar and I love the wash on this pair. I am just all about that little kick of bootcut action. I'm also carrying my old Cambridge twist lock bag which isn't available anymore but they have this similar style which is smaller and this adorable buckle style which is probably the same size as mine. Also, this one with the top handle! Love that.

I'm wearing my Quince sapphire necklace and my wrap chain from Gorjana worn lariat-style. They get hopelessly tangled together so enjoy this one moment of necklace zen. 

And, finally, my usual Birkenstock Gizeh in copper. They also come in a fun speckled metallic which I love. That's it for today! (I am still mad that the blouse is out of stock but I'll keep an eye on it.) 

Monday, May 17, 2021

In-Store Shopping Review: Athleta

I had to go to Athleta to return something and while I was there I figured I'd try some things on. This is usually a dangerous activity but it's like the size-medium fairy had been there before me and taken anything I liked and spirited it away. Annoying, but probably for the best. I was mainly looking for shorts and wanted to check out the new Brooklyn shorts:

They actually had it in my size (and a size up) so I tried both and ended up buying the size up (which, judging from the reviews, is what most people have done - they run small.) They are quite cute and have good pockets but what I wouldn't do for ONE MORE INCH OF INSEAM. Who decided all women's shorts have to have a 4" inseam? Annoying. I haven't decided if I'm keeping them yet. 

I also bought this tank top which is made of a light slub material that I like. I really wanted it in the tie dye print (I also like the stripe) but they didn't have that print in my size. Anyway, the purple looked pretty cute on me so whatever. 

Speaking of weak, I couldn't stop touching this sweatshirt that is so cool and very pretty and that I MOST DEFINITELY DO NOT NEED but haha they didn't have my size so crisis averted. 

I checked out the sale rack and they had the Brooklyn Ankle in this weird rose-brown color which I liked a lot more IRL but, surprise, they didn't have my size. I don't know that I need them enough to order a pair but I'm going to keep an eye on them. 

Finally, I ordered this a while back (which I mentioned here) and its SO GOOD and I am a jerk for not telling you guys because now it's only available in XS. I hope they bring it back because it's so pretty and comfortable. (They also make this tee in a non-mesh version but it's not as good.) 

I'm the worst. The End. 

Friday, May 14, 2021

Weekend Window Shopping: TJ Maxx Picks for Summer.

 Searching the TJ Maxx website is a pain in the ass - sizing is limited, you can't search by brand and some of it is just so weird (cover-up tassel pants, anyone?) But, never fear, that's why you have me. I have scoured the site for all the good stuff and this is what I really like:

Thursday, May 13, 2021

Stuff I Like: What's Making Me Happy.

I'm still getting adjusted to living in another place on another coast and y'all, it is an ADJUSTMENT. However, I always have stuff I like that's making me happy and here are a few of those things I've been meaning to tell you about:

This Chipotle Paste That You Need For These Tacos
I take Taco Tuesday very seriously around here and one of my favorites is this Al Pastor Pork Tacos recipe that originally came from a meal kit but I've adjusted and improved it over time and now it's my recipe. Suck it, Home Chef. One adjustment I made is to use this amazing Olo's Chipotle Paste instead of tomato paste. It isn't super spicy but gives a depth of flavor that you just can't get from a powder. It's good in basically any Mexican/Latin recipe that calls for chipotle powder (or tomato paste) and I was dismayed that I haven't yet been able find it in stores here. Until I do, I've been ordering it on Amazon and it's 100% worth paying for shipping. 

This Chunky Eye Pencil That I'm Surprised To Love
I got this Eyeko Double Act Shadow Stick in Dusk & Dawn in my Allure box a few months ago and threw it in my makeup bag all, whatever brown liner. But I keep using it and the more I do, the more I love it. I use the lighter color Dawn most of the time and it's great - subtle but has a bit of shimmer so it just brightens up your eyes. If I do a bit of the Dusk first and then Dawn over it, it's VERY drama in a really good way. I like to do up my eyes a bit more since I'm still wearing a mask everywhere and this pencil is great for that. (I want to try the purple one next!)

