Thursday, March 31, 2016

Adrien: Second Verse, Same As The First.

Oh hey there, yep. Wearing the same J.Crew pants I was wearing in Tuesday's outfit:

I really only have two pairs of work-appropriate pants (and these are really a bit too casual for work if we're being honest) but I love army green as a neutral so I should probably buy a pair that's actually work-appropriate. Something without the big pockets. Except, they don't exist. I really like this pair at Anthropologie but...pockets. Banana has a cute pair too. But pockets. Pockets. Pockets. Pockets. I give up. Let's move on. 

Jaunty arm! The top I'm wearing is an old Ann Taylor thing and it has a cute exposed zipper in the back that I always forget to show you. This intense magenta-purple is a favorite color of mine because I am not a pastel girl at all. This top at Limited is dead on with the color and this tee at Anthro is a nicely toned-down version. If you just want a plain scoopneck tee in this color, LL Bean has you covered. 

Details! I'm wearing my Madewell Ensign necklace which is currently back up to full price, but this Morocco Pendant necklace is quite similar and it's on sale. Madewell does such nice jewelry. I think a bracelet is gonna be next. Speaking of, I'm wearing a Giles and Brother cortina cuff and an Alexis Bittar ring I got in my Box of Style. I'm carrying my old MBMJ Hillier Hobo.  The awesome updated version is on sale and tempting me quite a lot. Wah.

So I don't freeze to death, I threw on my Eileen Fisher cardigan. When I bought this cardigan I was worried I wouldn't get much use out of it and then proceeded to wear the everloving shit out of it all winter long. It's soft, it's comfortable, it's well-made, the color is interesting. I can't find my exact cardigan, but this one is the same color (midnight) and very similar. This one would be a good summer option and it's on sale! Ooh, and if you wear an XL this one is nearly identical to mine and on sale for $83! I'm going to make old ladies out of all of you, I'm sorry. 

Here's a schlumpy close-up photo to show you the actual color of my cardigan. It's a purplish-navy. I dig it. The end. 

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Beauty Reviews: Let's Talk Concealer.

If you've read this blog for any length of time you know that I am basically obsessed with finding One Concealer To Rule Them All. Call it a holy grail if you must, but I really just want something that will cover my dark circles without making me look like a sparkly vampire or a tired old panda.

If it works to cover my little pigmentation spots and the odd zit, even better! I tried high end classics like Clé de Peau Concealer and drugstore favorites like Maybelline Instant Age Rewind and everything in between. Yes, I've tried the Nars radiant one and the Benefit Fake-Up stuff (which is great for late afternoon touch-ups but I need more in general.)

At some point I bought this one by IT Cosmetics, which was recommended by Marianne:

It Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye

At first I was kind of "eh" about it but that's because I was doing it wrong. This is highly pigmented stuff and needs to be warmed a bit. I find it works best if I squeeze a dot onto my hand and tap it a bit, then tap-tap-tap under my eyes. It is not a miracle product but it's solidly good and it stays put. Where it really does well is on my little pigmentation spots. It's a perfect color match (I have the neutral medium) and covers them really well. This concealer claims to be waterproof which might account for it's ability to not immediately slide off my face. Anyway, it's a good one and I recommend it. Also, the tube will last forever so it's a good value.

Now, I feel like I should address a different concealer that I've fallen for a few times. Ye Olde Touche Eclat:

YSL Touche Eclat

This is only a concealer if you're a 20 year old French model who has perfect skin. For the rest of us I think it's safe to say it's a tube of 20% highlighter and 80% total bullshit. I have fallen for this product MORE THAN ONCE and, while it's not completely useless*, I'm not re-buying this no matter how cute they make the packaging. Not even the animal print! No, I am breaking up with you, Touche Eclat. There are much, much cheaper products that can do the exact same thing. Poppy Buxom agrees with me on this.

*It is a decent product to highlight bits of your face but it's overpriced and it is not magic. IT IS NOT MAGIC. I WILL NOT FALL FOR THIS AGAIN.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Adrien: Have I Worn This Before? Probably.

