Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Adrien: I Do Like A Striped Dress.

If there's one thing I love, it's a striped dress. This one in particular from Banana Republic has been a favorite because of the full skirt, the structured material and just overall cuteness. It's a bummer that it shrunk:

I mean, I love it. I love the shape and I keep wearing it in spite of the fact that it's just a little too small. I've been keeping an eye out for a worthy replacement and I think this cute fit and flare dress at BR has a lot of potential (or will once it's on sale.) It's cute right? I also like this more casual option at LOFT and this Boden dress is just crazy enough to work. Everlane also has some new offerings with a very nice Breton stripe sweater dress and a comfy striped sack for those of us drinking ditch gin. 

You absolutely can't tell in these pictures but I'm wearing Spanx faux leather leggings instead of tights. I bought them during an post-holiday sale because Marianne has them and loves them but so far I'm still struggling a bit. Like, I want to believe. We shall see. (Hey, I barely wore my coated Madewell jeans last winter but this winter? They're a staple. Sometimes it just take a bit of time.)

I'm apparently gleeful about the addition of an old Gap scarf that's getting a lot of blog time lately! It's just such a good color and it plays nice with my bag. I love a bright, inexpensive scarf to bump up an outfit. This little star print scarf is pretty charming and I love this cobalt leopard print by Oasis. And here's another good leopard print for under $12!  On to details: 

I'm wearing a Lulu Frost for J.Crew tassel necklace from a few years back but there are tons of good options right now. This layered stone tassel at Loft is awfully pretty and this one at Ann Taylor would be a good dressy statement option. And I really love this more delicate version from Rebecca Minkoff. I'm also wearing my CLUSE La Boheme watch and my Lisa Freede cuff bracelet. 

Finally, bag and shoes! My bag is a Marc by Marc Globetrotter Kirsten in the best damn blue he ever made. I'd say this blue MJ hobo probably comes closest but there are other options, like this Cole Haan tassel hobo or this Blugirl Blumarine bag that's super on sale. Just saying. My boots are Vince Camuto Hadley, which aren't available anymore, but the Vince Camuto Franell would be a nice update! That's all I've got today, kids. Thanks for reading.

Monday, January 30, 2017

We Talk About Shopping, What a Surprise.

A: Should I buy this blouse. Y/N. (Seller will accept a Best Offer of $55.)

M: Hm. I mean it's nice and the color is pretty but it's not like YES WHAT A BARGAIN.

A: I've been watching it on eBay for a while but it's silk and I'm not wearing my silk stuff as much because I'm too lazy to hand wash and iron and eh. So lazy.

M: That sounds like the answer then. No more silk! I'm thinking about getting this blouse (from I Want to Be Her) in both colors:

A: Ooooh, I like it.

M: Oh:



M: But seriously this is cute:

A: Much better! I like that a lot. I'm also eyeing this Lou & Grey tunic on LOFT with my Spanx leggings in mind:

A: But, full price still.

M: Pajama clothes.

A: It’s a Chico’s kind of day, Marianne. Also! I tried on this great dress at LOFT this weekend:

A: I decided to buy it online and forgot and now the sale is over. Whomp.

M: I want that.

A: It’s so good. Everything I want is full price. I WILL WAIT. RIGHT. HERE.

Friday, January 27, 2017

Weekend Window Shopping: On Theme.

This week? This week has been a week and all through it I kept thinking about those damn silver boots. I decided it would be a good Weekend Window Shopping post and then I found this pair (also below) and immediately sent the the link to Marianne all !!! and duh, we both bought them immediately. Oops. (There are more sizes here for slightly more money. I am forever the enabler.) Anyway, enjoy:

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Regret and Silver Boots.

A: The new way to wear a tee apparently involves wearing it with clothes.

M: Crap, all along I've been using them as grocery bags???!

A: Well, you're TOTALLY wrong. You're supposed to wear them with pants??


A: Does Siri wear clothes? Related: Got this t-shirt wrapped around one leg. #fashion

M: I keep thinking about your micro wardrobe problem and want to help.


A: Seriously, though. I want to do this without buying a bunch of stuff  and I also have to be work-appropriate. I do wear my black coated jeans to work (which I shouldn't) but regular jeans only on Fridays.

M: Oh I don't really have ways to help but I don't think a wrap dress is going to help you unless you turn into someone who would wear a wrap dress as a duster and that does not seem like you. Same with layering over a turtleneck.

