Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Outfit of The Day: Make It Fancy.

Hello! So earlier in the week I posted about my Sanctuary dress that I really like because it's casual but super easy to dress up. Now, I honestly think just a pair of metallic heeled sandals and a nice statement necklace can fancy things up a bit: 

So cute! For a similar dress without the bubble sleeve action, this one at the Gap looks promising. I also like this one at J.Crew. Anyway, as I was saying, you can wear some nice metallic sandals and jewelry to dress things up orrrrr, you really go all in and throw a crazy-fun colorful wrap over it and call it fancy:

I love this thing so much and honestly, I never would've considered it if not for the Evereve staff bringing me half the store to try on. It's the Lovestitch Izabel Tie Dye Wrap and it the kind of piece you can throw over a plain dress or jeans and a tee and it's suddenly an amazing outfit. It would also work as a really fabulous swimsuit coverup!  There are a few ways to wear it: 

The first is obvious - just let it hang open and swan about. I wore this out for dinner and drinks at a really cool tiki bar and it felt just right. You can also knot it up in front for a caftan look (this might have gotten a Mrs. Roper comment from my boyfriend but she was a freaking queen, right? Not really an insult, dude):

Or, and this is how I wore it later, you can knot up the two front pieces to bring the volume down a bit:

I don't know why I never tried a piece like this but it's been so fun to wear and the colors in it are so good. Evereve carries a whole array of wraps including this beautiful shibori print that's on sale and this one that has a more subtle colorway. Details: 

The colors, y'all! It's slightly sheer but still so vibrant. Definitely check out the wrap selection! So many pretty options. Throw one over your ratty t-shirt and yoga leggings and go about your merry way, that's what I say. Baby steps. 

I'm carrying my little Marc Jacobs quilted bag that can be found secondhand, but there are lots of good dupes. I like this little Minkoff version and the price on this one at Farfetch is pretty incredible. And ooh, this Kate Spade quilted bag is on sale too! My sandals are an older style of Kenneth Cole that can still be found on Amazon but I'm loving the little round heel on this similar snakeskin pair. 

That's it for today! Caftan life, y'all. Let's do this.

Monday, June 28, 2021

My Recent Online Purchases (And One Thing I Want!)

I've been in a spendy mode lately and thought I'd share some of my recent online purchases with you guys (most of which haven't arrived yet, but I'll review things when I get them!) 

I've mentioned this little Think Royln convertible bag a few times and finally just went ahead and ordered it. It seems like it would be great for day trips and outings where I want to be hands-free. It comes in a bunch of colors and I almost got the silver one but instead went with basic black because I just really love that sporty red striped strap that comes with it! Actually, this little bag comes with a belt strap and a crossbody strap so you can wear it in a variety of weird-fashion ways. We shall see! 

I have finally come to terms with the fact that my current bras no longer fit me (UGH UGH UGH YOU GUYS) but I was happy to see that an old favorite from Natori is deeply discounted on Nordstrom Rack. Did I order three sizes? Yes, yes I did because I have no idea what size I am anymore and I can't bear the thought of getting fitted yet AGAIN. Anyway, the Natori Jacquard bra is a good non-ugly summer-weight bra for under $30. (Let's just pray that one of them fits me)

You thought my shorts search was over, huh? Ha. I am now looking for a good workout-type short with an adult lady inseam, a comfy waistband and POCKETS. Also, I want cute colors and prints. Not too much to ask, right? I've struggled to find it exactly what I wanted until the internet introduced me to the Oiselle Long Roga. It also has a big back pocket and a side zipper pocket and a 6" inseam. Be still my heart. I ordered a pair (and also a pair of the featherweight style) because I must see for myself. If this looks like your dream pair of workout shorts, please use my link for $20 off your first order (I also get $20!) I will definitely review these when they arrive. 

Marianne recommended this $35 Target swimsuit (which I've posted about before) and I finally ordered one and it arrived and y'all. IT IS SO GOOD. It's not too sexy and not too mumsy, it's somewhere in the middle. The bottom is modestly cut but you definitely get a little cleavage up top without feeling like you're going to fall out of it. And the color is so great - super flattering and cheerful. You probably need this swimsuit. 

