Friday, March 25, 2011

Marianne: My Adrien Dress.

I only bought two things while I was on vacation, and the first was this dress. I was racing through the local Marshall's with my mom in a frantic search for a hat for Lulu when I mentioned that I really wanted a stripey t-shirt dress or tunic this spring. Then I turned a corner and literally ran into this dress. The only one in the my size...for $20. It was love.
And I do mean love. I love the length, the perfectly spaced stripes, and the sleeves. And I also love that it's a total Adrien dress. It makes me feel fancy.

It is just exactly what I wanted to pair with my new jacket, some simple sandals, and aviators.
Afterwards, I also wished for a million dollars and a pony, but no dice. Dang.
Dress: French Connection (Similar here and here)
Jacket: Doki Geki
Tote: anthropologie (similar bright floral totes here and here)
Sandals: Ann Taylor (similar here)


  1. Me, too! And I also want that vacation. Seriously jealous!

  2. I almost bought that dress at marshalls 2 days ago, I discovered the most amazing Marshalls ever with the best selection ever. If it was $20, I would have snapped it up, but it was $30 at my store. :(

    Very cute!

  3. Pretty much my ideal summer outfit! Looks great on you. Oh and that jacket finally arrived! LOVE it!

  4. Lara, Hooray! I can't wait to see it on you.

    Alana, this was the last one in the store, so maybe that's why it was on clearance? It was originally $29.99.