Monday, November 21, 2016

Adrien: This Old Thing.

I have some things in my closet that have been there for years that I should probably reconsider but eh, the things that make the cut year after year are there for a reason. This dress is one of those things:

It's BCBG and I've worn it quite a bit on the blog. I like BCBG day dresses for their crazy prints and easy washability. This blue print wrap dress is really vibrant and pretty and this kimono style print dress is a bit crazy, but in a fun way. And this paisley print dress isn't for everyone, but for the right person? Amazing. 

Oh, and maybe you want a little snakeskin dress of your very own? I've found some great one-off selections. This French Connection dress (size 2) is gorgeous, this Cut25 dress (XS, M) is just super cool, this Hale Bob dress (M) is really interesting and wearable and this Julia Jordan sheath (size 14) is both snakey and work appropriate. 

Over my dress I'm wearing my favorite old knit tuxedo jacket from the Gap, though I've been wanting an upgraded version for awhile. Banana Republic currently has a tuxedo blazer that I've got my eye on and J.Crew has a nice one as well but it needs to go on sale. Like, a lot on sale. And hey, if you want an inexpensive version, check out this one at H&M!  Details: 

I'm wearing an Alexis Bittar cocktail ring (similar to this one but not as amazing as this one), my encrusted Giles & Brother cortina bracelet and a funky chain pendant from Banana

My blue MBMJ Globetrotter Kirsten bag got so much love on IG recently! It's a really fun bag and every now and then one pops up on eBay.  In the meantime, this MJ Recruit hobo would make a great substitute and this NM bag is an under-$30 dead ringer

Boots! These are my Vince Camuto ankle boots that are a knockoff of Rag & Bone Newburys. My pair is sold out but the VC Helyn style looks very similar and they're on sale! Just saying. 


  1. The dress is fab. That rare work-friendly mix of interesting and respectable. I think you're right to make it a keeper.

    Btw, I thought you might like to know that you share a dress style with Canada's Environment minister: (and one announcing Earth-friendly news, too).

    1. Heeeeyyyy, my favorite dress! That's really cool. :)


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