Monday, November 29, 2021

Monday Mood: Jet Lagged.

I'm back! The eight hour time difference is making me feel...not great, so today I'm just going to post about a couple of good Cyber Monday sales and then I'll be back with a full trip/shopping/packing report. (Or, tell me what would be interesting or useful - info about travel in Ireland? A packing rundown? Shopping reports? What do you all want to know?) Now, on to the sales:


30% off everything! Oh damn, you guys. 

My suggestions: I love my Dalby jacket (worn here) and also this Ayra jacket is gorgeous. I also love the Balfern in green suede. Like, a lot. 

PS. If your size isn't available, check Nordstrom! They price match.


20% off everything and 30% off sweatshirts, joggers and sleepwear.

My suggestions: 100% the Triumph printed hoodie and the Brooklyn joggers


30% off sitewide and an extra 10% off plus 50% off the CC+ Cream and more It Cosmetics faves.

My suggestions: My favorite concealer and this magic eye cream for a thin layer under it!


40% off your purchase plus an extra 60% off sale.

My suggestions: Still eyeing this sweater blazer and basically everything I posted about here


30% off your purchase plus 40% off sale with code CLICKCLICK.

My suggestions: I desperately want these mid-rise stovepipe jeans and these lugsole boots, please. 


Free shipping plus up to 60% off everything plus an extra 15% off your purchase with code CYBER

My suggestion: Love this cozy sherpa-lined denim jacket!


60% off everything plus an extra 15% off purchase plus free shipping on all orders. 

My suggestion: Check out this pretty metallic dress (with sleeves!) for holiday gatherings.

Friday, November 26, 2021

Black Friday: Read a Book/Buy a Book!

Because I'm dropping the ball hard this Black Friday (hi from Ireland!) I though I'd round up all of my book posts and encourage everyone to buy some books for gifts or for yourself. Instead of fighting over shit you don't need at Target, cozy up with a good book! Our book recs can be found in a lot of our "Stuff We Like" posts but also here:

Buy This: Books Make Great Gifts.

Stuff I Like: Thank God For Books.

Gift Guide: It's Book Time Y'all.

Gift Guide: Yay Books.

A Slightly Better Gift Guide: Books Are Awesome.

Holiday Stages of Grief Gift Guide: Bargaining.

Monday, November 15, 2021

Outfit of the Day: Out of Office.

Because I'm a part-time slacker blogger I didn't prepare at all for the two weeks I'd be out so you basically get nothing. No Black Friday list, no Sephora sale suggestions, YOU GET NOTHING. Wait, okay, I did save this one outfit from last week so you can have that. You're welcome: 

Check out my new Quince $50 cashmere sweater! It's soft as baby bunnies and the color is beautiful. I'm wearing a medium which fits perfectly but I kinda wish I'd sized up for extra slouchiness. Next time! I also own and love their crewneck cashmere sweater which I reviewed here

I'm wearing my new sweater with the very excellent Madewell Griff pants (reviewed here) and they're just such a great color and seem to work with everything. They also come in a corduroy version if you want something a bit warmer. I'm carrying my little Clare V Midi Sac because I love the contrast of color. My exact version is sold out but there's one on Poshmark and this more demure cutie is way marked down on Nordstrom Rack and so is this leopard version! This is a great little bag, y'all. 

Okay, fine, it is November so I am also wearing my AllSaints Dalby jacket and my new little cashmere beanie from Quince. It's pretty fucking cute, right?  I am feeling okay about all of this even if it's giving me very slight lumberjack vibes:

Last thing, I'm wearing my Gorjana Parker wrap necklace all tangled up with my little lapis necklace.  Totally meant to do that.

Friday, November 12, 2021

Weekend Window Shopping: Anthro Is Bringing It.

 Anthro is totally hit or miss for me but right now they have lots of pretty and cozy things that I have my eagle eye on. Here's what I love:

Thursday, November 11, 2021

Stuff We Like: A Marianne/Adrien Edition!

Hello! Today we both have stuff we like and we're gonna tell you about it. First, two from Marianne:

The One Where I'm Late To Athleisure
So yeah, everyone in the world is ready to wear real clothes again and I’m over here “discovering” the joy of leggings after 19+ months of wearing jeans and dresses like a CHUMP. Anyway! I tried a pricey set from Girlfriend Collective and like them fine, but my current favorites are these ribbed leggings from Aerie ($27!). They feel like you tried, and I have the matching longline sports bra too (on sale for $14!), and turns out a matching legging set brings me as much joy as a fancy dress does. Who knew?? (You all knew. I know.)  PS from Adrien: She wears this henley over the bra and it's real cute the end.

