Monday, October 17, 2022

Review: Blundstone Women's Heeled Chelsea Boots

 Hello! Nearly two years ago I reviewed a couple of styles of Blundstone boots and kept the Classic 550 Chelsea which I still love and wear. They're great boots - rugged and comfortable and very PNW.  I got them in the rustic finish which is extremely rustic. So, while they're great boots, they're also super casual and I wanted another pair that was a bit dressier but could still take miles of walking in wet weather. 

Blundstone has a women-specific style that really appealed - the #1671 Heeled Chelsea boot. It has the same Blundstone look with a bit of a heel, a more refined toe, and a higher shaft than my classic pair. 

Look at my cute little Blundstone family! I'm a dork. Anyway, here's what they look like on my feet: 

I ordered the heeled boots in two sizes because Blundstone sizing is weird - half sizes are wider but not longer. I wear a 6/9 in my Classic boots but different styles run differently, so I got these in a 5.5/8.5, and a 6/9. The half size felt great overall except that my big toes definitely were hitting the front of the boot and that's the kind of thing that's not a problem until you lose a toenail. Nope. I settled on the 6/9 which has a bit more length and room for thick socks. These are my new Ireland boots! Now I just need to break them in, though so far they feel quite comfortable and my other Blundstones didn't require much break-in time so fingers crossed. 

The heel is pretty low but still enough to give you a bit of lift and dress things up a little bit. They still definitely have that Blundstone look with the pull tabs and whatnot. Some reviewers complained that they struggled to get these on and off, but I haven't had issues. (The pull tabs help, but I also don't have high arches.) Outfit details:

I'm wearing my Varley Cleon pullover (reviewed here) from last year. It's sold out but they have a similar tunic-length version and I also love this one with the big zip collar. I love an athleisure pullover - looks like real clothes, feels like a sweatshirt. I'm also wearing a pair of Madewell Perfect Vintage jeans similar to this current pair

I'm still carrying my Minkoff quilted Love bag every day and I especially love it with a casual look (which is good, because that's generally how I do.) I will probably post some more Blundstone outfits as I feel like this pair could be cute with dresses, leggings, etc. More to come! 


  1. I have these exact boots and can highly recommend. I got them a few days before I left for a trip to Toronto in February 2020 and decided to just bring them instead of my clunky "real" winter boots. I wore the them for 5 days straight through ice, snow, slush, freezing temps, and all around town (dinners at nice restaurants, shopping, museums, etc.). I walked several miles a day in them and they never once gave me a blister. They were super comfy, and complimented my travel outfits (mainly skinny dark jeans and sweaters) perfectly. They just look slightly more elevated than the regular Blundstones and I really appreciate the slight heel height. I was really glad I chose them and they've held up really well for the past couple years. You won't regret them!

    1. Hey, thanks for this! I'm so glad you love your pair.


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