Thursday, March 31, 2011

Tomorrow We'll Talk About Physics.

A: Check this out:

A: I know he's not your thing, but only the power of a crazy-nice handbag could distract me from Daniel Craig.

M: He looks better there, maybe because his scary eyes are covered up. That Alexa leaps off the screen.

A: Right? I was like "oh, it's Dani...ALEXA."

A: I love his scary eyes.

M: He looks like he has a thyroid disorder.


M: I just looked at a million pictures of him and I only find him reasonably attractive with sunglasses on.  Okay looking:

Not so much:

A: You are crazy. That second photo made me want to crawl into the internet and undress him. Virtually.

M: Barf.

A: I also really like him all beat up and dirty:

A: I'm sorry, I can't explain it. It's not that I think he's "cute" or "handsome" its more that I want to get primal with him. He's very...masculine. Very. Masculine.

M: His face makes me uncomfortable! I don't know.

A: Plus, bitch can wear the hell out of a suit:

M: He looks okay there. Something about his hair freaks me out.

A: Yeah, I'm really looking at his hair.

A: This might make you more uncomfortable:

It certainly makes me feel funny.

M: Ugh. He's just so BEEFY. And that is not a compliment.

A: Well, but that was for a role. I don't think that's his every-day awesomeness.

M: Really, you should be happy that I'm not out to steal your dream man. Unlike my ex-husband Liev.

A: That's fine, it works out all around. I think my man wears a suit better than Liev. Just saying.

M: Um, I don't really need Liev to wear anything. So.

A: Oh, touché

Marianne: I was dreaming when I wrote this.

Do you ever dream about what you're wearing? Just me?
I dreamed I was wearing this outfit, so, you know. I mean, it was normal, not a banana suit, so I went with it.
In retrospect it kind of has a lot going on, but I think it mostly works. I bought this denim shirt at the Gap 10 years ago for $8 off the clearance rack and I love it. I wear it like a denim jacket but I like that it's not as bulky.
Dress: Fit and Flare Dress, Land's End Canvas
Belt: LOFT
Scarf: Echo
Shirt: Gap
Boots: vintage Justin

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Adrien: I Just Really Like It, OKAY.

I'm so in love with this dumb giant necklace, you guys. I LOVE IT. It's big and heavy and fun to play with even though it'll make your fingers smell a little like metal. Worth it. I wore it with my usual striped shirt/red shoes combo because I wanted to be all French-ish. (You know what would look cute with this? That damn trench coat I returned.) And then I found this photo on the Harper's Bazaar website and well, yes.

ANYWAY, here you go:

t-shirt: Ann Taylor Striped Sailor shirt
necklace: Ann Taylor Statement Tassel 
trouser jeans: Paige Premium (similar)
jacket: Gap (similar)
shoes: Chie Mihara (similar)
bag: Rebecca Minkoff MAM

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Marianne: Me and My Shadow.

When I got home from work, I wanted to change into yoga pants, so I quickly set up my camera to fire off a couple of outfit shots right away. I fiddled with the camera to try and get the settings right, turned around, and saw this:
She said "Take mah pikcha!" And then I died. She stayed right there the whole time.
And yeah, I should probably apologize for wearing this dang jacket again. Didn't I say that I really, really needed it? I promise I'll take a break tomorrow.
I overslept this morning, hence the hastily done hair and the scarf I blindly grabbed. I thought it worked in a "pattern mixing" kind of way...but now I'm not as sure. What do you think?
Dress: Kimchi Blue (similar here)
Scarf: Echo (similar here)
Jacket: Doki Geki
Leggings: Loft Ponte Leggings (similar here)
Boots: Charles David Rowdy (similar here)

Monday, March 28, 2011

Marianne: Bags.

It happens every spring. I go all winter pretty content with my limited bag collection, and then spring hits and I lose my mind a little.

It all started with this:
Which kinda sorta reminded me of my much coveted Mullberry Alexa, except, you know, almost affordable.
Mulberry at ShopStyle
Also in the kinda sorta range is the Minkoff Beloved:
Rebecca Minkoff at ShopStyle
But then things went off the rails because I found THIS. And THIS (The Proenza Schouler PS1) made me fall flat on my face and say curse words because IT IS EVEN MORE THAN THE ALEXA DAMN IT ALL TO HELL.
Proenza Schouler at ShopStyle
So I tried to reign myself in. A friend has the Minkoff Admirer, and it's really nice. A great size, a nice neutral color. BUT who wants neutral when you can have an insane yellow bag that costs a mortgage payment?
Rebecca Minkoff at ShopStyle
And then there is the dadgum Marc Jacobs Petal To The Metal Natasha, which I have stupid loved since the moment I laid eyes on it. And I still love it, even though birds are passe and it's really hard to find.
Marc by Marc Jacobs at ShopStyle
Sigh. So many pretty bags. Wanty want want want.

P.S. If you'd like to score a ridiculous deal on some really pretty bags yourself, mosey on over here.

Adrien: Tassled and Confused.

When shopping, one thing I tend to forget about is how the right accessories can really change up an old outfit. A scarf or necklace never feels as valuable a purchase as, say, a dress, but the difference the right accessory can make is huge.

