Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Gift Guide: Marianne's Wishlist

Yesterday I posted my wishlist of things I actually really would like for the holidays. Today, it's Marianne's turn:

I am NOT asking for these but that doesn't mean I don't want them:

And these assholes have my number as usual:

I also like WWAKE's stick wisp earrings:

I'd like a new set of prep bowls so I can get rid of our plastic ones. These are nice:

There are quite a few things on my Amazon list that I would love. A pretty brass mister for my plants:

New towels for the pool, several books (Adrien is saving those for the book gift guide because she's mean), and an essential oil diffuser:

Your turn! What's on your personal wishlist? A pony? A pair of Birkenstocks? A Dissent pin?

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Gift Guide: Adrien's Wishlist.

I am panic-shopping, you guys. PANIC. SHOPPING. Why do I do this to myself every year? Why is anything? So I thought instead of posting a bunch of stuff I found online (though if we're being honest is still kind of fun?) I thought I'd post up a few things that are on my personal wishlist.

I love this caramel lip balm from Fresh and now they have a coconut version which I have not checked out IRL but I'm sure it's amazing:

I am very into fun cycling socks and The Athletic makes the absolute best designs (and are not just for cyclists!) I especially covet their mismatched pairs:

So, listen. I don't know when I became a scented candle person but the really expensive ones are my kryptonite and I would love a little set of mini Diptyque candles:

I fully give into my Birkenstock love and now I want a pair of shearling-lined clogs. Badly:

Finally, this is the stuff of fantasy but these earrings at Nine Roses (an amazing local shop) are KILLING ME. Killing me. Killing. Me:

I KNOW I KNOW. I can't even go see them in person because I'm scared of what I might do.

That's my list! Tomorrow I'll post Marianne's list. Hooray.

Monday, December 10, 2018

BUY THIS (Because It's a Gift Guide): Anthro Under-$50 Sale Picks!

It's gift guide time! I am currently snowed in and out of ideas but Anthro is giving an extra 30% off sale stuff (discount in cart) so I thought I'd pick out a few things under $50 that would make nice holiday gifts. Here's what I like:



Friday, December 7, 2018

Weekend Window Shopping: Nordstrom Rack Is Gifty AF.

I recently hit up the nearby Nordstrom Rack in pursuit of holiday gifts and was, as usual, completely overwhelmed and then underwhelmed. I like the website a lot better. For one thing, they didn't have this gorgeous little Madewell Transport Crossbody bag at my store and here it is in three colors! I also kept an eye out for this Bowie tee but it's apparently website-only. Why do I even leave the house? Anyway, here are a few good gift ideas from Nordstrom Rack:



Thursday, December 6, 2018

Outfit of the Day: Brought To You By Banana Republic.

Hello! I feel like the title up there might be misleading. In no way did BR sponsor this entry or ever (not even once!) send me free clothes. I am TOTALLY FOR SALE, BANANA. JUST IN CASE YOU WANTED TO SEND ME STUFF. 

Anyway. I just realized that I'm basically wearing head-to-ankle BR and I'm okay with that since they have not been disappointing me as much as usual this fall. First, my sweater: 

I really wanted an Everlane striped cashmere sweater but I didn't love the offering this fall so I found this merino wool striped v-neck sweater on deep discount at BR (it's 40% off right now.) Unlike the last Banana sweater I bought, this one did not pill up all crazy and it's washable, apparently! It's thin and has some delicate open-stitch details which I like, though I do wear a tee underneath (wool being itchy and all.) I've been wearing it quite a lot lately. 

These are the jeans I keep telling you to buy! (50% off today!) Interestingly, the green pair seem to stretch out with wear but the red pair keep their shape. I have no idea why as they're exactly the same damn pants. Whatever, BR. Anyway, they're soft and festive and I wear them to work as if they're just pants, not jeans. You could also wear them with heels and a sparkly top and be all dressy! Why not. Details: 

I will be so sad if I ever lose my Giles and Brother fish hook pendant. It's been a long-time favorite of mine and you can't find them anywhere. But, if you're just looking for a pretty long pendant, this one at BR (which I saw with my own eyes) is really striking and of course Madewell is always good for a minimal pendant necklace. Oh, and don't forget Soko! How beautiful is this pendant

I know I've already talked at length about my Liberty of London tote, but it's really become a great weekday bag for me. I love the color and pattern and it handles anything I throw at it. My boots are Madewell Lucien and you can still find them on Poshmark! I'd say the Madewell Asher is the most similar in style. 

