Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Wanty: Spring Wish List.

Okay, listen. I know the first day of March does not = Spring but in my brain it does. March sounds a lot more cheerful than February, right? We'll just ignore that little snowflake icon that's threatening to ruin Friday. Ugh. So I've started thinking about what I'd like for spring and here's what's top of mind:

Pretty Heeled Sandals:
My prettiest sandals are up for sale in the blog shop because I'm finally facing the sad truth that they're a little small on me. Instead I'm thinking maybe something like this Coclico sandal:

Coclico Sandal

It's got a solid heel but still manages to look light. And hey, this red Chie Mihara pair isn't terrible either. I LOVE the heel on this Kate Spade pair but not the price (why is everything I love so damn expensive?) so something like this pair by Calvin Klein might be a good compromise. Shoes are hard.

Spring Dresses:
I'm always looking hopefully at Boden for good quality dresses and, while I was looking for something more casual, I ran into this amazing colorblock dress:

Boden Mya Dress

This could easily be dressed up for a party or worn more casually with flat sandals and a cardigan. It's so pretty! On the other end of things, this easy jersey dress looks like a great weekend option and I'm definitely considering it.  Oh! And check out this cobalt swing dress at LOFT:

Sleeveless Swing Dress

It looks like a good one, right? I always forget about LOFT. Definitely need to try that one on.

Silver Accessories:
I've been wearing gold pretty exclusively for the past couple of years but I love the idea of silver for warmer weather. This Giles and Brother necklace is messing with my head pretty good:

Thorn Charm Two-Chain Necklace

I'd also love some pretty silver bangles like this one from House of Harlow:

Pave Rose Quartz Cuff

And this one by Miansai which is basically my dream:

Miansai Silver Thin Screw Cuff

White Jeans:
I have one straight leg pair from Ann Taylor that I love and I'd really like a skinny ankle style that I could get away with wearing to work with a pretty blouse. This pair at Banana Republic fits the bill:

BR White Skinny Ankle Jeans

Hopefully! I've been happy with BR denim lately, so we shall see. I was also pleased to see that the Old Navy Rockstar comes in white though I worry they'll be too thin.

There's Always A Bag:
I'm actually feeling pretty good about spring/summer when it comes to bags. I bought a friend's Cambridge Satchel pushlock bag in white (from last summer's Box of Style, so eBay is the best place to look) and I'm looking forward to carrying it. However, my daily work tote is looking pretty sad so I'd love to get something sleeker in a fun print, all Neverfull style. Like this one:

Liberty London Tote Bag

Normally I'd go for the more intense colorway in a Liberty print (I mean!) but something about the cool blush print paired with the pale leather? So summery! So breezy! And so out of my price range! I wish I'd never seen it! But the lining is purple!  WAH. This is where I'd be all, "this is the tote I'll actually probably buy because it's in my price range" but not this time. Nope. I am just going to have my feelings hurt by Liberty and leave it at that.


  1. The price of that gorgeous bag hurts my feelings.

    I ordered some printed pants from Loft and I'm slightly afraid of what they'll look like on me, but they looked so festive and I'm tired of black.

    1. Girl, I know. I wish I could unsee the bag. Hope the pants work!

  2. I'm so pleased that chunky heels are back that I can't whine too much about the Liberty print tote.

    I'm currently looking for some Liberty print sneakers, and the good news is that Liberty has collaborated with so many companies (whores!) that it's possible to find stuff at T.J. Maxx, on eBay, etc.

    1. I love how promiscuous Liberty has become. It works for me.

  3. I tried a similar swing dress from BR, and it was a hilaaaaaarious wad of NOPE. I think that cut just won't work for me.


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