Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Outfit of the Day: That Tiger Tee.

 Hi! This is just a quick one but I wanted to show you guys my awesome new tiger tee because it's it's on sale, quickly becoming a favorite, and it makes everything better. I swear. I mean, check this out:

Right? That is a GOOD damn t-shirt. This tee is by Chaser so it's thin and drape-y but doesn't feel delicate. I went with a size large because I wanted it to be be a bit oversized but I think a medium would've been fine too. Evereve has it here on sale and Nordstrom has it in plus sizes, also on sale! 

I'm wearing it with my old Madewell slim boyjeans which I'd packed and then forgotten about. They're so good - just the exact right amount of slouch without feeling oversized. This pair is probably the closest to what I have on but I also love this style in a light wash and I'm curious about the Roadtripper version as well. My sneakers are Allbirds Tree Runners (reviewed here) and I still really like them! 

I wanted to get a closeup of the graphic and also show you the color of the tee - its kinda gray/green, which is cool and the lettering is a bit faded which gives it a perfect lived-in look. So good. My necklace is a Gorjana Parker wrap with my own labradorite charm added. 

And listen, I can't promise this tiger tee will make your day better, but it really will. (It did for me, anyway!)


  1. I wore mine today, and it made everything better! I think your description is good; it does feel soft and light but not thin and cheap. I paid way more for it than I usually pay for a t-shirt, but I do not regret it!


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