Monday, October 3, 2022

Review: Madewell Oversized Leather Jacket vs. Quince Motorcycle Jacket.

Alternate title: A Tale Of Two Jackets. So! Last week I ordered two leather jackets purely for blog science because how else will we know? I've been extremely curious about Madewell's Oversized Washed Leather Jacket, and since it wasn't excluded from the most recent sale, I ordered the fatigue green version when it was 30% off.  I'd also read the glowing reviews of Quince's $150 Leather Motorcycle Jacket and it was back in stock, so I ordered that in the burgundy color. Let's start with the Madewell jacket:

Okay, right out of the box I was super into the color. The photos of this jacket on the Madewell site are terrible and don't do it justice at all. It's like they don't want you to buy it! The pics of the black version are way better but that dark green with the brass hardware? So good. 

The washed leather is lightweight and already has a broken-in feel and the hardware felt substantial. I ordered a medium based on reviews because I wanted it big enough to wear a light sweater underneath but not so big that it swallowed me up. The sizing was perfect for me - slightly oversized feeling but not too big. The sleeves were surprisingly short for a leather jacket which worked for me but if you're tall this might be an issue.

I do love that this jacket isn't cropped but it also means that it's a lot of jacket just hanging around when unzipped. I wasn't sure if I loved the look on me but that color! So good. Then I tried to zip it up. It's big enough that I could easily zip it...if the freaking zipper worked. Womp.

I spent a lot of time trying to zip that dumb jacket up and the zipper would not budge. I read back through the reviews for the black version and apparently this is a really common issue for this jacket. For something that costs $500+ retail, the zipper should work, right? I ended up returning it. 

Now, let's look at the Quince motorcycle jacket:

I mean, hello baby. This jacket is gorgeous. The color is ridiculously good and I don't even think my photos do it justice. This is a pretty traditional moto style jacket in buttery leather with silver hardware. It comes in three colors but I chose the burgundy because it looked like a color that would work well with my wardrobe and obviously I think it's beautiful. (Plus, I already have a black leather jacket.)

The leather is very soft and pretty thin, so it's not the quality of, say, an AllSaints jacket, but for the price it is a surprisingly nice jacket. I ordered a large because I wanted room for a sweater (my AllSaints Dalby is very fitted) and I wanted to be able to comfortably zip it up:

No problem! I could probably wear a medium if I wanted a more fitted look. The belt is attached but the hardware is lightweight so it's not too annoying to have the buckle end flapping around. The zipper is likewise not super heavy duty but it works just fine and overall I am really pleased with this jacket. 

I mean, for $150, are you kidding me? Of course I'm keeping it. I'm happy to answer questions about either jacket! Please comment below. 

If you're tempted and want $20 off your first purchase, please use my link. (Full disclosure: for each purchase through my link I receive credits to spend which allows me to try and review more stuff. I paid for a portion of this jacket with credits, so thank you to those of you who used my link!) 

PS. My shoes are the Madewell Harper Mule and my jeans are an older pair of Madewell Boyjeans


  1. Try the Universal Standard Leather Moto Jacket next!

  2. That Madewell jacket looks great. Awesome colour on you too. I'd like to find one that is more bordeaux burgundy than the purple-ly shade of this one. But not the brown of oxblood either.

    1. If the zipper had worked, I would've been pretty tempted to keep the Madewell jacket. The color is amazing.

  3. I've been so curious about that Quince jacket because it's been following me around the internet. Thank you for doing the important blog science I've been waiting for, but now I need one...

  4. The Quince jacket looks fantastic on you!!

  5. Does your Quince code still work? I cannot get it to show up.

    1. It should work! The link is: HTTP://RWRD.IO/FDRZVHQ


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