Wednesday, March 27, 2024

What I Bought: So Many Pants.

I mostly wear pants these days and I realized that I didn't have much variety in my closet. What I do have is many pairs of jeans and a couple of pairs of pants that really should be filed under "athletic wear pretending to be work-appropriate." So,  I went on a tear and bought three new pairs of pants. Also, fine, one of the pairs I bought is jeans but they're really good. Shush. 

To start, I bought these jeans from Madewell but didn't really love them on me so I returned them and on the way back to my car I fell into EverEve and bought this pair of cropped pants by Kut From the Kloth:

I don't have an outfit photo yet but I am here to say that these are good and comfortable and I highly recommend them. They aren't life-changing but they are easy and they look cute with both Birkenstocks and boots. 

Then Marianne bought these Everlane jeans and y'all, I had to have them too because I am an enormous copy-cat, yes, but come on, these are great:

They are VERY high waisted on me but I love the weird hem and the wide-leg  sailor flair. I just NEEDED THESE JEANS. I'm happy to say I love them though I did go up a size because they run a little bit small. This is what they look like on half of me:

So cute. They come right up to my boobs and sitting down is sort of challenging but I still love them. I'm kidding. Mostly. Since I was already ordering the jeans, I also ordered these tencel utility pants because they looked like a great spring/summer option and y'all, they are so good. They are definitely a more relaxed style than I usually wear but I love how the material feels - weighty and flowy at the same time. I wore them twice during my recent work trip to Hawaii:

Hey, look, an actual outfit! I mean, it's a crumbled end-of-the-day outfit, but still. These pants run true to size, just FYI. I'm wearing them with my two-tone Birks, a Madewell tee and my AYR button up

So, three pairs of pants, one actual outfit photo. I'm doing great.