And hey, it's cold out so now is the time I start wearing leather jacket #2, my Veda Jayne jacket I bought on eBay. It was in rough shape when I got it but some leather conditioner and a trip to the leather shop to replace a broken buckle and it's back in business. It has a cozy jersey lining so is warmer than my AllSaints jacket and I love the unusual color. I can't find a true similar but this Muubaas grey leather jacket looks really nice and  this petal pink moto jacket is pretty adorable. 

A final note about my scarf! It's Barbour and sold out but there's one on eBay and one on Poshmark*. I reviewed it here and it's still one of my favorite scarves of all times. (RIP beautiful plaid Irish cashmere scarf that I lost in a snowstorm. You were loved.) You can also find great deals on Barbour scarves that are technically men's but who cares. They're beautiful.

*These aren't mine and I don't know the sellers! Please use caution and read feedback before purchasing.

Wednesday, December 5, 2018


Everytime I'm like, "That was the best discount I'm going to get" the retailer in question is all, "Hold my beer!" and then I feel like a dummy. Right now (ends tonight!) J.Crew is giving an extra 48% off  (most of) your purchase with code 48HOURS but don't try to buy Marianne's sweater blazer because, as I just rudely found out, it's excluded from the promotion. Hmph.

That aside, there are lots and lots and LOTS of cute things deeply discounted and as some of us haven't even started holiday shopping, I'm going to skew this towards gift-giving. Wait, first, I ordered this velour-lined hoodie on Nov 26th and they're promising I will have it by tomorrow but so far it has not been shipped. I'm just going to assume it's awesome and you'll get a better deal than I did, certainly:

(But seriously, J.Crew. Can I please have my hoodie?) I also want to suggest that if you buy yourself something, you could do worse than this cute-cute-cute cashmere sweater:

Ugh, I love that. Comment Γ§a va? Okay, now we should focus on gift-y stuff IF WE MUST. How about...

Super festive tassel earrings! These are already marked down so with the extra discount they're a perfect, inexpensive gift for a girlfriend or co-worker friend. I am also super fond of this crazy thing:

Buy this for your teenager and see if they look at you exactly like this when you force them to wear it for a photo. But seriously, it's cashmere and ADORABLE. I would wear it! Winter hats are supposed to be goofy. If you need a safe allrounder type gift, there's always a fancy candle:

Just don't give it to someone who's allergic to scented candles because they will never, ever let you forget it. (I get it, but stop already.) There's also a great option for the traveller in your life: 

Who wouldn't love a starry night passport case? I know passport cases are kind of useless but they're also very posh and this one has gold stars so it's awesome the end. Oh! And here's something else that's awesome:

This RMS luminizer quad is $25 with the promo! That is a REALLY GOOD DEAL. I love RMS products and the luminizers are so beautiful and natural looking. Perfect for the nature girl in your life. (Or for you, I won't judge.) Also for the minimalist:

This is 14k rose gold plated and very pretty and simple. And 48% off, which makes it even prettier. And then we have this:

I saved it for last because it's just basically perfect. Your little chestnut crossbody bag with a pop of red that just seems to go with everything. It's not for every day but it is perfect for those times when you don't need to carry the world around with you. Just a few bits and pieces and off you go. $66 with the promotion! You can't afford not to buy it (and shit, I think I just talked myself into buying it. I hate this blog.) 

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

We Watched The Princess Switch So You Don't Have To.

For the past couple of years Marianne and I have been watching a terrible holiday movie and posting our (overly long) commentary. Last year we watched A Christmas Prince which at least had wolves and intrigue. This year we watched The Princess Switch which had fake cakes and abs. Also! Marianne has been watching ALL the terrible holiday movies, so check out her IG highlights for ratings. Okay! Let's get this over with:



M: The sequel to the Christmas prince is awful

M: So many cardigans and converse

M: I swear the wardrobe budget was “BYOC” bring your own cardigan

A: Ha

A: The first one was like that too

M: Okay I should tell you I love Vanessa Hudgens

A: I have no opinion

A: Chicago, Stacy works in a bakery.

M: Is Kevin gay why isn’t Kevin the love interest

A: He’s her “best friend” and he has a daughter.

A: They’re going to… Belgravia? For a royal baking contest? Sure, okay.

M: Oh a foreign country ending in “ia”

A: Right, very important to get her the fuck outta there

M: Oh god a prince

M: Still reeling from the prince of Aldovia

A: Prince Milque Toast!

M: Oh she’s scared and overworked

M: How will this workaholic find love?!1!

A: She ain’t ready

M: “I JUST WISH I HAD SOMEONE TO SPEND THE HOLIDAYS WITH” is never said outside of these movies

A: Oh no, nasty run-in with her ex!

M: Ew Paul

A: He is awful

A: Stacy, girl. Bullet dodged.