A: I don't own a turtleneck, so.

M: See? I'm not helpful.

A: My wardrobe is not cut out for this.

M: You don't like turtlenecks, right? They are nice for layering. I don't know. I liked the culottes so don't listen to me.

A: I don't like having my neck constricted. I'll admit the culottes are growing on me but I'm not sure it's a look I could personally pull off?

M: Oh it would be a disaster on me, full stop.

A: My main thing is, I don't want to change my style to do this challenge but I've also got some glaring holes in my wardrobe. It's dumb, really.

M: Yeah it's tough for sure. I think I could do it but that's only because I wear the same shit all the time.

A: I do too! Most of what I picked so far is stuff I wear all the time it's just not very mix-and-match.

M: Clearly you need culottes and silver boots. I mean I just looked at her outfits again and I'm mad that she makes it look so easy with such unique choices. But I do like the idea of it pushing you to wear stuff you don't wear as much. IDK. it's hard.

A: I know, I was thinking maybe it would force me to wear stuff I've been neglecting (like one of my two remaining skirts) but that seems like a different challenge. This is so much harder than I thought it would be! And I still really want those silver boots. Imma find them.

A: God dammit.

M: Well that's not helping anything.

A: If I had silver ankle boots I could just wear a sack and nobody would notice.

M: Ooh shiny.

A: Ugh, those are beautiful! I wish the heel was an inch shorter.


A: 😭😭😭

M: Okay back to your list. A denim shirt? Maybe that color blocked Boden dress? You could wear a sweater over it...god I don't know. Sorry I just gave right up.

A: I am mad at that dress right now. And my Everlane sweaters are so slouchy they look like hot shit with any kind of skirt.


M: This is stupid.

A: Well, I can't wear a sheer blouse with distressed jeans or an off the shoulder top with half a dress to work. Or at all. I also don't look like a moddle.

M: Oh I mean the whole idea. It's just torturing yourself.

A: #FullofRegret

Note: I still plan on doing this but it might be a while. 

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Wanty: Pretty Blouses.

In an effort to distract myself from the impossible micro-wardrobe task and the gaping wardrobe holes within, I've become quietly obsessed with finding the perfect adorable floaty cute blouse to add to my collection.

First, I have an Anthro giftcard that's been burning a hole in my pocket but everything is so aggressively ruffled that I'm having a hard time finding anything that suits me. I did, however, see this blouse:

orli bibbed buttondown

It's really cute but they had five in the store, all size XS. Great. I can order it online but shipping is $10(!) and that makes me mad. I moved on to LOFT because y'all already know I have my sights set on the tulip print utility blouse:

tulip utility blouse

But I also really like this spotted ruffle neck blouse:

spotted ruffle neck mixed media top

Overall I think it's a cute top but oh, the tyranny of the ruffle continues. At least they're tiny? Barely noticeable. I always keep an eye on Banana just in case things change and I did like the look of this:

piped edge vee top


Finally, I wandered over to TJ Maxx land and immediately fell for this pretty Joie top except it's only available in XS which seems to be my life these days. There's also this Joie blouse (in more sizes) which is so pretty but not my style and there's this DVF top which definitely is:

silk hathaway blouse

But it's more than I want to spend and what did I just say yesterday about high-maintenance clothing? Please remind me I said that. Going to take a nap now.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Adrien: Definitely A Favorite.

When I did my favorite purchases post I was surprised to discover that I'd only worn my Loft utility blouse in one outfit post. Consider that corrected: 

How many of these blouses can I own before it becomes a problem? I currently have two and they are getting a lot of wear. I mean, I love my Everlane silk but they require hand-washing and ironing and... maybe I just learned something about myself. High maintenance doesn't work for me. Loft Utility blouses are so easy and they come in a bunch of colors and cute patterns. I currently have my eye on this tulip print and there are a couple of nice solid colors that are now $15.88. Just saying. 

Daniel says hi! I'm wearing my favorite blouse with my J.Crew twill utility pants and wow, I have a lot of utility going in one outfit. I do like an olive green skinny pant, though. J.Crew is fresh out of utility but this pair at Macy's looks nearly identical and this Blank NYC pair looks good too.  If you want to be fancy (and who doesn't?) I love this Joie pair A LOT.

