Monday, November 28, 2016

Adrien: Cyber Monday Is Still Monday.

And, it's Monday again. I had a really nice super-long Thanksgiving weekend and was pretty lazy about blog stuff. Today I could compile a really crazy list of Cyber Monday sale specials for you but I'm guessing you're already hyperventilating from the eleventy million sale emails you woke up to, so here's what I'll do. If there's a sale associated with something I'm wearing or writing about, I'll tell you about it in a little list at the bottom. Whee. Okay, this is from last week:

This is my new LOFT blouse and I've worn it three times since I bought it, which means it was a solid purchase. Comfortable, washable, freaking adorable. This style also comes in a variety of solid colors and a squirrel print. Squirrel print! I should just buy that already. My cardigan is a pretty basic style from Banana Republic that's nearly sold out but this one is pretty similar and claims to have beading. There's also this one which is fine too. Way to be just kind of okay, Banana. 

Here I am staring at my shoes, I guess? (I'll talk about those in a minute.) My jeans are Madewell high-rise coated skinnies and I know I keep raving about them but I just wear them ALL THE TIME now. They're the greatest. And crap they are out of stock (except one size in tall) and I AM SORRY. The regular high rise skinny jeans are great and I'm sure the coated will come back. In the meantime, this Pilco pair is pretty cute with the laced sides, right? And H&M has a pair under $40! On to details:

My bag is an old Andrea Brueckner that I bought on eBay. They're hard to find now and I'm glad I held onto this one. It reminds of me a Mulberry Bayswater though this Botkier Valentina Satchel is also a good similar style! 

And finally, my clogs. They're Lotta From Stockholm high t-bar clogs in aubergine and you can get them on eBay or direct from Lotta. They have a new version with black wood soles, which I like a lot. Like, a LOT. Too bad. 

My Very Incomplete Cyber Monday Sale List:

Anthropologie: Extra 30% OFF sale items & free ship 150+ with code STACKS. (1% cash back w/eBates)

Banana Republic: 50% off everything (added automatically) with no exclusions. (10% cash back w/eBates)

H&M: 20% off your order of $30+ with code 5144. 25% off your order of $50+ with code 0275.
30% off your order of $100+ with code 8284.

LOFT: Free shipping and 50% off everything with code CYBERMONDAY. (6% cash back w/eBates)

Lotta From Stockholm: 15% off everything with code BLACKFRIDAY16.

Madewell: Extra 25% off your entire purchase with code CYBERMONDAY. (4.5% cash back w/eBates)

Need Supply: Extra 25% off In-Store and Online with code CYBERMONDAY. (2.5% cash back w/eBates)

6PM: Extra 15% off your order with code CYBERMON (Great for House of Harlow and Giles & Brother deals!)

eBates: I've included eBates cash back info for each and here's a list of 600 stores that are giving double cash back today!


  1. Is it okay for me to wear skinny jeans during the work week if I dance them up a bit?

    1. I do it all the time! (See above.) The trick is to wear dark colors and hide the pockets.


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