Monday, May 17, 2021

In-Store Shopping Review: Athleta

I had to go to Athleta to return something and while I was there I figured I'd try some things on. This is usually a dangerous activity but it's like the size-medium fairy had been there before me and taken anything I liked and spirited it away. Annoying, but probably for the best. I was mainly looking for shorts and wanted to check out the new Brooklyn shorts:

They actually had it in my size (and a size up) so I tried both and ended up buying the size up (which, judging from the reviews, is what most people have done - they run small.) They are quite cute and have good pockets but what I wouldn't do for ONE MORE INCH OF INSEAM. Who decided all women's shorts have to have a 4" inseam? Annoying. I haven't decided if I'm keeping them yet. 

I also bought this tank top which is made of a light slub material that I like. I really wanted it in the tie dye print (I also like the stripe) but they didn't have that print in my size. Anyway, the purple looked pretty cute on me so whatever. 

Speaking of weak, I couldn't stop touching this sweatshirt that is so cool and very pretty and that I MOST DEFINITELY DO NOT NEED but haha they didn't have my size so crisis averted. 

I checked out the sale rack and they had the Brooklyn Ankle in this weird rose-brown color which I liked a lot more IRL but, surprise, they didn't have my size. I don't know that I need them enough to order a pair but I'm going to keep an eye on them. 

Finally, I ordered this a while back (which I mentioned here) and its SO GOOD and I am a jerk for not telling you guys because now it's only available in XS. I hope they bring it back because it's so pretty and comfortable. (They also make this tee in a non-mesh version but it's not as good.) 

I'm the worst. The End. 

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