This Seamless Underwear That Is My New Fav
I'm boring about underwear (like, no matter what I buy, I always go back to hipster seamless) but I'm always willing to try a new brand, so when I stumbled across the current sale at Evelyn & Bobbie I figured, what the hell. Y'all. I am so into it! I bought a few pairs of the hipster and a pair of the retro high rise and I LOVE THEM. I love them enough to pay full price, but right now they're 65% off. This underwear is cute, comfortable, and completely disappear under clothes. The retro pair is a bit more coverage than I normally go for but they'll be perfect under high waisted jeans and dresses. The hipster is basically my perfect everyday choice and I love the cute digitally printed lace styles so much - because it's nice to have pretty lace without the actual itchy lace. If you're tempted, my link will get you $10 off your first order! (Full disclosure: I also get $10 credit which would be great because I want to try the bras too!) 

This Ridiculous Show That Makes Me Snort-Laugh
Are you watching Mythic Quest on Apple TV+? It's so freaking good, you guys. The second season just started so now it a good time to watch it. It's half an hour of nerdy goodness and it's funny as hell. I also love the bonus episodes they put out during the quarantine. If you're a fan of Always Sunny (or even if you're not, because I'm, like, medium on that show) it's some of the same people but much more palatable. It's also got some great women characters which I appreciate. Pro tip: look out for Carol in HR who is the funniest person on the show in the short scenes she's given.

Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Outfit of the Day: We Can All Maxi.

I'm pretty sure I spoiled this in the comments recently, but I did keep that maxi dress I talked about in my recent shopping trip post. I have never really considered a maxi dress because I'm not tall and I like my legs, so why hide them? But I'd started to really envy Marianne's closet full of floaty dresses - she always looks so nice and so comfortable! I can do that too, right? Of course. And truly, I bought this dress because it made me feel good. I haven't actually worn it yet (it feels like a going-out dress to me) but I tried it on to see if it still made me feel good (it does):

This is the Eden dress from Evereve. It's so floaty and light! I tried to get a photo of the back so you can see the tassels, but I failed. Anyway, there are tassels. I also love the intense colors - the blue is very cobalt and the brown bits are coppery. I am wearing a medium here though I also tried on the large because the waist feels slightly snug. Overall the medium was a much better fit, so go with your normal size. 

I love the side vents! I like to show a little leg and of course I'm wearing my Birkenstock Gizeh sandals (similar color.) For a similar dress vibe, this beachy dress looks like a great casual option and this tie-dye flutter sleeve dress brings all the drama. I also like this geo print midi dress from the Gap and oooh, this one too! That's so freaking pretty (and she's wearing Birks!) 

This giant face pic is to show you the colors of the dress and also to show you my new tiny necklace from Quince! They have the prettiest minimal jewelry. This is the White Sapphire Choker Necklace and before you think I've gone all high end, it's under $70. I love it by itself but it's also a great layering piece. Just a tiny bit of sparkle is all this dress needs. (If you're tempted, use my link for $10 off your first purchase at Quince! Full disclosure: I also get $10 credit.)

Finally, I think it's appropriate that I'm posting my long flowy dress today because it's Marianne's birthday! Happy Birthday, Marianne! We all wanna be in your day gown cult

Monday, May 10, 2021

Wanty: My Running Summer Wish List.

 I always have a running wishlist in my head of things I want to buy or need to buy (but mostly want to buy) for whatever season is upon us. Sometimes I'll actually write it down so I can look back later and see which things I actually ended up getting, but mostly I just post it here because why not. Let's start with the obvious:

When I first saw the Birkenstock Arizona Split I was pretty sure they were not for me but this pair kept following me around the internet and now I want them pretty badly. I really don't need another pair but I definitely WANT another pair.

I feel like I should have a few more non-tee options for summer and I am regretting that I didn't buy this linen blouse I talked about in my shopping story post. It fit well and looked good but I left it behind because... white linen. I might have to go back for it. 

I live in denim shorts during the summer and my pair of Joe's from last year (on sale in black!) are still hanging in there but I want another pair. I reeeeeally l like the pair above, though they are more than I want to spend. Maybe this pair of Levi's cutoffs? They have potential. And of course this pair from Old Navy looks promising but I'm not sure about the rise on me. 

Now, on the practical size I probably should buy another pair of my Athleta Brooklyn Ankle pants because I wear my black pair nearly every day. They're the perfect work-from-home pants - lightweight and comfortable but also they look like real pants! Plus, I love the stripe down the side. I'm thinking maybe I need a pair in olive green or maybe navy? (I dig the window pane navy but they're sold out of my size.)

Finally, something dumb. I still want this dumb overpriced tee at Anthro because the heart wants what it wants. I probably won't buy it but ugh. Maybe it'll go on sale. 

What do you want for summer? Do tell.