Wednesday, June 28, 2023

Stuff I Like: Long List Version.

Stuff I like! I've been keeping a list of things to include in this entry and it's gotten kind of long, so I'm doing it in a condensed version. Here we go: 

Wearing - This is not a surprise.
I’ve talked a lot recently about my AYR tees and now I have Marianne hooked. We both have and love this striped Sno Cone t-shirt because it’s the perfect not-too-short cropped tee to wear with higher waisted pants and shorts. Just so cute. (Note: I might have an AYR order out for delivery for today! Who wants a review?) Also, REI sent me a 20% off code a while back and I used it on this Vuori hoodie which is THE BEST THING EVERRRRR. I'm sorry, but it’s really the absolute best. It's light but warm and so so soft. It fits TTS but I sized up so I could be more of a slouchy slob around the house. I wear it every day. I’m wearing it right now. I should probably not write a blog about style because I’m an oversized hoodie girl now. 

Watching - All the endings.
The series finales of  The Marvelous Mrs Maisel and Ted Lasso (both of which I loved) left me feeling a bit bummed. Two of my favorite shows are over forever! But, there's so much good TV right now that I am recovering nicely. I recently finished and loved season two of Somebody Somewhere (I talked about season 1 here) and was so happy to hear they’ve been renewed for season three. Now I’m re-watching season 1 of The Bear so I can jump into season two fully stressed out. Ha. I’m also excited about the upcoming season of True Detective with Jodie Foster, and the third season of The Other Two on HBO (fine, on Max. Why.) 

Reading - Y’all. Ugh.
I have been so underwhelmed by everything I’ve read lately and I seem to be DNFing books left and right. Do you ever get stuck in a reading rut? I’ve DNFed three books and just forced myself to finish one that wasn’t that great. When this happens I tend to fall back on authors I know I love, like the very reliable Ruth Rendell/Barbara Vine. If you’ve never read any of her books you’re in for a treat. I recently re-read The Blood Doctor which is excellent and also love Anna’s Book (both written under Barbara Vine.) But, I’m ready for something new. I do have The Secret Book of Flora Lea by Patti Callahan Henry on hold at the library and it sounds right up my alley but I’m open to suggestions if you’ve read anything great lately! 

Obsessing - This stylist on Instagram.
Marianne introduced me to Anna Cascarina on Instagram and she is just AMAZING. Just so chic and wears exactly what she loves. Her styling posts are incredibly helpful because she has this knack for putting normal items together in a really polished way. She also feels like One of Us - in her 40s with a relatable body and she talks a lot about age representation and size-inclusivity in fashion. Her tutorial reels are especially good. I really love watching her layer an outfit - this post in particular is what drew me in and I also really dig her capsule wardrobe reels (and her white Loewe bag! Woof, I love it.) 

Buying - Cheap-ass beauty.
Today I’m not talking about the Westman Atelier foundation stick I love because, duh. Of course I bought them. So boring. I’m way more excited to tell you about the inexpensive beauty items I’ve purchased recently because who doesn’t love a bargain? The first is a Jones Road Miracle Balm knockoff that I think is quite good! I do want to try the Miracle Balm but the reviews are pretty uneven. Anyway, I stumbled across this dupe by Bayfree on Amazon and bought it with very low expectations but y’all, I love it. Unscented, very sheer and not super sticky. It just gives a bit of color and glow. The packaging feels cheap but it’s a $12 product, so I’m not complaining about that. I got Nude Gardenia and it’s just really pretty. I can’t say how it stacks up to Jones Road Miracle Balm but if any of you have tried it, let me know if it’s worth it! 

I also I stopped by Target recently and bought some makeup because why not. My favorite thing by far is this NYX Butter Gloss in Rocky Road (a wine color.) It feels great on and is really nicely pigmented for a lipgloss. Plus, it’s only $5! I will definitely be trying some more colors. 

Finally, I picked up a tube of Acure Seriously Soothing cleansing cream at the local fancy natural grocery store. It’s perfect for dry/sensitive skin - completely gentle and non-foaming - perfect for a second cleanse. I love that it’s unscented and only $11 for a nice sized tube! I’m happy with it and now want to try the matching moisturizer

That's it for me. Please tell me what you've been liking lately! 

Friday, June 16, 2023

Quince Linen Review: Short Sleeve Shirt, Swing Dress, and Linen Blazer.

I recently bought three items from Quince’s linen collection and thought I’d tell y’all about them. Just a note about sizing: I’m usually a size 8 and I'm wearing a medium for all of these items. I’m 5’5” so some of this is not great for the talls, though I believe extended, tall and petite sizing is coming. 

