Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Marianne: Kismet Clogs

When last I left you, I was on the hunt for some clogs. Not just clogs, THE clogs. The one pair of clogs that I felt would somehow make my wardrobe complete. The problem is, everything I found was either wildly out of my price range, entirely too high, or too dowdy to be considered.
Until the heavens opened and I joined forces with the wonderful, delicious people at Miz Mooz. After reading of my plight, they asked if I might be interested in trying a pair of their beautiful Rain Clogs, and I pretty much made a complete ass of myself scrambling to accept their generous offer. And y'all, they are everything I was looking for.
Just the right shade of light brown, just the right heel height, and you guys already know how much I love my Miz Mooz Hazel sandals. These clogs are every bit as comfortable. I am in love.
In the brief time I wore the ill fated red traditional Swedish clogs, I found them very loud and clompy, and they put a lot of pressure on the top of my foot. The Miz Mooz clogs are perfectly balanced and feel remarkably light for such a substantial shoe. The leather is soft, but still sturdy, and the padded footbed is a welcome change from the wooden insole.
I really think I will wear these all spring and into summer and fall. They are the perfect shoe to transition from wearing boots all the time. So, yeah, I'm gushing, but they are great shoes and so reasonably priced for the quality.
My outfit is really only so-so, but here are the details if you're curious. By the way, am I hopelessly out with my footless tights? I love them in the spring and they make short dresses more work appropriate. I trust you guys to tell me if I look like a dork.
dress: Kimchi Blue (similar here)
shirt: Gap (similar here)
tights: Assets
bag: Tigianello (similar here)
Become a fan of Miz Mooz on Facebook and enter their sweepstakes! For every 1000 fans, they give away a pair of their excellent shoes. Full disclosure: Miz Mooz sent me these clogs, but my opinions are my own. I love, love, love them, and I would have paid full price for them!


  1. I've had my eye on a couple of pairs of clogs but haven't actually broken down and made a purchase yet. I do like those, but suspect they are out of my price range. :(

    I've always liked the look of footless tights too, so I'm anxiously awaiting the results of your informal poll.

  2. I love the clogs.

    I just started wearing footless tights, so as far as I'm concerned, they're still in.

  3. Those are gorgeous. I also love Miz Mooz and now I am coveting these clogs.

  4. The outfit is adorable, and the Rains look perfect!! Thanks Marianne!!

  5. Much better than the red clogs, very cute! I wear footless tights, which I (probably inaccurately) refer to as leggings.