Okay, this isn't an online purchase, just an FYI that my little black Sanctuary dress is now $49.50 at Macys and it's a good one! Super easy to wear and it can be dressed up or down with just a few accessories. Basically a holy grail. I wore it here and I'll post another outfit later this week to show y'all how I recently dressed it up! 

Finally, this LOFT dress has been following me around the internet and HOW CUTE IS IT. It's too similar to my Maeve dress for me to justify buying but it's currently 50% off and looks like a great breezy summer option! Ugh, someone get it and tell me how it is. 

Friday, June 25, 2021

Weekend Window Shopping: J.Crew 50% Off Sale.

Every now and then J.Crew throws out an extra 50% off of sale stuff and that's when things get interesting. Fair warning: most of it is final sale, which suuuucks, but it's ALL SO CUTE, UGH. Here's what I really like:

Thursday, June 24, 2021

Stuff I Like: Kitchen Edition!

Hey! It's summer time and we've both been cooking a lot so here's a "stuff I like" kitchen edition. First, two from me: 

This Tortilla Recipe That Will Make You Hate Me.
So, listen. Never in a million years would it have occurred to me to make my own tortillas. It just seems...advanced. But Marianne was making them with this (foolproof) recipe from Serious Eats and my boyfriend got wind of this and was very eager to help, so we made a batch. And you guys? This is life-changing. You will never want to eat a gummy grocery store tortilla ever again. It's also annoying as hell because even though it's a really simple recipe, it's labor-intensive. 100% worth the effort, though.

Tips: It's fine to use regular old white lard (or coconut oil or veg shortening) but this stuff is really nice if you can find it. When adding the water, pour it in very slowly until a dough ball just forms and then stop adding water! It'll prevent the dough from being too wet. I also make 12 instead of 10 because I prefer slightly smaller tortillas. 

This Meat Chopper I Can't Live Without.
Okay, I know it's not an actual real problem to hate poking at ground meat with a a spatula to break it up but I really hate it. I went searching for a better way and bought this chopper tool that looks like a dumb toy. But it's not! It's so good - great for meat and also for mashing guacamole and stuff. It's way more fun to smash up ground beef with this tool than to poke at it with a spatula, that's for damn sure. (And full circle - it works great for that pork taco recipe I posted last month!)

Now, two from Marianne: 

This Pasta That Is The Best.
Maybe I am the only one who went down a rabbit hole after reading about the bucatini shortage, but it suddenly became very clear to me why so much pasta from the grocery store is sub par.100% Durum wheat pasta from Italy is just SO MUCH BETTER, especially if you don’t eat a ton of pasta and want something that’s worth it. Why am I talking about this on a shopping blog? Because I found the best pasta at Target, duh. Next time you impulse buy a candle or seven, look for the Good & Gather Signature Pasta with the black label—100% Durum wheat pasta from Italy for $3 a package. They have so many unique shapes—we like Paccheri (like a giant rigatoni), Lumaconi, and of course Bucatini, the best of all the long pasta shapes.

This Whisk I Did Not Steal.
Beach house rental kitchens are typically a special kind of hell, filled with dull knives, weird As Seen on TV gadgets, and flaking nonstick pans. But every once in a while there is something you’ve never seen before and fall in love with. Enter this Kuhn Rikon galaxy whisk. Yes, it’s a very cute whisk, but aside from its petite looks and satisfying springiness, this whisk is my new favorite thing. It collapses down and allows you to whisk even the most shallow of surfaces, it’s bendy and gets into all of the edges of a bowl, it’s the whisk I reach for first every time. Don’t worry, I didn’t steal it, I bought my own, and now you can too.

Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Outfit of the Day: I Guess I Really Liked It.

