Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Adrien: Have I Worn This Before? Probably.

I took this last week and then was worried I'd posted pretty much the exact same outfit. And, well, oops. Pretty close. But that's kind of my thing around here, right? I don't have a brand new outfit every week I just dress like a normal person. I wear my favorite stuff to death and occasionally cycle in something new (or neglected) with the usual stuff. And then I'm dumb enough to post it online. So:

My super favorite Olive and Oak blouse worn with my super favorite J.Crew skinny cargo pants. Mine are from last year but this pair is a near-identical update. This pair at ModCloth also looks promising and if you're feeling fancy, the Joie pair looks perfect.

I think I paid $20 for this blouse at Marshalls a couple of years ago and I would desperately love to have five more just like it. I'm always searching for similar things at Marshalls/TJ Maxx but have never found another O+O top I like as much. This O+O tank is funky and might be good? Same with this one. But, it's really the peasant blouse shape I like, so I think this Michael Kors top hits the mark and this Lucky Brand print blouse is so pretty! 

Still wearing the hell out of my new Banana Republic Fringe ID pendant which they're basically giving away. I also just noticed the Ombre Fringe Pendant hanging out in the sale section and dammit. I kind of want that one too. What can I say? I like fringe. 

I'm wearing a handmade leather cuff (check Etsy!) and carrying my MBMJ Too Hot Hobo in cement. Just FYI, the New Q Hillier version of this bag is very on sale at 6pm! I always keep an eye out. For a bargain version, you can't beat this dove grey Liz Claiborne hobo for under $50.

Yep, wearing my red Chies again. They're just such sweet, cheerful shoes. If you wear a size 9 you should consider a red Chie investment. For the rest of us, I still think this Miz Mooz pair is the best option out there, though if you can wear a high heel, this pair by Chelsea Crew is also real damn cute.

The final look with my black cropped jacket. Mine is old but Ann Taylor has a cute cropped peplum jacket right now and this button front jacket at Anthropologie is basically killing me. Ugh. I should go now. 


  1. I'm into blogs for style, not new stuff all the time, so I appreciate your approach. This is a great winter-spring transition look!

  2. Love the print on the top. Want.

  3. Love the print on the top. Want.


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