Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Micro Wardrobe Challenge?

A text convo I had with my friend Kate recently:

K: I am down with the concept of the capsule wardrobe and all, but I think this girl might be kind of an a-hole.

A: Her outfits make me want to punch her in the face.

K: Right? I totaled it up and it is about $2000 worth of clothes, before we ever get to accessories.

A: Oh holy shit. I do like her silver boots. And her little mop dog.

K: Yes, but maybe with different clothes? The whole thing makes me feel like I just do not get "fashion" anymore.

A: Yeah, no. Her outfits are weird. Here she's wearing that dress as a skirt. Where are the straps?

K: Maybe bunched up under the blouse? Who knows?

A: Is bullshit.

K: Total bullshit :)

A: I do like the concept though.

K: Me too. I basically wear the same couple of things all the time anyway, this would just give me an excuse for it. Like - "no, I'm not just wearing the same dirty jeans that I was wearing yesterday, this is my capsule wardrobe.”


K: Yes - totally legitimate, someone gave a TED talk about it.

A: That means it's a real thing, for sure. I should do this as a blog challenge. It would be hilarious.

K: You totally should.


Question for the readers: Is anyone interested in the travesty that would be my two week micro wardrobe challenge?


  1. Here's my vote for your 2-week micro wardrobe challenge!
    Also, are culottes really back? They've been creeping back in for a season or two. I'm not ready for that.

  2. Please do the challenge, if only because I'd like to see it done with a wardrobe that isn't overrun with culottes.


    Those silver boots were fire, though.

  3. I don't even own culottes, you guys!

    1. I think sequined joggers would fulfill the same sensible-fashion-blogger-goes-to-work clothing option role.

  4. I vote yes.

    (First time commenter, about which I feel bad because I really enjoy reading your posts and usually end up snapping up your suggestions, all SWF here in OH.)

  5. Does it surprise you that I like her outfits? It doesn't, does it.

  6. It does not. But you know I'm a slow-adapter. Culottes 2018!!

    1. If they worked on my body type I'd wear them in a hot second. I love all of these!

    2. I like her shoes! And the jeans. And her hair. I might just be jealous.

  7. I would totally read that, if only because I read anything you post because I like your writing. Also I wear the same stuff all the time so maybe inspiration?

  8. Huh, I do this already. I wear business casual to work and jeans any other time. Also my main wardrobe colors are blue, black, grey, and green. Maybe 1 or 2 purple shirts and 1 red shirt. I should send you a pic of my closet. It is SUPER boring! I have a shit ton of accessories that I do not wear because I wear the same rings and bracelets and necklace everyday. But you have much prettier blouses so I would love to see you play around for 2 weeks!

  9. Yez plz. For ourz entertainment.

    Luv lolzcatz.

  10. I would totally read your micro capsule thoughts!

  11. Does she live in California? Otherwise, I'd like to see those silver boots after a walk through winter slush.

    A few of the photos look like modernized versions of Friends outfits, which is new again obvs. in a minimalist sort of way. My favorite thing about those photos is the lurking dog in the background. I love a showboating-photobombing pet.

  12. I think capsule wardrobes and "uniform" dressing is interesting! But I think a month is not a long time to do it unless you limit yourself to like five items. ;) I'm thinking of getting myself a uniform anyway. Just the types of clothes I like best in a few variations, on a similar colour scheme for mixing and matching, and then never worrying again. Trouble is of course that I can never seem to find the stuff I want in shops.

  13. Yes to micro capsule. No to culottes

  14. Totally interested in the 2 week challenge!


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