Because I can't resist ruining everything, I threw on my beloved and oversized Eileen Fisher cardigan. It's a workhorse and very warm and I wear it a lot. EF is expensive but easy to find on sale. This grey one looks pretty nice and I love the drape of this dark green version. And ooh, this one is nice if you wear a size small (they run rull big.) If you're looking for something less spendy, this Gap cardigan looks very cozy! On to details: 

The necklace on the top is a great little nugget I got in the last Madewell sale, the Asteroid pavé necklace. It's perfect when you want just a little something sparkly. The one below it is my House of Harlow mini pavé sunburst pendant. I also doubled up on bracelets, wearing my rose gold Bijouone screw cuff and my Lisa Freede hinged cuff (which I can't find online but this one is similar!)

My bag is a very old MBMJ mag bag in fool's gold. They pop up on eBay* occasionally and there is a larger Faridah in fool's gold for a good price right now. In the land of new, this gold Kors bag is exactly the right color and this under $30 gold satchel is a good cheap 'n cheerful option. 

Finally, my shoes. They're Chie Mihara and there is no real comparison but this pair of red mary janes is pretty dang cute and these aren't bad either. But really, Chies are the best

*Not my auction! Ask questions!

Monday, January 23, 2017

Micro Wardrobe Challenge: Update.

So, based on this entry from last week I rashly volunteered myself to do this challenge. It didn't seem like it would be that hard to pick nine or ten items of clothing to wear for two weeks. But, um, it is. It is hard. I actually feel bad for making fun of culotte girl because this shit is hard, especially if you don't have a fairly traditional wardrobe and you've committed to showing everyone on the internet your clever outfits.

The rules (as per the article): 

1. Choose a selection of items and wear only those for the next two weeks. (She chose nine but the original concept includes ten items. I'm doing ten because who cares.) 
2. Mix and match them however I like and wear them with whatever accessories or shoes I wanted.

3. Seasonal necessities (like winter coats) and special-occasion wear (like a dress you'd wear to a wedding) wouldn't count toward the core mix. (WHAT ABOUT CARDIGANS. HALP.) 

I put my cardigan panic aside and started out strong: 

Madewell black coated skinny jeans

Then I hit a wall. I have gaping holes in my closet that I've been ignoring for way too long. Like, I only own three skirts, one of which hasn't fit me in a while and the other two are pretty specific looks - pencil skirts in bright red and leopard print. Cute but not terribly versatile. The leopard print might make the cut though. It's cute and I haven't worn it in a while. 

Also not very versatile are my dresses. I don't have a skinny strap dress that can be layered in a cute way, instead I have (mostly) print dresses that can be worn as what they are. Maybe I'm not being creative enough? I thought maybe a solid wrap dress would be a good addition but it's not like I can mix and match with that. Man, why is this so hard? 

Other things I don't own: dress pants, culottes, a job where I can wear a sheer blouse like, nbd. WHY IS THIS SO HARD. 

So, on the "maybe" list: 

- black or purple wrap dress

black boatneck top (instead of the black silk blouse?) 

a striped tee? Or maybe this one

*And seriously, what about cardigans? I mostly wear them for warmth, not really for style, but I feel like it would be cheating to not count them. And can I really get away with one? And I've only include one dress. Do I need two dresses? What about a little jacket? Why are my clothes so boring? Why am I trying to fit skirts in when I don't really wear them much to begin with? Can I just wear a dusty gin sack and call it done?

To conclude, I thought I'd be starting this challenge today but I am woefully unprepared. I'm going to take some time to figure things out and I'll report back with the final list. 

Friday, January 20, 2017

Weekend Window Shopping: The Outfit That Would Fit My Mood.

I think the title is pretty self-explanatory. See y'all tomorrow at the Women's March?

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Adrien: Casual To A Fault.

Quick update to yesterday's post: I will definitely be doing a two-week micro wardrobe challenge thing! I'll post an update about it on Monday with my chosen wardrobe which will not include culottes.

Hey, look! It's another super lazy casual outfit. I wore this last Saturday for brunch and a movie:

My sweater is an Everlane cashmere v-neck which has been a really solid purchase. Everlane cashmere is good quality and now they have a crewneck version that's right at $100! I'm also wearing my favorite jeans - Fidelity Sola in Coronado wash. My cost-per-wear on these has been so good that I'm dying for another pair of Fidelity! This straight leg pair looks like a good deal and I love this worn-in cuffed pair. If Fidelity isn't in your budget I should point out that the lighter shades of the Old Navy Rockstar "Built-In Scupt" look pretty dang similar. 