I took this last week and then was worried I'd posted pretty much the exact same outfit. And, well, oops. Pretty close. But that's kind of my thing around here, right? I don't have a brand new outfit every week I just dress like a normal person. I wear my favorite stuff to death and occasionally cycle in something new (or neglected) with the usual stuff. And then I'm dumb enough to post it online. So:

My super favorite Olive and Oak blouse worn with my super favorite J.Crew skinny cargo pants. Mine are from last year but this pair is a near-identical update. This pair at ModCloth also looks promising and if you're feeling fancy, the Joie pair looks perfect.

I think I paid $20 for this blouse at Marshalls a couple of years ago and I would desperately love to have five more just like it. I'm always searching for similar things at Marshalls/TJ Maxx but have never found another O+O top I like as much. This O+O tank is funky and might be good? Same with this one. But, it's really the peasant blouse shape I like, so I think this Michael Kors top hits the mark and this Lucky Brand print blouse is so pretty! 

Still wearing the hell out of my new Banana Republic Fringe ID pendant which they're basically giving away. I also just noticed the Ombre Fringe Pendant hanging out in the sale section and dammit. I kind of want that one too. What can I say? I like fringe. 

I'm wearing a handmade leather cuff (check Etsy!) and carrying my MBMJ Too Hot Hobo in cement. Just FYI, the New Q Hillier version of this bag is very on sale at 6pm! I always keep an eye out. For a bargain version, you can't beat this dove grey Liz Claiborne hobo for under $50.

Yep, wearing my red Chies again. They're just such sweet, cheerful shoes. If you wear a size 9 you should consider a red Chie investment. For the rest of us, I still think this Miz Mooz pair is the best option out there, though if you can wear a high heel, this pair by Chelsea Crew is also real damn cute.

The final look with my black cropped jacket. Mine is old but Ann Taylor has a cute cropped peplum jacket right now and this button front jacket at Anthropologie is basically killing me. Ugh. I should go now. 

Monday, March 28, 2016

BUY THIS (So We Don't Have To): Spring LOFT Sale.

Ooh, you guys. My friend Paula texted me last night about the great sale LOFT has going on right now - 40% off everything plus free shipping with code SHIP40. You can also get 4% cash back with eBates! (My referral link.) As yet I’ve not bought anything because options. Too many. What need? Halp.

Here's what I think looks promising:

Flippy Shirtdress

Eyelet Flutter Top

Modern Skinny Jeans in Grey Stonewash

Lou and Grey Pyramid Shirtdress

Tie Waist Denim Skirt

Blue Cabochon Necklace

Sheer Open Cardigan

Tie Neck Shell

Monochrome Square Sunglasses

Friday, March 25, 2016

Weekend Window Shopping: Old Navy Dresses

I don't know if you guys are starting to think about cute, inexpensive spring dresses, but I know I am. Old Navy has a ton of them and they have an automatic 30% off your order. I thought these looked promising:

Cute Boy Friday: Your Turn.

I'm kinda running out of cute boys around here so I thought I'd ask you guys who you'd like to see. Who am I forgetting? Who do I not know about? Let me know in the comments and maybe your favorite cute boy will be featured next week.

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Adrien: Repeat Beauty Purchases.

I feel like I talk a lot about new products I've bought but not as much about the things I buy again. I am pretty fickle and I like to try new things, hoping they'll be the miraculous holy grail that will cover my dark circles, fade my spots, make me glow like I'm Gwyneth. Whatever. I try, I move on, I try again. But, there are a few items that I've purchased over and over again.  Sometimes I try to find a less expensive version but that never works.

The funny thing is, I usually resent having to repurchase loved products because it's not as much fun or something. Recently I ran out of my Juno oil and was like, ugh, this is expensive. I texted Marianne to whine about it and she was like, "Why mess with a good thing?" And she's right. This past winter was the first one where I didn't get gross flaky patches on my face. So:

Sunday Riley Juno Hydroactive Cellular Face Oil
This is expensive, yes, but there really isn't anything else like it. It's 100% antioxidant-rich seed oils and doesn't make me break out. What it does do is make my skin happy and moisturized. It's the first thing I put on my face after cleansing, morning and night. I am on my third bottle.