This Book I Would Make Everyone Read If I Had A Book Club
Something about the fall puts me in the mood for books that are a bit more twisty and thriller-y than my summertime beach reads, you know? Well, if you’re in the mood for a book that combines travel with suspense and is just written SO smartly, you must read Who Is Maud Dixon. After three in a row that featured children in peril and mothers ranging from slightly to very unhinged (Little Secrets, The Push, and Verity if you’re in the market), it was refreshing to read a different kind of thriller. I don’t want to give anything away because the twists are so good, but I couldn’t recommend this more. I really hope someone makes it into a TV show or a movie.

And, two from Adrien:

This Mirror So I Don't Look Like a Mole Person 
One thing I hate about hotels is the lack of any kind of good makeup mirror/lighting situation. I can't tell you how many times I've been half leaning out a window with my compact trying to see to put on eyeliner. So, I started researching lighted travel mirrors and found this one on Amazon. It arrived and it's bigger than I thought - the size of a chunky salad plate - but for a two week trip, I think it's going to be a life-saver. I love that it has a magnified side (the only way I can properly mascara) and it cranks up so you can put it on a surface and not have to lean out of a window. (I'm kidding about that. Sort of.) 

I Did Not Buy The Stupidly Expensive Containers
Do those cute beehive-shaped magnetic containers follow you around the internet too? Don't Google "magnetic toiletry containers" whatever you do. Anyway, whenever I'm going on a big trip I lose my mind and search for THE PERFECT THINGS to streamline my crap and every time I end up just shoving everything I own in my toiletries bag and hoping for the best. This year I bought this set of tiny dropper bottles and they are perfect for serums and stuff you don't use a lot of but don't want to be without. So, if you currently have four different The Ordinary serums you're using, these are for you! I did have to make labels, though. 

That's it for today! If you have any recs for us, please leave a comment. 

Wednesday, November 10, 2021

BUY THIS (So We Don't Have To): J.Crew Friends & Family.

Ah, J.Crew. I can't quite quit you. Right now they're having a Friends & Family sale which is pretty dang good - 40% off plus free shipping for Rewards members with code FRIENDS. (Or 30% off if you don't want to sign up as a rewards member, but it's free, so get that extra 10%!) Here's what I like:

There's just something about a chonky cable-knit sweater! I love this one. 

Denim joggers? I know, I know. But these are seriously CUTE. 

Ugh, why aren't these mine! Clog boots are definitely in my future. 

Not a whiff of sister-wife! This dress is refreshingly sleek nary a puffed sleeve.

Oooh, like lil slabs of the ocean for your ears, right? Just me? Hello?

Okay, I love a practical puffer but this one is also fashion. And the color!

Do you have a red bag yet? WHY NOT. This one is beautifully simple. 

A perfectly cozy sweater blazer for wearing over a Or just any top.

That amazing vintage piece you "borrowed" from your mom and never gave back.

Y'all know I love a crazy print and this winter floral is it. 

Tuesday, November 9, 2021

Outfit of the Day: Ready to Go!

 Hi! I've been dropping a few hints that I have a trip coming up but until last week it felt tenuous and not real. My boyfriend and I had to cancel two international trips scheduled during 2020 and we're finally able to use our credits for a two week trip to Ireland. We loved our last trip to Ireland and I am SO excited to go back. (Or go anywhere, really.) I wrote a bit about the last trip here and I'm glad I have that to remind me of what I should (and should not) bring. Anyway! Here's an outfit that's basically travel-try on:

Does anyone else buy a cream/white top and then never wear it because they're afraid of staining it? Just me? I've been forcing myself to wear my Varley Cleon top which I love but I'm so afraid of wrecking it. It's just clothes! I am absolutely going to take it with me because it's warm and cute. So there. My jeans are new/old Madewell via Poshmark. They're another pair of the cropped Perfect Vintage style because I gave up trying to find something with a mid rise for now. 

Real quick - these Madewell leopard boots are amazing but they're not going to Ireland because they're too impractical. I just thought they looked cute with this outfit, so you get leopard instead of my trusty Blundstones. Kinda wish I had this lugsole pair to take with me! The best of both worlds. 