A: Truth

M: Is that old man an angel?

M: Or an elf?

A: Probably both

A: He just shows up and gives rando stranger advice? Cool.

A: Running into her bland ex made her change her mind!

A: And, we’ve landed in Belgravia.

M: Belgravia looks like Minnesota.


M: She no currrrr

A: Nice rental house, damn.

M: That shiplap tho!

A: Another old man angel siting


A: Elf! I think you’re right

M: they all speak English in Belgravia I guess

A: Only the elves


A: Not into this prince

M: Nope

M: He was on Nashville

A: Why can’t they find a legit hot dude?

M: So this is like GBBO

A: Sure

A: Oh god I love it. I love a parent trap moment

A: Yes! Perfect

A: I love that nobody in Belgravia mentioned Stacy’s likeness to THE DUCHESS

M: Because she’s a recluse you see

A: Welp

M: A beautiful, thin recluse

A: In a that-ain’t-Chanel suit

M: Typical

M: Stacy, Kevin is cute!

A: Kevin, go for ittttt

A: Kevin is way cuter than the prince

M: Seriously

M: Why does the duchess talk. So. Slow.

A: I spaced out - why does the duchess want to switch with Miss Chicago?

M: To get to know the people of Belgravia as a commoner

A: Cool cool cool

M: Prediction: duchess falls for Kevin

A: I see what’s going to happen here

M: We already know Stacey will fall for the prince

A: Of course, she has shitty taste in men, confirmed by gross ex

M: I am loving these walking lessons

A: She cut her hair for this?

M: When did that happen

A: πŸ€·πŸ»‍♀️

A: This is rull bad

M: Ugh

M: This dude

M: Why is it so hard to cast a prince

A: He’s not even charming

A: He’s just an average white dude

M: Lazy eye! Lol

A: With a very tight mouth

M: Ungenerous mouth

M: This haircut is not good

A: Why would anyone agree to this?

M: The princess paying for Kevin’s kids ballet seems like...not enough

A: Cut my hair and pretend to be royalty? Sure, why not.

M: Yeahhhh

A: Return to Shiplap Manor

M: People from Chicago wear Chicago hats

A: Kevin! Digging the Christmas

M: Kevinnnn

M: Wow she adapted to this accent quickly πŸ™„

A: Amazing, really

A: How is this movie so long

M: I’m pretty sure this plot takes no more than 7 minutes

A: We already figured it out so

A: Stacy is checking out the duchess closet of plenty

M: This closet is just okay honey

A: Yeah, I spy Longchamp which meh

M: Still wearing heels with her robe

A: The prince still bores me

M: He’s like a Ken doll

A: They keep saying schedule the English way to remind you THEY ARE ENGLISH


M: This is a slightly better castle than the Christmas prince castle

A: Have we gotten an exterior shot? Where are the wolves?

M: Brief exterior shot

A: I missed it, I keep blacking out

M: Lol

M: Tiara! Nice.

M: This shade of pink she’s committed to is not good

A: Those fake Chanel suits are awful

M: Really bad

A: Ooh! They’re going riding

M: πŸŽ

A: Wolves!

M: Always wolves

M: Oh god this movie is so long

A: Where did his helmet come from? He wasn’t wearing it a second ago.

M: Same place as her haircut

M: Pretty horses

A: Yes

A: Wolves??

A: πŸΊ?

M: Wolf time

A: Bring out the wolves!

A: Ugh, no wolves.

A: I like the party dress

M: Yes me too

M: She looks great

M: Kevin’s kid is kind of a jerk

A: I'm so over this kid

M: Elf Angel!

M: Creeper Santa

A: Oh, this kid. Nope.

M: That castle interior shot looked like a hotel

A: Prince Severe Haircut

A: It’s the Von Trapp Family Inn

M: Lol

M: I am never going to make it to the end what was I thinking suggesting this

A: Like, we still have more than an hour to go

M: πŸ˜΅

A: That castle looks like a set

M: Coming to you from a resort in Minnesota

A: So, the sequin dress was just around the castle wear?

M: Ha

M: I guess

A: The ball gown is pretty

M: It is

A: Jesus, Prince

A: That was painful

M: Lordy what a loser

A: This movie has no ghosts or wolves, Marianne.

M: πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„

A: This fundraising event is very well-lit

M: Bright as fuck

A: And a gazebo?

M: Duh, all castles have gazebos

A: Angel elf siting!

M: Haha

A: He is everywhere

A: 16 going on 17?

A: Dancing in the gazebo, of course

M: Duh

A: Return to shiplap manor

M: This is like Joanna Gaines level farmhouse dreams


A: Daaang

M: Kevin eats his cod

A: πŸŸ

M: This beret is very cute on her

A: It is!