I'm ridiculous sometimes. So, a few weeks ago I posted this list of things from Evereve that I liked and then last week I happened to be at that mall and had a few minutes to kill (how much trouble can I get into in 15 minutes?) so I wandered into the store and wandered back out again with this cool-ass denim jacket:

Did I remember that I'd posted about it? No, I did not. But somewhere in the back of my lizard brain, I must have known. I've been talking about upgrading my denim jacket for a while (mostly thinking this from Madewell and I also tried on this one) but this Level 99 Maxine jacket really got me. I love the lighter wash, the copper buttons and the unusual pockets. It's classic, but has some interesting details. Perfect! 

I'm wearing it with one of my Maeve dresses from a few years back that's generously cut and still fits, thankfully. It's long gone but this Anthro dress has a similar easy shape and I love this one too (though sizing is limited.) For something similar, this Loft dress is awfully cute and this one will bring the prairie drama! Now, details:

You guys. I've talked about Three Flames Silverworks before and I don't know if y'all checked out her amazing jewelry, but you should. I had my eye on this jasper and labradorite necklace for a month and finally decided I couldn't live without it. I've worn it every day since it arrived! I just love her work. 

Here's some pocket and button detail on the Maxine jacket. It's a good one. And of course:

I had to pull that red bag out for some color. This is my Longchamp le pliage cuir in red and it's available on NR in the next size up! I also like this little red nylon version. Finally, my clog sandals are Lotta from Stockholm peeptoe and they come in a bunch of colors. 

Monday, June 21, 2021

BUY THIS (We Already Did): Prime Day Amazon Favorites.

Oh hey, it's Prime Day and apparently I have no choice but to suggest to you all my favorite bits and gadgets from Amazon. These are all items we've personally purchased, talked about on the blog, and very much still love:

Saturday, June 19, 2021

Weekend Window Shopping: Cheap & Cheerful at Target

 I've been on vacation this week and have been mad spendy, so it's time to take it down a notch with some fun summer picks from Target that won't (further) break the bank:

Friday, June 11, 2021

Weekend Window Shopping: Sorta Kinda Sale at Madewell.

Hello! Madewell is sort of having a sale in which a selection of cute things are up to 30% off with code SUNFUN. Can't we just have 30% off everything, Madewell? Hmph. (PS. My favorite whisper tanks are on sale!) Anyway, here's what's I like:

Thursday, June 10, 2021

Review: Old Navy Camo Everyday Shorts.

So, in our quest for shorts, Marianne ordered, like, ten different pairs and one of the best was this pair of camo shorts from Old Navy. I selfishly used this information to buy myself the exact same pair because I want to be just like her and anyway, she's used to me copying her:

They're not, like, holy grail shorts or anything but they tick all of my boxes: mid-high waist, 5" inseam, cheap as hell. Y'all, these shorts are FIFTEEN DOLLARS right now and they also come in solid colors and in a cute chambray linen blend. I bought them in two sizes because who even knows anymore and they both kind of fit. This is the smaller size that I'm wearing:

I'd say go with your regular size on these unless you prefer your shorts on the roomier side. That said, might end up keeping both pairs mostly because I'm too lazy to return them. Plus, they both kinda fit? I don't know.

When Marianne showed me her pair she was wearing them with a striped shirt so I stole that too because listen, she always looks cute. I think the key to pairing patterns is to mix a big pattern with a small one. Plus, like leopard print, camo print is basically a neutral, right?

My striped tee is from Madewell last year but they have a similar one and there's also a linen version that look very cute. And check out this cute blue stripe! I want all the stripes, always.

 My tiny necklace is a compass pendant I got in a Rachel Zoe box years ago, but this one by Gorjana is very similar with a prettier chain. I'm also wearing my tusk pendant from a Madewell layering set I got last year but this one seems really fun and ooh, you can just get some charms and make your own set! 

That's it for today. Go buy yourself some cheap-ass camo shorts and wear them with stripes or whatever you like. 

Wednesday, June 9, 2021

BUY THIS: Eight Things I Want From Credo.