I added a scarf for a bit of color and warmth and I think it helps make this outfit less boring. Mine is from Gap (I think?) but this one is way pretty and yaaaay for blue leopard print. Oh! And how cute is this feather print scarf? Under $20 too! On to details:

I kept it pretty simple with a Giles & Brother hook pendant which isn't available anymore but I do also love this G&B spike pendant and ooh, this is cute too! I'm also wearing my Lisa Freede bracelet which isn't online but this one by Vince Camuto is pretty similar and so is this one by Kenneth Jay Lane.

Hey look, my new Nike Junvenate trainers! I've worn them a few times and I totally love them. I'm also wearing a pair of black Bombas Invisibles (in the correct size this time) and they're completely invisible. The Juvenate is the perfect lightweight casual sneaker with a retro look. They come in a bunch of colors and textures - I really like this fleecy grey version but the dark olive green? Those are the best.

That's it! I promise the next one will be a bit more interesting. 

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

BUY THIS (So We Don't Have To): J.Crew Clearance Bargains!

J.Crew has a pretty decent sale going on but it ends tonight! 50% off select styles and an extra 40% off final sale styles with code GOSHOP. Use eBates for a downright insulting 1.5% cashback. Sizing is very limited and I'm not a big fan of final sale, but still. I mean, if you’re a fan of Liberty print and a size 4, could you please buy this blouse? It's so pretty! And this red leather iPhone case would make a nice little gift.

Mainly I just want to point out that the Downtown Field Jacket (which I have and love) is available in a canvas color that would be very perfect for spring:

With the sale code it rings in at $71.99. That's good deal! And look, I know this jacket is really popular but it's popular because it's good. (Also, the black one is even cheaper but it's nearly sold out.) I also think this little nugget is worth a look:

The Mini Rider Bag in leopard calfskin rings in at $89.99 after the code which is a lot better than paying retail. (Don't pay retail, y'all.) Finally, there isn't much final sale jewelry but I do think these earrings are awfully pretty:

They come in at $17.99 after the code! That isn't much money for so much fancy and I want you to be fancy because I care. Happy shopping! 

Micro Wardrobe Challenge?

A text convo I had with my friend Kate recently:

K: I am down with the concept of the capsule wardrobe and all, but I think this girl might be kind of an a-hole.

A: Her outfits make me want to punch her in the face.

K: Right? I totaled it up and it is about $2000 worth of clothes, before we ever get to accessories.

A: Oh holy shit. I do like her silver boots. And her little mop dog.

K: Yes, but maybe with different clothes? The whole thing makes me feel like I just do not get "fashion" anymore.

A: Yeah, no. Her outfits are weird. Here she's wearing that dress as a skirt. Where are the straps?

K: Maybe bunched up under the blouse? Who knows?

A: Is bullshit.

K: Total bullshit :)

A: I do like the concept though.

K: Me too. I basically wear the same couple of things all the time anyway, this would just give me an excuse for it. Like - "no, I'm not just wearing the same dirty jeans that I was wearing yesterday, this is my capsule wardrobe.”


K: Yes - totally legitimate, someone gave a TED talk about it.

A: That means it's a real thing, for sure. I should do this as a blog challenge. It would be hilarious.

K: You totally should.


Question for the readers: Is anyone interested in the travesty that would be my two week micro wardrobe challenge?

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Review: I Bought Nike Juvenate Sneakers.

My style has changed a lot we started this blog. I mean, my life has changed a lot and there's this thing that happens where you start really trying to make your outside reflect how you're feeling inside. My life changed so my style changed with it. One thing I've noticed in the last year or so is that I wear heels a lot less. I move fast and I need to not be held back so I gravitate towards shoes that please me aesthetically but can also keep up.

