Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Outfit of the Day: This or That.

A while back I went to Athleta and bought these Brooklyn shorts and this Breezy Tank in periwinkle. Last week I returned them both. I own and love a lot of Athleta pieces but the shorts were just a bit too short and the tank top was SO CLOSE to being perfect but the armholes gaped in the front and it drove me crazy. 

Anyway, I did love the periwinkle color so when I saw that Madewell had a very similar color in their Whisper tank which is also less than half the price. I bought it and it's good! The fabric isn't as weighty as the Athleta tank and it'll probably be a sad mess by the end of the summer, but I really love it for a pop of color on a hot day:

I've been wearing my Madewell-via-Poshmark Demi Bootcut jeans so often that I'm pretty sure I'm going to need another pair. This pair looks like a good summer option or maybe...maybe in white? Maybe. I'm also eyeing this similar style in grey at Old Navy. Okay, back to the tank:

Here's a creepy close-up so you can see the color and fabric better. It's not a holy grail tank but it's a cute, inexpensive summer top that comes in some really good colors this summer. (Spoiler: I also bought it in Manor Purple which is so pretty.

It also looks really cute peeking out of my tie dye dolman sleeve Chaser hoodie which I shouldn't love so much but I do, but I really really do. It's just that perfect little casual layer that you can throw over almost anything. It's feels unsubstantial but it's surprisingly warm and I love the color. Oh, you want a creepy close-up? You got it:

I don't know what happened there with my hair but just focus on the cute hoodie, which is currently on sale at EVEREVE. (PS. Size down.) For something similar, this one at the Gap looks like a good time and this one at Old Navy has a couple of really fun tie dye color options. Oh, and my necklace was made by my friend Maryellen. 

And, because I'm boring, I'm carrying my usual Lo & Sons Pearl bag with a Madewell strap and wearing my usual metallic silver Birkenstocks. I like what I like. 


  1. I purchased the hoodie and now purchased one on sale as a back-up. I am a hoodie person and hard to find a cute light weight one. I wear my current one all of the time. If it gets reduced again, may purchase a third it is that good.

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