Shiseido Senka Aging Care UV Sunscreen SPF 50
I just ordered my second tube of this! I wrote about it here (thanks to Ampersand for the best recs!) and I just can't stress enough how much nicer the Japanese formulas are. I like the Shiseido Senka because it's inexpensive, sinks right in and it works great under makeup. It's not exciting or fancy, it just does what it's supposed to do. I like it a lot better than my super-fancy tinted SkinCeuticals sunscreen, if that helps.

BeneFit Dandelion
I've been wearing this for years and while it is physically painful to repurchase there is nothing I like quite as much. (I know there are less expensive dupes but I just want my Dandelion.) I like the weird box packaging, I like the brush, I like the way it smells, I love the highlighting glow it gives. Every summer I mean to buy a little box of the Hoola Bronzer but I never do. Maybe this year I'll actually try it. I might buy this set of minis! I'm also eyeing this set because I'd love a travel-size Dandelion. Damn Benefit with their adorable tiny products.

Bumble and Bumble Straight Blow Dry
When I cut my hair short again I started using this on the ends and OMG, why did I ever leave it? I'm finishing up my second tube and will definitely be buying more when I run out.  It really does what it claims to do - it helps get your hair straight and sleek. A little goes a long way and I can always tell when I forget to use it. Also, I apparently raved about the Repair Blow Dry but never actually bought a full size tube. Maybe I'll revisit that one.

So, what about you? What are your products that you repurchase again and again?

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Adrien: In-Between Weather.

I debated a bit about posting this outfit. It's not the most interesting thing I've ever worn and the lighting that morning was terrible, but eh. There are things I like about it and it does a decent job (bad lighting aside) of my general outfit philosophy -  simple clothes, interesting details.

I'm wearing a Banana Republic slub tee that I really quite like. Slub tees tend to have a good drape and the texture makes it more interesting. Banana generally does an okay job with the slub tops and I am hopeful about this cobalt blue scoop neck version! I also think this ruffle hem top is really cute but probably not for me. I also keep looking at the slubbed boatneck top but I think it's mainly because the model's brows are amazing.  Here is a ridiculous close-up:

Texture-y! I'm wearing a BR necklace I bought last year that has been such a nice staple. Something like this House of Harlow pendant would give you a similar look or, hey, this Forever21 pendant is pretty damn cute.

The usual suspects. Giles and Brother cuffs and my MBMJ Too Hot To Handle Hobo in cement which  I carry too much. It's just so easy and I love the neutral color. This grey Liebeskind hobo at Anthro is definitely a good comparable and, for the price, this studded-trim bucket hobo at Last Call is pretty interesting. Oh, I feel I should also mention that the bucket version of my bag is on sale in cement! 

It's hard to tell, but I'm also wearing my Madewell sidewalk skimmers in leopard print. They starting to get a bit ratty, but I still love them. Madewell hasn't restocked skimmers in a while but J.Crew has a pointy leopard flat that looks very nice and this Bettye Muller pair at Last Call is under $100! For a cheap-n-cheerful option I like the look of this Express pair.

I've been wearing the hell out of my new (to me) Madewell Beckett jacket. There are a ton of similar olive jackets out there but I think this ModCloth version is ridiculously cute and a total bargain. I also love the clean lines of this Coupe Olive Jacket and this one by Vince Camuto also looks great. You can't really lose. It's the perfect in-between weather layer and I'm grateful that Marianne encouraged me to find one. (She wears hers quite often in her IG outfits.)

That's all I got! I am hoping to pull out my spring/summer clothes this weekend mostly because I'm real sick of my winter stuff. Burn it all! (Except the jacket!)

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Everything Is Terrible. Please Send Wine.

Apparently the idea of buying a new swimsuit has broken my brain, you guys. First, I talked to Marianne about it. A lot. 

A: I really need to buy a damn new swimsuit *knife emoji*

M: Ughhhh

A: The pool isn’t open for another two months but by then all the good ones will be gone and I'll end up with something like this:

 Nautica Absolutely Shore Swim Dress

M: Yeah get on it. It’s painful.

A: How much is too much for a swimsuit? $100ish?

: That’s what I spend on suits. In my experience it’s just worth it.