All this is to say that I started wearing sneakers as a style choice and man, I really like it. I used to be the girl who'd NEVER wear sneakers except to the gym but when people like Kim France is all, check out my awesome new Nikes, I pay attention. My Nike Internationalists were my gateway but I wanted something a bit sleeker. When wandering around the newly revamped Need Supply (which is kind of intimidating) last month I saw these:

Holy shit. They didn't have my size so I started search for them online and found a great post-Christmas deal at Macys. Done! Ordered. That deal is gone but luckily I found another one because I'm good that way. The the best deal online is at Finish Line (you have to put them in your cart to get the discount and then use SAVE20NOW for an extra 20% off, plus 3% cashback with eBates) but if you want them in the dreamy olive color you have to pay full price because fashion. Now, my actual review:

These are not gym sneakers, these are life sneakers. I love the way they look! The retro sleek black/white colorway is really appealing. I lightened up the picture so you can see that they're basically mesh over some kind of magic foam which makes them super lightweight and they pack flat, so they'd be great for travel. They feel like floaty slippers and are great to wear. I have no idea how they'll hold up but time will tell. 

They they have a sock liner so easy to wear without socks but I prefer them worn with my Bombas Invisibles because of one little detail: The pull tab on the back rubs my heel. It's a weird detail that I can't believe nobody else has complained about in reviews of this shoe but it's really the only small complaint I have. I'll post an outfit including my new Nikes later this week! 

Monday, January 16, 2017

Review: TONYMOLY Shiny Foot Super Peeling Liquid.

The things I do for you people. Show of hands, who's done a foot peel? I'd first heard about it when Baby Foot started getting really popular and the stories and reviews were fascinating and horrifying. So, obviously I had to try it for blog science. Baby Foot is the original and it's also kind of expensive but I read somewhere that the TONYMOLY Shiny Foot version was quite effective and it's waaaaay cheaper if you buy it on Amazon so that's what I did.

The package arrived a few weeks ago and it contains two plastic double-layer booties, two disturbing bags of liquid and a sample of foot cream. I decided it had to happen immediately so I followed the directions which involve putting on the booties (make sure to open both layers) and pouring the liquid in them. This step is COLD AND UNPLEASANTLY SQUISHY. I taped up the booties with the provided tabs and put socks over the whole thing so I could walk around. Then I sat on my ass for two hours while it brewed my feet. 

I rinsed as directed and used the foot cream and then I waited. For days. DAYS AND DAYS. The package claims the peeling will start in 4-6 days. This is a total lie. On day seven I was real mad because my feet looked exactly the same. Finally, on day nine I noticed some peeling action! Lizard feet! I'm now on day thirteen and things are REALLY GROSS Y'ALL. I am shedding skin like a lizard and I have to wear socks all the time. It's fascinating and gross and kind of wonderful? I don't know. I'm pretty into it. I've been soaking and gently exfoliating to move things along but trying not to mess with my feet too much. 

I'm hoping at the end of this I'll have baby unicorn feet because that's the goal, right? Anyway, I highly recommend TONYMOLY Shiny Foot Super Peeling Liquid if you want to have a fun yet horrifying foot experience. And if anyone has tried the Baby Foot version, please let me know if it's superior! 

Friday, January 13, 2017

Weekend Window Shopping: More TJ Maxx Handbags.

TJ Maxx can be such a good source for a cute handbag if you like to dig. If you don't, well, I've done the work for you. I found a bunch of great bags, both fancy and no-name brands, all under $150 because that isn't hard to do at TJ Maxx. Whee:

Thursday, January 12, 2017


HEY DID YOU MISS ME. I have more to say! This time about clothes and bags and shooooooes. Not a lotta spring/summer stuff on here because it's cold AF and I can't remember the sun. So I guess this is more my favorite stuff from the past 5-6 months ish.

Lucky Bashina Booties 
What more can I say about these? They are my dream bootie. I can, and have, walk all day in them, they look great with jeans and dresses, I love them so much I talk myself out of getting them in the stone color as well every day. (I already have stone perforated suede booties. I DO NOT NEED THEM).

BDG Seamed High Waist Skinny Jeans 
These are just great jeans. I actually cut a step hem into them like these and I get so many compliments on them. So cute with booties and heels now and I know they will show off wedges this spring.

Rebecca Minkoff Julian Fringe Backpack 
This was a Nordstrom Anniversary Sale buy and quickly became my favorite bag. You guys, backpacks are amazing, especially if you have kids or travel. I love that you can switch the closure up so that no one can unzip the zipper when it's on your back. And it's just super cute and unexpected.

