Monday, November 7, 2016

We Talk About Shopping And Stuff.

A: You might like this:

A: I got the green stripe. Sleeves are extry long and it skims nicely.

M: Oh nice!

A: Also got the zip pocket jogger. Not flattering but real comfy. Keeping.

M: I'm starting to think v-necks or scoop necks are most flattering on me.

A: Me too, but I can't resist a striped boatneck.

M: Makes me busty af.

A: This one is good. More lounge wear than out, but flattering.

M: I ordered a black long sleeved t-shirt from Nordstrom. Got (in the packaging for the tee)...this.

M: I can't even find it at Nordstrom.

A: Well. Huh.

M: Chris was alarmed.

A: Heh.

M: I had a moment of wait did I order this? Am I having a stroke?

A: You went drunk shopping with Gwen Stefani.

M: Haaaaaa yes.

M: I tried it on and Chris goes oh no I do NOT like that.

M: And he never ever comments on my clothes.

A: Oh, shit!

M: It felt bad. So rough and weird.

A: Nordstrom should come to your house and offer you both counseling.

M: I had to call customer service.

M: She was like huh.

M: It didn't even have a Nordstrom tag on it!

M: She's like this is new.

M: But I do love their customer service.

A: Ha! That is real weird.

A: But yeah, I love Nordstrom.

M: She said I could take it to a store.

M: And I was like listen if they put a Nordstrom here I would go all the time.

M: "I'll make a note of that"

A: Ha! Good work. We have a tiny mini Nordstrom. Nordstrom Lite.

M: Jelly.

A: It's in Short Pump, so you REALLY have to want things to go there.

M: Honestly I would still rather order online.

A: Yep.


  1. I heart Nordstrom. But this is...weird.

  2. I got my 12 year old the zip pocket joggers from Old Navy and now I need to get her and her bestie like 3 more pairs each. They are washing and wearing so damn well between the 2 of them...