Thursday, January 12, 2017


HEY DID YOU MISS ME. I have more to say! This time about clothes and bags and shooooooes. Not a lotta spring/summer stuff on here because it's cold AF and I can't remember the sun. So I guess this is more my favorite stuff from the past 5-6 months ish.

Lucky Bashina Booties 
What more can I say about these? They are my dream bootie. I can, and have, walk all day in them, they look great with jeans and dresses, I love them so much I talk myself out of getting them in the stone color as well every day. (I already have stone perforated suede booties. I DO NOT NEED THEM).

BDG Seamed High Waist Skinny Jeans 
These are just great jeans. I actually cut a step hem into them like these and I get so many compliments on them. So cute with booties and heels now and I know they will show off wedges this spring.

Rebecca Minkoff Julian Fringe Backpack 
This was a Nordstrom Anniversary Sale buy and quickly became my favorite bag. You guys, backpacks are amazing, especially if you have kids or travel. I love that you can switch the closure up so that no one can unzip the zipper when it's on your back. And it's just super cute and unexpected.

Sanuk Fringe Sneakers
On the same fringe tip, I wear the hell out of these and always get compliments. As comfy as flip flops! [The underside of the fringe is pink! - Editor]

Penfield Kelsey Duffle Jacket 
We got a dog not too long ago and nothing like getting a dog in the middle of winter to show you how you don't have a real coat. I mean my wool coat doesn't even cover my wrists! FASHUN! My husband has a Penfield down coat and was getting sick of me stealing it, so I bought this one NWT off of Poshmark for $125--a steal. It is a REAL COAT. Warm, waterproof, with a warm fur lined hood and fleecey pockets. It is not sexy, it is made to keep you alive, and I am thankful for it. I sized up after reading the reviews and it's still snug but I blame my wine and cookie holiday diet on that more than anything. Two warm thumbs up.

Veronica Beard Romper 
Definitely not for everyone, but this romper has been a winner for me. It's fancy enough to work in a casual work environment or out to dinner and it's just so easy to wear. No tucking! Cute with sandals and then I wore straight into fall with a long bomber jacket (see below) and booties.

H&M Long Bomber Jacket (Mine is no longer available but this one is similar)
Maybe you, like me, like the bomber jacket trend but, again like me, have hips and an ass and small shoulders and they look just terrible on you. Well! I found a great jacket at H&M with bomber details at the neck and wrists in a matte olive that's very on brand for me, and it's just great. I wear the hell out of it when it's not freaking freezing outside.

Spanx Faux Leather Leggings 
Speaking of cold, these leggings are in my regular rotation this winter. I wear them with lots of things--flannel dresses, gin sweaters, they are super warm and a little more special than regular leggings.

Vince Silk Blouse 
(this is the exact one I have but there are similar ones online here and here.)
I bought this simple little blouse at TJ Maxx and promptly started wearing the hell out of it. Vince fits me so well and this is a great example of their style. Cut perfectly, flattering, simple, just a little sexy.

adidas Originals Stan Smith Sneaker 
I feel like a cliche but I just really love these shoes. I got the navy ones without stripes.

I'm sure I'm leaving out a million things I love that I'll remember tomorrow but I've already hit my blogging quota for 2017 so I'm out! MWAH.


  1. I have those leggings! The faux leather ones! They are awesome -- so much fun!

  2. Thanks Marianne! We are glad to have your updates! I just need to work up to paying the price of the coconut hair product but I really want it.

  3. Yes we miss you, you and Adrien made a good team. Come back!


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