Ah, this top is so dreamy. I love how oversized and slouchy it is and it's got a very fine ribbed texture that sets it apart from your average fancy sweatshirt. It's just begging for some spaghetti sauce or red wine. My labradorite necklace is Dean Davidson from a few years back. I can't really find much that's similar, but how gorgeous is this necklace? Okay, now to the important stuff:

This is my new (to me) Helly Hansen Long Belfast winter jacket in Ivy Green (which is last year's color and hard to find, I'm sorry!)  It's insulated and waterproof and had a great hood. I totally love it and highly recommend! (Note: Like most HH, it runs small - I'm wearing a large.) I do obviously already have a similar HH coat that I wore to Ireland the last time but, um, it still doesn't quite zip up at the moment. Whatever, this new one is great and check this out- the lining in mine is plum: 

Eee! I don't know why that pleases me, but it does. Just a nice pop of plum when you're not expecting it. I've worn this jacket out a few times in Ireland-like weather (which is very similar to Portland weather) and it's been great. Helly Hansen wins again. I'm also wearing a Barbour scarf that no longer exists in the world but it's a favorite.

I'm pretty sure my Hammitt VIP is the only bag I'll be taking with me - it's the perfect size, not too heavy, and very comfortable to wear. I always take two handbags on trips and only ever use one, so I think this is probably my best choice. (Honestly, if I had my way I'd be bringing a steamer trunk with everything I own but someone has declared this idea "impractical" and "batshit" so I guess I'll stick with a suitcase. Fine. 

Friday, November 5, 2021

Weekend Window Shopping: Quince Favorites!

 Y'all know I love Quince but I don't think I've ever done a roundup of my favorite products (and a few that I haven't bought...yet.) I have loved nearly everything I've purchased from Quince and especially love the free shipping & 365 day free returns policy.  And, as always, if you haven't tried Quince you can use my link for $10 off your first order. (full disclosure: I also get $10 credit.) So, here we go:

The first thing I ever bought from Quince was the crewneck cashmere sweater. It's $50 and so soft! 

I just bought this cashmere ribbed beanie and it's great - lightweight, soft and warm. And under $25! 

This little leather crossbody comes in an array of good colors and I am dying to get one. 

Marianne pointed out this organic cotton chore jacket that's giving her Alex Mill vibes but is under $40.

My absolute favorite fleece lounge joggers ever. I have four pairs and I completely love them. 

I also have and love these earrings.14K gold for a steal! And they're perfect- pretty and minimal.

These performance joggers are also on my to-purchase list. They look like Vuori without the price tag! 

I don't have any of Quince's silk collection yet but this washable silk shirt dress looks like a classic. 

I'm also really into these new leggings because POCKETS. Leggings with pockets are the only way.

Finally, this cashmere sweater just arrived and it's so soft and plushy and the color is perfection. 

Thursday, November 4, 2021

Stuff I Like: No Theme November.

Hi! Now is the time when I talk about stuff I like. Sometimes a theme forms but usually it's just a bunch of crap I happen to be into right now. (This is one of those.) First, I have to tell you about a book I'm reading:

This Book I Waited Too Long To Read
I talked about this book nearly a year ago, having heard about it from The Penguin Podcast. The amazing Sue Perkins interviewed Dolly Alderton about Ghosts and I'm FINALLY reading it. It's wonderful - warmly funny and clever with an instantly like-able main character. It's about online dating and being ghosted (a subject I can certainly relate to) but it's also about the importance of female friendships and how they start to change over time. I'm only about a third of the way through and I'm trying to read it slowly to make it last. (The sign of an excellent book.) 

This Candle Which Is Not The Candle I Was Looking For.
Marianne told me about the Ginger and Black Tea Target candle she thought I'd like and I went searching for it, because I like a Target challenge. When I finally tracked it down it didn't smell like what I'd decided it should smell like so instead I bought the Wooded Sage candle from the same line. I got the small one for my office and it's just the right size for a small-ish room. I love the sleek packaging and it smells delightful - woody and a little mysterious. It's a good one for those of us who don't like sweet/overly floral candles. Also, do you have an arc lighter yet? They are life-changing. 

This Nail File I Haven't  Dropped Yet.
I've written before about my favorite glass file from Sephora but the last time I tried to buy a new one it was nowhere to be found - like it had never existed. How dare they! Anyway, I checked around and found this set on Amazon which looked promising and, thankfully, totally delivers. I don't wear nail polish so I need a really gentle, smoothing file to keep my nails looking nice and glass is the way to go for that. I keep the tiny one in my purse (thankfully it has a cover because I recently destroyed the lenses of a pair of sunglasses by way of a loose nail file) and the other one by my bedside. (Also: how creepy is that product image? I couldn't not use it.) 