So, last night when I was in Ann Taylor (extra 40% off of sale stuff! 30% off all jewelry!) I fondled, again, this necklace which I've had my eye on since it hit the store weeks ago. I just couldn't keep my hands off it.  But it seemed so ridiculously over-sized that I'd never bothered to try it on. Then I did. Now it's mine:

dress: Banana Republic
sad cardigan: Gap Shirred Shoulder Cardigan
necklace: Ann Taylor Statement Tassel Necklace
boots: Frye Tina Campus (similar)
bag: Coach Mia (similar)
trench: Banana Republic Classic Trench
scarf: Ann Taylor Wild Leopard Luxe Scarf

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Marianne: Bad Hair.

I'm burying this on a Sunday, because this is really just for Adrien, who thinks that I was kidding when I tweeted that I could never live at the beach because my hair looks so terrible there.

This was MILD.
In this picture I'm trying to explain just HOW big it gets.
So now you see why I ended up with my hair in braids.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Two Men and a Truck.


image: The Sartorialist

A: I don't even care what he's wearing.

M: Oh, HI.

But...I am pretty sure he's wearing a smock made out of furniture moving blankets.

A: He is, but look how his shoulders (don't quite) fill out that moving blanket!

M: I need you to think long and hard about how he puts that on. Is it a pullover? Button up the back? And whats up with the decorative buttons?

A: Oh, I'm really thinking more about him taking it off. I'll cut him out of it if that's what it requires.

M: I am sorry. I am fully distracted by this coat....thing now. And the buttons! THE BUTTONS, ADRIEN.

A: Buttons? Look at THAT FACE.

M: All I can see is this:

A: Good lord, what the hell is wrong with you? Just BLUR YOUR EYES, MARIANNE. The buttons will hit the floor after I run my scissors through his moving blanket tunic! Then later I'll wear his jaunty scarf because it smells like him.

M: I'm sorry. I am broken.

A: Shhh, I'm mentally sliding my hands up under that tunic blanket coat. Sorry, is that TMI?

Wait, one of the commenters thinks he's wearing a jacket backwards. And oh my, maybe I change my mind about him:

Oh buddy, no:

M: I was just about to send you this:

He looks incredibly wee.

A: Did we just send each other the same photo? He's a hobbit, dude.

M: Jinx!

Yes! Clearly we are sharing a brain. Except your half thought he was hotter.

I will admit that my half thought he had a nice face, but now I know he could fit in my pocket, so.

A: The tiny-ness just kills it for me. I don't need a pocket man.

M: Can we just go back to talking about this?

A: YES. Did you tell the blog your story? I think you need to.

M: Oh! Well. He lived in my neighborhood in NY. For several weeks we would run into each other in shops, street corners, everywhere. Then one afternoon I walked into a bodega, he saw me and started laughing, and I told him that he had to stop stalking me. I don't understand why we aren't married? Or didn't make out. He is dreamy and tall, unlike Paul Rudd. Who I also have a story about. But that's for another day.

A: *sigh* I can't believe you didn't marry him on the spot. ON THE SPOT. Or at least make out. I mean, come on.

M: If I could go back in time and smack myself, I would.

A: So would I, dude. I mean, you had Liev Schreiber's FULL UNDIVIDED ATTENTION. And, you made him laugh! You were IN.

M: Really why didn't I just jump up on him and squeal "WE ARE MARRRREEEEEEEED!"

A: I think the key phrase there is "jump up" because he's so tall and broad. I'm crying now.

M: I am crying harder.

A: I'm telling.

M: We were meant to be.

A: I'm telling YOUR HUSBAND.

M: He will be like, "DUH. I'd hit that."*

*no, he would not.



*because then I would tell Kenny.


M: I'm glad we can agree to not tell our husbands about our pretend affairs with a celebrity.

A: I'm pretty sure mine doesn't even read the blog.

M: I'm not sure mine could tell you the title with a gun to his head.

A: I'll bet Liev would read it.

M: I bet he already DOES. Sigh.

A: Igor would too.

M: Of course he is named Igor. I need to lay down.

A: Me too.

Marianne: My Adrien Dress.

I only bought two things while I was on vacation, and the first was this dress. I was racing through the local Marshall's with my mom in a frantic search for a hat for Lulu when I mentioned that I really wanted a stripey t-shirt dress or tunic this spring. Then I turned a corner and literally ran into this dress. The only one in the my size...for $20. It was love.
And I do mean love. I love the length, the perfectly spaced stripes, and the sleeves. And I also love that it's a total Adrien dress. It makes me feel fancy.

It is just exactly what I wanted to pair with my new jacket, some simple sandals, and aviators.
Afterwards, I also wished for a million dollars and a pony, but no dice. Dang.
Dress: French Connection (Similar here and here)
Jacket: Doki Geki
Tote: anthropologie (similar bright floral totes here and here)
Sandals: Ann Taylor (similar here)

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Marianne: Where have I been?

I know. My posting went from sporadic, random, but at least twice a week, to pretty much nothing. But I've been busy doing this:

And this:

And a lot, lot, lot of this:

Here is where I would make a crack about being horrified by that picture and not believing that I've put a picture of myself in a bathingsuit on the internet, if I did that sort of thing. Ahem. Instead, here is someone who is very confident in how she looks in a bathingsuit:

P.S. Top bathingsuit is an old one from J. Crew, bottom bathingsuit is the wonderful Jantzen Vamp. Sarong is from Hawaii. Lu's bathingsuit is also Jantzen.