Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Marianne: Warby Parker Reviews and Questions

I recently had to get glasses to wear when on the computer and reading. While I still have 20/20 vision, I was noticing that I had to make an effort to focus my eyes by the end of the day and was told I have some focus issues. Which...yeah. My college advisor just did a fist pump and doesn't even know why.

Anyway, I bought some glasses from the optometrist that I'll show you in another post, but I also placed an order for a Warby Parker home try-on. If you wear glasses, or even if you don't, you've probably heard of Warby Parker. Their home try-on program is a great way to try on a bunch of cute glasses in the comfort of your home, for free.

The glasses arrived in this cool fabric box. It took a while for them to come, which customer service warned me about in advance, due to demand.
Inside, five pairs of glasses. Even if you only select 3, they will send you 5 to try on.
Each pair is handily labeled as such:
And so, I started trying them on. First up was the Webb Dark Tortoise Matte. Right out of the packaging I hated the way the matte plastic finish felt, and I didn't love how it looked either.

Next, the Colton Black Crystal Bilaminate. I liked the finish on these a lot more, and the shape is fun. Note that the lenses on these have an almost green tint/sheen. I think this is to prevent you keeping them for yourself.

Here are the Miles Black. I like that these have the look of chunkier, classic black horn-rimmed glasses, but they are a bit more delicate. I like these a lot more in the pictures than I did in person.

Next, the Japhy Dark Tortoise. These were one of my favorite pairs in person, but I don't love them as much in pictures.

Lastly, the Huxley Dark Tortoise. The greenish sheen on these was really pronounced and made it hard to get a good picture. These are the heaviest of the glasses I tried, and I liked them a lot more than I expected.

One thing is worth noting, none of these felt as nice as the much more expensive glasses I bought from my optician. Duh, I know. But for $95 a pop, these are a great deal. I just can't decide which to go with, and to make matters worse, Warby Parker just debuted their new 2011 collection. So, of course, I'm taking it to the internet. What do you think? Do you like any of the glasses I tried on above? Or maybe you think I'm doing this all wrong and should try another style?

Disclosure: Warby Parker has no idea who I am and does the free at-home try on for whoever wants it. You should order some today!


  1. I think some of those look a little too big for your face (don't hate me!). You have such a delicate looking face that I think smaller frames would look nice. Also, you have such a fun sense of style and you do color so well, for a cheaper pair I might go with a fun and funky color -- like red or purple.

  2. The Japhy Dark Tortoise for sure!

  3. I agree with MadameQueen. That green tint is to reduce glare that's hard on your eyes, but it photographs horribly. You pay extra for it too.

  4. I like both the Miles Black and the Japhy on you.

  5. I knew some of you would hate them. Be aware that the glasses I actually bought are smaller and probably fit my face loads better. I just need a backup pair and wanted to do something bigger and a little different.

  6. I like the Japhy Dark Tortoise. Really cute!

  7. I'm so glad you did this review! My husband and I are both due for new glasses, and we'd wondered about Warby Parker. It's good to have confirmation that the quality isn't as high as glasses from the optician (which I also expected).

    Of these options, I like the Japhy Dark Tortoise best on you, but I look forward to seeing your smaller ones because I usually go for narrower frames myself.

    Do you happen to know if it's possible to order glasses from Warby Parker without the tint? I'm a graphic designer and can't wear lenses that mess with my perception of color. Thanks so much!

  8. Hi Mollee! I checked with Warby Parker and they added the green tint to the try-on glasses. The glasses you actually buy from them are made with high quality clear lenses. You should order yourself a home try-on! The main difference from the high end Kate Spade glasses I bought was a quality to the acrylic frames, no spring hinges, etc.

  9. I love the Miles and the Huxley though to be honest I like all of them on you! I love glasses and have meant to order some try on pairs from Warby Parker. THis is a good reminder!

  10. I just bought these glasses and they're great! Great prices, great service and great glasses. By the way all the glasses have that green tint even my own prescription pair.