Monday, March 7, 2011

Adrien: More Red Dress Action

I'm having so much fun with this dress and I'm so glad I bought it even though it's DRY CLEAN ONLY. I mean, what is that? Every other Velvet dress I've ever owned was washable. This one is mysteriously not. Boo. But I love it, so fine. I'll take the hit.

I kind of liked how the dress looked with my Frye Veronicas in the dressing room photo, so I decided to build an outfit around that:

dress: Anthropologie Network Dress
cardigan: Gap Shirred Shoulder Cardigan
belt: Linea Pelle (similar)
boots: Frye Veronica
bag: Marc Jacobs (similar)
scarf: Target (similar)
coat: Cole Haan (here in grey)


  1. Great outfit. I have a similar dress in teal which is some knockoff that I bought for $29!
    Is that your pyramid necklace from Banana Republic or a different necklace?

  2. Lisa, where did you get that dress? I have the same as Adrien but would LOVE teal. Thanks.

  3. Lisa, yes! That's my pyramid necklace. I also want to know about this teal knockoff. So I can buy it.

  4. I bought the teal dress at a small store called Varga in Santa Monica, CA. I bought it last summer, and it actually has short sleeves, not 3/4 sleeves. It's very flattering. The store has really cheap-o stuff. Most of the clothes are frighteningly cheap looking and very poor quality. But I find that every once in awhile you can score something at these cheap-o stores.
    I had no idea they have an online site but I just found it here...
    But the dress isn't online, and I would think it's long since sold out. It came in a variety of colors but the teal suited me best.

  5. I love the belt with the dress! Great styling :)

  6. That dress is so excellent on you. I also love how you paired it with some staple neutrals like the belt and boots.