Sanuk Fringe Sneakers
On the same fringe tip, I wear the hell out of these and always get compliments. As comfy as flip flops! [The underside of the fringe is pink! - Editor]

Penfield Kelsey Duffle Jacket 
We got a dog not too long ago and nothing like getting a dog in the middle of winter to show you how you don't have a real coat. I mean my wool coat doesn't even cover my wrists! FASHUN! My husband has a Penfield down coat and was getting sick of me stealing it, so I bought this one NWT off of Poshmark for $125--a steal. It is a REAL COAT. Warm, waterproof, with a warm fur lined hood and fleecey pockets. It is not sexy, it is made to keep you alive, and I am thankful for it. I sized up after reading the reviews and it's still snug but I blame my wine and cookie holiday diet on that more than anything. Two warm thumbs up.

Veronica Beard Romper 
Definitely not for everyone, but this romper has been a winner for me. It's fancy enough to work in a casual work environment or out to dinner and it's just so easy to wear. No tucking! Cute with sandals and then I wore straight into fall with a long bomber jacket (see below) and booties.

H&M Long Bomber Jacket (Mine is no longer available but this one is similar)
Maybe you, like me, like the bomber jacket trend but, again like me, have hips and an ass and small shoulders and they look just terrible on you. Well! I found a great jacket at H&M with bomber details at the neck and wrists in a matte olive that's very on brand for me, and it's just great. I wear the hell out of it when it's not freaking freezing outside.

Spanx Faux Leather Leggings 
Speaking of cold, these leggings are in my regular rotation this winter. I wear them with lots of things--flannel dresses, gin sweaters, they are super warm and a little more special than regular leggings.

Vince Silk Blouse 
(this is the exact one I have but there are similar ones online here and here.)
I bought this simple little blouse at TJ Maxx and promptly started wearing the hell out of it. Vince fits me so well and this is a great example of their style. Cut perfectly, flattering, simple, just a little sexy.

adidas Originals Stan Smith Sneaker 
I feel like a cliche but I just really love these shoes. I got the navy ones without stripes.

I'm sure I'm leaving out a million things I love that I'll remember tomorrow but I've already hit my blogging quota for 2017 so I'm out! MWAH.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Adrien: This Is What Happens.

So, something happens when I have too much time off and not enough to do in the real world. I start dressing like a hobo. I mean, I revel in dressing like a hobo. It comes on real easy and as the days progress I fall deeper into my sloth. On December 31st I threw on the same clothes I'd been wearing all week and looked in the mirror and was like, you know what? This is actually kind of cute and I took a selfie (like you do) which you can see on Instagram.  I also decided to photograph it for reals because why not:

Man, I love this striped shirt. It's from Grana (my referral link which will get you 10% off your first order) and I used credits for it (thanks!) but I'd happily have spent money on it. It's just the right amount of slouchy and is super comfortable. The colorway I'm wearing is gone but is still available in a short sleeve version

I added my favorite gin cardigan which is also from Grana and is unfortunately sold out, but the same color is available in a v-neck sweater. My jeans are an older pair from Banana Republic who isn't carrying any distressed denim right now. This pair is probably the closest, though, honestly? I'm crazy for this Madewell pair. They do such a good job with denim. For a tighter budget, Old Navy has a cute pair or two!  On to details: 

My garnet ring is a gift from Marianne and my Lisa Freede bracelet was a gift from Nina! I can't find either online, but this Vince Camuto bracelet is really similar to mine.  I'm also wearing my ancient J.Crew locket which is still one of my favorite necklaces though it's lost more than a few stones. This one at J.Crew looks like a good, if safe, replacement though I'm crazy about this weird House of Harlow piece. And hahahaha if money were no object. Yeah. Whew. 

My bag is my Cambridge Satchel Co Twist Lock satchel and it's always fun to carry when I need a smaller bag. Cambridge is having a really good sale right now! 40% off quite a few bags including the large pushlock in damson. If you want something similar but a bit more retro-cool, I am loving this little camera bag at Madewell

My sneakers are embarrassingly grubby but that's kind of the theme I'm working with today, right? They're Converse slip low and I love them except that they only look right worn without socks but I hate how they feel sockless. My solution is Bombas Invisibles which I'm wearing and which are totally visible because I bought a size too big. I have a smaller pair on the way because they are SO GOOD. Thin and comfortable with grippy stuff in the heel so they don't slip off. Yay for Bombas. And for sloth and comfort in general.

PS. Daniel stopped by to say hi. He's wearing his winter tabby striped suit, as per usual. It's NFS.