Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Your Questions, We Answer (more of) Them.

How did you guys decide to start writing a blog like this? Was it just so simple as "we dress awesome, and others need to know it!"?

A: Ha! I don't really think I dress that awesome, but I remember we were both disgruntled with a lot of the style blogs out there. We want to see good everyday style without the coy poses and bullshit. So we thought, why not do our own blog?

M: What Adrien said, plus we already emailed back and forth a lot about clothes and our outfits and eventually we were like, "Duh."

Marianne, When are you going to post more outfits? I love most of Adrien's outfits, but my body shape is more like yours! It really helps me out to see you in outfits.

M: Oh, geez, I'm sorry y'all. I am trying to post two outfits a week. I leave really early for work and have to take my own pictures with the self-timer, and sometimes it just doesn't happen. Even more often, my outfit is a complete repeat or really boring, but I will try and be more diligent.

How many photos do you actually take for an outfit-of-the-day post? Just the 3-5 that we see, or more? Any chance of seeing some of the rejects?

A: Many, many photos are taken. MANY. Seriously, I think maybe 15-20 photos for every outfit. We occasionally show outtakes!

M: For me, since I do have to usually take my own pictures, I usually only take 5-6, and post 3-4 of those. If I don't post it, it's because I accidentally cut off half my body, or a look inhuman. If Chris takes my picture, he'll take more like 20.

Where do you guys live? How does that influence the clothing you wear?

A: I live in Central Virginia where there are 28 non-consecutive seasons. It makes dressing a challenge, so I tend to dress for the weather more than for the season.

M: I live in East Tennessee, and our seasons are remarkably similar. I try to check the weather every morning before I get dressed.

How long does it take you to pick out your daily outfits, on average? And do you pick out your outfits in the morning or the night before?

A: Sometimes I know the evening before but mostly I like to wait until the very last second when I have about 10 minutes to figure it out. Panic!

M: When I looked over the outfits from last year, the ones I liked best were planned out the night before. I am rarely 100% happy with an outfit I throw on at the last second. It's either a boring repeat, or ill-advised.

How many pairs of shoes and handbags do you both own?

A: My number is addressed in this entry.

M: Not as many as you might think. Fewer than 10 bags (and that include cheapy canvas bags, etc). I need to count my shoes!

How do you organize your closets? I know that's really dumb to ask (and possibly creepy) but I'm a disaster and figure you guys are pros at this. Right?

A: We've both posted closet re-organizations! Mine is here.

M: And mine is here.

How many shoes do you own? and do you share stuff?

A: My numbers are here and it's not as many as you think. We live in different states and wear different sizes, so not a lot of sharing.

M: We can't share much but really that makes us better shopping companions. I have sent Adrien shoes that were a half size too big, and she's sent me shoes that are a half size too small. That's handy.

Have you noticed any changes in your style choices since starting your blog?

A: Absolutely. I've realized that I generally look and feel better in more structured, less whimsical clothes. And that I tend to wear the same general look over and over.

M: It's helped me solidify some changes in my personal style. Less whimsy, for sure. And it's made me think more about accessories, an area I generally fail in.


  1. Thanks for taking the time to answer questions.

    I really appreciate that you asked for questions for the giveaway (congrats, Meg!) instead of the usual "tell us what you'd get if you win" prompt.

    Also, that is one of the things I love about you guys' blog- no b.s., i.e. ridiculous poses and I-take-myself-so-seriously facial expressions. ESPECIALLY thank you for not posting lovey-dovey pics of yourselves with your significant others. That is a major pet peeve of mine that I was unaware of until this past Valentines Day when every other blog I looked at showed bloggers in the throes of PDA with their lovers. I love my man, too, but I'm not going to be up in anyone's face about it. Y'all keep it classy, and I like that.

    (If you decide to do some blog-PDA with your mens in the future, I'll prob still like you. I'll be annoyed, but I'll still like you.)

  2. Ha! I am cracking up because that bothers me SO MUCH. So much. SO MUCH. One thing you will never see on this blog is me being all PDA with my husband. I cannot even imagine.

  3. Another one for hating the "look how young, stylish and in love we are" photos. Um, yuck.