First up, this is the Linen Short Sleeve Shirt ($34.90):

I like this shirt! The color is very on-trend and I don't own anything like it. The fit isn't cropped, exactly, but it is on the short side and has a slightly boxy fit. This is what you wear when you really just want to wear a t-shirt but feel like you should make more of an effort. My only complaint is that I would like a fourth button. Seriously, why only three buttons? 

It's linen. Linen wrinkles. It's just what it does so don't fight it. (Honestly, the reviews complaining about this!)

I like how it looks tucked but it definitely requires a higher rise to successfully pull it off. My jeans are Mother The Weekender and I reviewed them here

Next up is this linen Short Sleeve Swing Dress ($59.90.) They also have a sleeveless version and both are Faherty knock-offs I believe. It’s made from the same nice European linen and the pintuck details are quite good. 

Unpopular opinion: It has pockets and I wish it didn’t because I don’t actually need extra bulk at the hips.

I’m wearing a medium and it fits fine but I’d love another inch of length. It’s also probably see-through in the lighter colors, so just be aware of that. Overall it’s a cute summer sack dress that I'll wear a lot. It's easy to wear, casual, and comfy. Just a note: I don't have Photoshop anymore so I can't correct the color! The navy blue color is not as saturated as it looks, this is more accurate: 

Finally, I bought the Linen Blazer ($69.90) which fits me pretty well in the medium. It’s oversized but I don’t think I could get the small around my hips, so the medium was definitely the way to go. 

I should've taken a picture with the sleeves unrolled, I guess, but I have short arms so sleeves are often too long for me. I like the sleeves rolled because Y'ALL I AM MIAMI VICE CASUAL. THAT'S RIGHT, I SAID IT. 

It doesn’t have a lining which is slightly irritating only because the underside flaps of the lapel keep popping out. A little stitch witchery should fix that though. Overall I think it’ll be nice for a summer layer - slouchy and elegant but still comfy.

My striped tee is the Sno Cone from AYR! I still think AYR tees are too expensive but I keep buying and wearing the hell out of them so I'm beginning to think they're worth the money.

If you've never shopped Quince before and want $20 off your first purchase, please use my link. (full disclosure: for each purchase I get $20 in Quince credit.) 

Wednesday, June 7, 2023

Outfit of the Day: New Stuff

Hello! I’m working on a "stuff I like" post but wanted to wait until I finish the book I'm reading because, while I love it so far, I want to make sure the ending doesn’t disappoint.. Anyway, I bought a couple of things recently that I'm super happy with and I thought I’d show you:

Okay, the giant Vans tote arrived and it’s PERFECT. It’s just a big-ass sturdy canvas tote and it fits all of my work things (and yes, it’s heavy as shit when it’s full but I don’t have to take it very far.) I just got tired of juggling three bags so being able to toss everything into one big bag is working for now. Plus, it’s really cute. 

I’m wearing it with my not-really-flattering Grayson dress (review here) which you can’t get anymore except secondhand. I like it because it’s a floaty sack but I’m sure there are better versions - this one is promising, COS always delivers, and I like this one for a cheap-and-cheerful option. 

Because (almost) all my shoes finally fit again, I’m wearing my fun CdG Play Converse high-tops and even though they look kind of odd with this dress, I don’t care. This outfit is about me enjoying my stuff, not about being flattering. Who cares about flattering? Enjoy your things! 

One of the few good things I'll say about Rent the Runway its that it introduced me to a few brands I might  not have known about otherwise. Apiece Apart is one of those brands! Now, its not inexpensive, but because it's a lesser known brand you can pick it up secondhand for a steal. I'm always checking The RealReal for deals and of course Poshmark and eBay. Recently, I found this Apiece Apart Galleta top on eBay for a straight steal:

NWOT! And it’s still on the website! The eBay seller also has a small and extra small listed, so go get em! I’m wearing a medium. It's just such a fun, unusual top. The sleeves are very dramatic without a hint of prairie sister wife and I like that I can wear the neck open or buttoned up for more coverage.

My jeans are a recent purchase - the Pop from AYR. They're great, if a little too big. (I sized up but but shouldn’t have.) Are they better than Madewell denim? Not really, but I do wear them a lot. (Currently AYR is offering 15% off with code VACATION.)

I’m also FINALLY wearing my bright red Birkenstocks! My bad foot isn’t 100% into them but for low movement days, they’re fine and they cheer me up to no end. If you’re a red shoe person, these are the Birks for you. They are just so ridiculously bright and I love them. I also love my weird Clare V Grande Fanny - the red zipper detail works so nicely with my obnoxious Birkenstocks, right? It’s how I do.