Thursday, October 13, 2022

Outfit of the Day: Basically Almost Chanel.

On Tuesday I told you about my inspiration to use a bag I felt might be too fancy (formal? Something?) for my style but now that I'm carrying it I realize that it works to make even my most casual looks (and let's be clear, all my looks are casual these days) a little more refined, a little more elevated. Like so: 

Jeans, graphic tee, clogs, oversized blazer. This is all feeling like a good look for me -  casual but not sloppy. Add my Minkoff Love quilted bag and it feels downright Parisian. Ha. So fancy. So Paris. 

My blazer is thrifted (I wrote about it here) and it's the Oversized Blazer in Glen Plaid by Everlane. It's already feeling like a solid addition to my closet. For something similar, this Madewell blazer looks promising. My jeans are an old pair of Madewell Cali Demi Boot, a favorite of mine. This current version is pretty similar. 

I love that you can't see my Bowie tee at all in these pics, but it's the one I'm wear here. It's a favorite! Lucky does really good graphic tees - this one is currently on my "might need' list.  Details:

I'm wearing my silver wings necklace by My Precious Studio and my favorite stone necklace from Three Flames Silverworks. I love buying jewelry from independent designers - it's always what I end up keeping and wearing the most often. Now:

One secret about this bag - it's easy to convert to a shoulder bag! You unclip the chain and string it through the loop and re-clip at the top. Genius. My clogs are M.Gemi (via Poshmark) and they're great but it's not hard to find something similar and less expensive. This pair at J.Crew is very similar and on sale! Factory also has a cute version

That's it for today! Next week will be Blundstone boot and expensive jeans week, so stay tuned, the fun never stops. 

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