M: Now I want a beret

A: His face is so...

M: Derp


A: But you’d look cute in a beret

M: I think I need one

A: Dewit

M: Heh

M: She looks like a flight attendant

A: Yeah, not her best look

A: Nononono

A: They aren’t

M: Oh god Twister

A: Her skirt is too short for that

M: Princess that’s is a short skit for twister

M: Jinx!

M: Angel elf!


M: I am so sleepy

A: πŸΊπŸΊπŸΊ

A: Me too

M: Oh good gift wrapping

A: Did they just balance wrapped gifts on top of the car?

A: Um

A: That is never gonna work, guys

M: Royals πŸ™„

A: Can we fast forward to the last five minutes?

M: I am honestly shocked by how little has happened

M: And I watched The Christmas Wedding Planner

A: Hahaaa

M: Oh nice Netflix! They are watching The Christmas Prince!

M: We get it

M: Netflix inception



M: Oh what is THAT


M: is it made of CANDY Jesus



M: It’s like a weird key fob

M: Maybe it holds government secrets

A: Like the acorn

M: The acorn!!

A: Inception

M: How many hours are left

A: 29 minutes

M: Fuck

A: I don’t know if I’m gonna make it

M: Kevin also has a terrible necklace

A: That necklace is gigantic

M: It’s like a dog tag

A: These poor girls

M: Kevin is so the catch here

A: Nice arrrrrms

A: Poor Kevin

M: Poor poor Kevin

A: “Did you get to do everything you wanted?”

M: Hahahahaha

A: “Almost”

A: I just cackled

M: One day together and boom, love

A: You got your peanut butter in my chocolate!

M: No you got your Kevin in my Duchess!

M: Prince Mothballs lol

A: Prince Mothballs is creepy af

A: Elf!

M: Angel!

A: The baking competition! FINALLY.

M: PurΓ©e he berries by hand!

A: All those cakes are cardboard

M: That is a large fake cake

A: They didn’t even try to make them look real

M: Who is this judge with her terrible mouth

A: Woooorst

M: Okay the villains cake looks cool

M: Shocking, they won.

A: Sorry, that white feather cake got robbed

M: Girl. Stacy is from Chicago.

M: She is not meant to be a princess.


M: Kevin, you in danger


A: πŸ˜‚

M: πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„

A: This is fucking ridiculous

M: Yes Stacy RUN GURL

A: Trust those instincts!

A: Princess gonna hit that

M: This KID


M: Kevinnnnn







M: No


A: she is his destiny? NONONO


M: oh my fucking god


M: I give up on these idiots

A: Pour one out for the feather cake

M: Welp

A: She married that twerp

M: That escalated quickly

M: We didn’t get to see the fallout of the duchess marrying second baker from Chicago

M: Oh wait

M: Duh

M: Not married...yet

A: Bouquet toss shocker

M: Vanessa Hudgens is very cute

A: She is

A: Where’s the elf angel

A: All cakes in this land are fake

M: Heaven prob

M: This is a better wedding than the terrible wedding prince sequel

M: No elf angel resolution!

M: Bullshit

A: Whaaaaat


Monday, December 3, 2018

Another Useless Review: J.Crew Drapey Crepe Faux-Wrap Top.

You know what's fun? When I wait to review something AFTER you can't buy it. I mean, you can buy it but not in this color unless you are a very small person. (And maybe you are! If so, go get it!) It does come in a bunch of colors including a very pretty gold color that's on sale, and is also available in a more dressy velvet version. ANYWAY. It's the J.Crew Drapey Crepe Faux-Wrap Top:

Here it is! So bright but also very festive. The bright cerise color is an orange-red which is fun and unlike anything else I own. I read all the reviews and ordered an 8 instead of my usual 6, which was the way to go. It's maybe a bit loose in the waist but I didn't want it to cut me in half or be tight in the arms. I'm wearing my coated black Madewell jeans (see? NOT THE JEANS) and a pair of Madewell ankle boots (similar to these) with this. I then rethought the boots:

...and changed into my red camo Rothy's points. I think they look fine but the boots are a bit more of a look and the heel makes the whole thing feel longer. Either way, I guess. Here's a closer look at the top in which we're going to pretend my Miansai hook necklace isn't crooked: 

It's definitely a drapey fit and I love the bright color and the lower neckline - it would be easy to dress this up but it's simple enough that it can also just be a fun top. It's also machine washable which is 100% necessary for my life. Finally, get 35% off my top with code WINTERSALE. That part is important! I mean, no way am I going to suggest you pay full price. Duh.