Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Adrien: Definitely A Favorite.

When I did my favorite purchases post I was surprised to discover that I'd only worn my Loft utility blouse in one outfit post. Consider that corrected: 

How many of these blouses can I own before it becomes a problem? I currently have two and they are getting a lot of wear. I mean, I love my Everlane silk but they require hand-washing and ironing and... maybe I just learned something about myself. High maintenance doesn't work for me. Loft Utility blouses are so easy and they come in a bunch of colors and cute patterns. I currently have my eye on this tulip print and there are a couple of nice solid colors that are now $15.88. Just saying. 

Daniel says hi! I'm wearing my favorite blouse with my J.Crew twill utility pants and wow, I have a lot of utility going in one outfit. I do like an olive green skinny pant, though. J.Crew is fresh out of utility but this pair at Macy's looks nearly identical and this Blank NYC pair looks good too.  If you want to be fancy (and who doesn't?) I love this Joie pair A LOT.

Because I can't resist ruining everything, I threw on my beloved and oversized Eileen Fisher cardigan. It's a workhorse and very warm and I wear it a lot. EF is expensive but easy to find on sale. This grey one looks pretty nice and I love the drape of this dark green version. And ooh, this one is nice if you wear a size small (they run rull big.) If you're looking for something less spendy, this Gap cardigan looks very cozy! On to details: 

The necklace on the top is a great little nugget I got in the last Madewell sale, the Asteroid pavé necklace. It's perfect when you want just a little something sparkly. The one below it is my House of Harlow mini pavé sunburst pendant. I also doubled up on bracelets, wearing my rose gold Bijouone screw cuff and my Lisa Freede hinged cuff (which I can't find online but this one is similar!)

My bag is a very old MBMJ mag bag in fool's gold. They pop up on eBay* occasionally and there is a larger Faridah in fool's gold for a good price right now. In the land of new, this gold Kors bag is exactly the right color and this under $30 gold satchel is a good cheap 'n cheerful option. 

Finally, my shoes. They're Chie Mihara and there is no real comparison but this pair of red mary janes is pretty dang cute and these aren't bad either. But really, Chies are the best

*Not my auction! Ask questions!


  1. Those Chies are so purty! (Autocorrect wanted me to say 'those chips are so party!')

  2. That tulip print has your name all over it!

  3. I think I need to check out those LOFT utility blouses... Looks like a great work option for me. (As my work environment is pretty casual.)


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