A: I need quality and longevity. I will be dammed if I ever buy another disappointing Target suit.

A: I’m thinking maybe a cute one piece with a funky pattern? Not, like Mara Hoffman funky, but something like this, maybe?

Kenneth Cole Reaction


A: OR! Literal busted can of biscuits:


M: Nope.

I mean. Who. Why.


I then went to an actual department store to try on actual swimsuits with Kate tagging along for moral support. My favorite bikini of all time is made by La Blanca and it's held up remarkably well so I thought I'd start with there. I tried on this one which I thought looked really cute on the internet:

  La Blanca Island Goddess

It did not look really cute on me. Nor did the other SIX (!) suits I tried on but I did learn something - 1. Dillard's lighting is total bullshit, and 2. I am better off in a bikini. It's not that I particularly love flaunting my midsection but one piece suits don't seem to work for my short waisted, narrow shouldered self - they were all simultaneously too big and too small. The beauty of the bikini is that you can mix and match the top and bottom in different sizes. So I toddled home and got busy with Zappos and I ordered this set:

La Blanca Solid Bandeau Bra
 La Blanca Tangier Shirred Band Hipster

(Actually, I had to order the bottom from Zappos and the top from 6pm because that is how my life is now. I can't even tell you how much thought went into this process. It better fucking fit.)

I bought this set from because it looks cute enough and it's marked down:

La Blanca Catalonia Bandeau Bra
La Blanca Catalonia Hipster

Now when everything arrives I can pour myself a glass of wine and avoid the terrible body-shaming florescent lighting of the Dillard's dressing room and hopefully find a swimsuit that doesn't make me want to cry. And, if it does make me cry, well, at least I'll already be at home. I will keep y'all posted!

Monday, March 21, 2016

Adrien: Things Seem Bleak.

Hi there. It's Monday. It was cold and sort of grey this morning and it always makes me laugh when I realize how often my outfit reflects the weather and my mood:

Wow, Adrien. That is a little bleak. I do love my LOFT leopard flare dress but it needs a bit of color to perk it up. My dress is sold out but this one at LOFT is the same cut and this LOFT flare dress looks a bit more like spring. And hey, there is seasonal leopard print (so cute) and if you wear a size 8, jump on this.

I threw an old BR cardigan over it for a little bit of color. It's basically impossible to find something similar with the beading but the Banana Republic boyfriend cardigan is the same shape and currently on sale and the Gap cotton essential cardigan looks like the exact kind of droopy thing I like. There's also this one at JCPenney which is really inexpensive and comes in tons of colors, including purple.

So, yeah, I finally bought that Banana Republic Fringe ID necklace I keep yammering on about. It twists around a bit but is solidly made and I love the sparkly center. Good stuff on sale right now in the jewelry section! I love this tiny tassel necklace and this necklace is super-crazy but so much fun.

I'm also wearing my Cluse La Bohème rose gold watch and a Giles and Brother skinny railroad spike cuff. My bag (which I know I talked about recently) is by Andrea Brueckner but of course I think this MBMJ satchel would be a great update. For those on a budget this Gabriella Rocha bag looks quite similar!

Oh man, I am sick of boots at this point but it was too cold to go completely bare legged. These are my old trusty Loeffler Randall Matilde boots. I bought my pair on eBay and I highly recommend them, especially if you can find the older kind that was made in Italy. If the wedge isn't for you check out the Madewell Archive boot! They're under $100 right now...

That's all I got! Have a good Monday, all. 

Friday, March 18, 2016

Weekend Window Shopping: Spring Flowers.

The first day of Spring is Sunday and even though it's supposed to SNOW (@$%&*#*) I am still looking forward to it. I'm not generally a huge fan of springtime floral prints but I'm also not made of stone, people. There are some really pretty and interesting floral-type things out this season:

Old Navy Cami Dress

Coach Cosmetic Case 22

J.Crew Laila Leather Wedges
Anthropologie Rhodora Blouse
Nanette Lepore Utopian Goddess Swimsuit

Lulu Frost Nightshade Necklace

Boden Penelope Skirt

Chuck Taylor All Star Daisy Print Ox