Wednesday, October 26, 2022

Outfit of the Day: Welcome Back, Old Friend.

A few weeks ago I wandered into a store that was not Madewell and tried on a bunch of jeans that were flared and y'all. Y'ALL. THEY ARE SO FLATTERING AND GOOD. HELLO FLARED JEANS. HELLO HELLO WELCOME BACK.

YES. These are Mother The Weekender Mid Rise Flared Jeans and they are so stupidly expensive that I feel like I should apologize. I ended up buying them on sale during the Bloomingdales F&F because I had to have them. They were the kind of jeans you put on and they perfectly. They are technically meant to be a cropped style but only if you're a model, I guess? They are definitely not cropped on me. For something similar, Madewell has some flared styles and J.Crew has some nice options on sale right now but I'm telling you, these Mother jeans are making me really happy. 

I'm wearing my new jeans with my new Quince cashmere fisherman sweater (reviewed here) and it's so soft and good that I want another one in a different color. I'm going to give this one a few more wears first though because I'm waffling between ordering another large or going for a more fitted medium. I also want to buy the Quince cashmere batwing sweater but I'm waffling between sizes on that one too.

Apparently, I needed to try on all my new things together, so I threw on my new Quince leather jacket (reviewed here) and was happy to discover it fits nicely over a sweater! I was initally worried about sizing up but really wanted to be able to wear it over more than a t-shirt. I'm really still so impressed with this jacket. It's such a freaking steal. Quince has several different leather jacket styles and they sell out quickly. I'm hoping they'll restock the washed leather jacket so I can try that one too. 

And yay! I got my Hammitt VIP bag back from being repaired (in record time!) I immediately started carrying it again because it's my best everyday bag and I missed it. On to details:

I'm wearing my sick new leather jacket with an old Dean Davidson tassel necklace you can't even see. Sorry! It's an old favorite that I've worn a million times before. Here's the down-below:

Woof! I love the flare. My boots are my new Blundstone heeled boots that are breaking in nicely! They're perfect with these jeans, right?  I'm just so happy flares are back because I find them so flattering. How're you feeling about bootcut/flared styles? Not ready or born ready? 


  1. Oh I am so ready! I'm 6' tall, so flares and bootcuts usually work for me. Just got three pairs from Old Navy :)

  2. Those look super on you! I am totally a fan, but I basically never stopped wearing them. I bought two corduroy pairs from Old Navy a few years back that are the perfect rise, and I also have medium wash denim Kuts that I love. Somehow they make me look taller?

  3. There was a thread on FB the other day about Gap Long and Lean jeans. It made me nostalgic for my days in flares. I'm not sure I'm ready to go back though.

    1. Long and Lean were great! Except way too low rise for me to pull off anymore. I'm loving the high rise flare combo.

  4. I love them but struggle to find them in lengths that work for my height without wearing heels.

  5. I have fully leaned in to the flared yoga pants, but need to do some in-store shopping to try on some flares. No clue what size I'll need/how they'll fit! We'll be in Nashville next weekend, so I might venture out to some of the stores we don't have here in Memphis to see what I can find!

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  7. Awesome outfit, totally my jam. I would love for you to review the Quince washed leather jacket. I am thinking about it but I'm not sure whether I should get a medium or a large. Flares are great, but I am currently on the hunt for mid rise wide legs.

  8. Nice!Mother's are spendy but are so good when you find the right style, fit, etc. I feel like they will last forever....cost per wear sort of thing..that's my way of okaying