I haven't ordered any new beauty stuff in...a while and I'm starting to get that itch. Also, a lot of my products needs to be replaced because they're old and/or have been discontinued. I'm pretty bummed that my favorite tinted CC cream by Supergoop has been discontinued and replaced by something everyone seems to hate. I mean, that's great. I was considering trying the Ilia Serum Skin Tint that everyone is yammering about which led me to Credo which led me to this list:

Do you use this? Do you love it? Marianne is pretty sure I'll hate it but I'm curious. 

And this. WHY DO I WANT THIS. It's just the packaging, right? Or is it life-changing?

I've talked the coconut bath soak before (love) but oooh, there's a body polish! I am dying to try this.

I am working my way up to wearing lipstick again and this tinted balm seems like a nice in-between. 

Are we still using primer? I suspect I probably should be using primer. This one looks interesting?

Lord, I love a kit of mini-sized things and I also love Kosas. This one looks good for summer.

I loved the rms beauty oil and now there's an evening version! I might have to try it.

My usual moisturizer isn't cutting it out here with the lack of humidity and my face is so dry! 
Maybe this will fix it?

Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Outfit of the Day: This or That.

A while back I went to Athleta and bought these Brooklyn shorts and this Breezy Tank in periwinkle. Last week I returned them both. I own and love a lot of Athleta pieces but the shorts were just a bit too short and the tank top was SO CLOSE to being perfect but the armholes gaped in the front and it drove me crazy. 

Anyway, I did love the periwinkle color so when I saw that Madewell had a very similar color in their Whisper tank which is also less than half the price. I bought it and it's good! The fabric isn't as weighty as the Athleta tank and it'll probably be a sad mess by the end of the summer, but I really love it for a pop of color on a hot day:

I've been wearing my Madewell-via-Poshmark Demi Bootcut jeans so often that I'm pretty sure I'm going to need another pair. This pair looks like a good summer option or maybe...maybe in white? Maybe. I'm also eyeing this similar style in grey at Old Navy. Okay, back to the tank:

Here's a creepy close-up so you can see the color and fabric better. It's not a holy grail tank but it's a cute, inexpensive summer top that comes in some really good colors this summer. (Spoiler: I also bought it in Manor Purple which is so pretty.

It also looks really cute peeking out of my tie dye dolman sleeve Chaser hoodie which I shouldn't love so much but I do, but I really really do. It's just that perfect little casual layer that you can throw over almost anything. It's feels unsubstantial but it's surprisingly warm and I love the color. Oh, you want a creepy close-up? You got it:

I don't know what happened there with my hair but just focus on the cute hoodie, which is currently on sale at EVEREVE. (PS. Size down.) For something similar, this one at the Gap looks like a good time and this one at Old Navy has a couple of really fun tie dye color options. Oh, and my necklace was made by my friend Maryellen. 

And, because I'm boring, I'm carrying my usual Lo & Sons Pearl bag with a Madewell strap and wearing my usual metallic silver Birkenstocks. I like what I like. 

Friday, June 4, 2021

Weekend Window Shopping: A Few Purchases...Mostly Stuff I Want.

Hi! This is just a list of a few things I bought and a few (okay, more than a few) things I have my eye on for summer:

Thursday, June 3, 2021

BUY THIS (So We Don't Have To): More EVEREVE Picks!

 Y'all. I am so scared to go back to the EVEREVE store because I want to just buy ALL OF IT and I know I will. However,  I can safely browse the website, right? Here are some of the things I want (and a few I already own) most of which are on sale:

Okay, this tee looks a lot like my favorite Wilt tee! I just love the generous shape and the longer hem.

Oh, I'm sorry, snakeprint and a deconstructed element? Sign me up. 

Okay, not on sale but I really love the details on this non-classic-but-still-classic denim jacket. 

This is on sale and I have it and love it. It's pretty thin but surprisingly warm and VERY cute. 

This is such a good take on the paperclip chain necklace. 

What do you think? Can I pull this off or will it read, "How do you do, fellow kids?"

I have this in another colorway and wear it an obnoxious amount. So fashion but still a sweatshirt. 

This dress isn't really a color that I wear but isn't it PRETTY. It's so pretty. Ugh. 

These are on sale and VERY cute, I just wish they were a few inches longer because I am OLD. 

Thank you and good night.