Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Review: I Bought Nike Juvenate Sneakers.

My style has changed a lot we started this blog. I mean, my life has changed a lot and there's this thing that happens where you start really trying to make your outside reflect how you're feeling inside. My life changed so my style changed with it. One thing I've noticed in the last year or so is that I wear heels a lot less. I move fast and I need to not be held back so I gravitate towards shoes that please me aesthetically but can also keep up.

All this is to say that I started wearing sneakers as a style choice and man, I really like it. I used to be the girl who'd NEVER wear sneakers except to the gym but when people like Kim France is all, check out my awesome new Nikes, I pay attention. My Nike Internationalists were my gateway but I wanted something a bit sleeker. When wandering around the newly revamped Need Supply (which is kind of intimidating) last month I saw these:

Holy shit. They didn't have my size so I started search for them online and found a great post-Christmas deal at Macys. Done! Ordered. That deal is gone but luckily I found another one because I'm good that way. The the best deal online is at Finish Line (you have to put them in your cart to get the discount and then use SAVE20NOW for an extra 20% off, plus 3% cashback with eBates) but if you want them in the dreamy olive color you have to pay full price because fashion. Now, my actual review:

These are not gym sneakers, these are life sneakers. I love the way they look! The retro sleek black/white colorway is really appealing. I lightened up the picture so you can see that they're basically mesh over some kind of magic foam which makes them super lightweight and they pack flat, so they'd be great for travel. They feel like floaty slippers and are great to wear. I have no idea how they'll hold up but time will tell. 

They they have a sock liner so easy to wear without socks but I prefer them worn with my Bombas Invisibles because of one little detail: The pull tab on the back rubs my heel. It's a weird detail that I can't believe nobody else has complained about in reviews of this shoe but it's really the only small complaint I have. I'll post an outfit including my new Nikes later this week! 

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