This New Podcast I Just Discovered.
I heard Am I Normal? via another podcast and was immediately sold by the dentist episode, because that exact thing happened to me recently. This is a great short-form podcast hosted by Mona Chalabi, a data journalist and illustrator who tried to make sense of the world by looking at the numbers (and sometimes consulting her mother, who seems lovely.)  It's a quick listen and I basically binged all the episodes yesterday, so I think you should probably go get caught up.

Wednesday, November 3, 2021

Outfit and Review: Athleta Lined Chelsea Cargo Pants.

There's a reason I call this a personal style blog and not a fashion blog because what I'm about to show you is in no way Fashion. What it is, however, is comfortable and reasonably cute and I like to tell y'all about the good things I find even if they're not life-changing green Dr Martens, you know? Okay, here we go: 

Here I am warm and toasty in my new Athleta Chelsea Cargo Lined Pant. I am so happy with these! They may not be super sexy fashion pants but they fit nicely and have this thin, soft lining that makes them cozy without feeling like I'm trying to shove long johns under my jeans. I also like that they have good, useful pockets without screaming I AM A CARGO PANT. That said, if you are just a no to cargo styles, the Brooklyn jogger comes lined and gets rave reviews.

I am wearing my usual size 8 and probably could have sized down to a 6, but the 8 is fine and probably the better fit. My top is this one from Quince and it's currently sold out, but hopefully they'll re-stock it soon! It's a nice workout tee and good for layering. Now, those pockets:

That little flappy pocket is excellent for storing your lip balm while on an airplane, just FYI. I'm also clearly wearing a new pair of shearling lined Birkenstock Boston clogs and if you've been tempted by these I am here to tell you that they are worth every single penny. Just do it, especially if you work from home. Go now, I'll wait. (More colors available here.)

Now, remember that hoody/jacket thing I told you about last week? This is it - it's the Mountain Hardwear Kor Cirrus Hybrid Hoodie (on sale here in a few sizes) and it's great. Super light weight, warm, zippy pockets, and packable. Oh, and I'm wearing boots to show you that the lining on the Chelsea Cargo pants is heathered grey and looks reasonably cute cuffed so you can wear them with boots! Yay for that. 

And here's a pic to show you the hood - it's good and deep, which I appreciate. This jacket also comes without a hood but I always find that a hood comes in handy. This might actually be my new red eye flight outfit - lightweight, comfy, packable layers, but not actual pajamas. (Who are these people?)

PS. If it seems like I'm building up to a big trip, I am! More on that soon...

Monday, November 1, 2021

My All-Time Favorites from Athleta.

I know I talk about it a lot, but a good chunk of my wardrobe is from Athleta. They make great options for workout and work-from-home (there's a lot of cross-over tbh) as well as the absolute best pants for travel. Here is a short list of my very favorite pieces, including one new purchase:

I've talked about (and worn) my Brooklyn Ankle Pants a ton. They're just a great, comfortable and lightweight option that are totally bullet-proof. They're washable, dry lightning fast and never need an iron. The Brooklyn are my #1 travel pants in warm months! I posted about them most recently here

The Athleta Triumph Hoodie is a bit of an investment but it is WORTH IT. I have two and they are so well-made and comfortable and come in all kinds of good colors and patterns. Plus, you get sizable pockets, a warm collar, thumbholes, and a nice deep hood. I reviewed my leopard version here

Ah, the Rainier tight. If you spend any time outside in the colder months, you should consider a pair. They're brushed inside for coziness and have secure zip pockets. I have a pair of the reflective version and they are super bright when light hits them! (Outdoor walkers/runnings, these are what you need.) I reviewed my pair here

My favorite cozy around-the-house sweatshirt isn't on the site anymore but this Balance Pullover looks to be it's replacement. They do such a nice job with the elevated sweatshirt and I love the blue camo version. I reviewed mine here

This is the Ultimate Train Tank and it's as close to perfection as you can get. It's high-necked, which is crucial, and just the right amount of loose-and-breezy without flapping around and getting in the way. I am mad because I missed it in the bright blue! Dang it. 

I own and love the regular Chelsea Cargo pants (reviewed here but not currently available) and was super delighted when I realized there was a new lined version! I ordered a pair and they are PERFECT. Warm and cozy without being bulky and lots of good pockets. I'm going on a trip soon that involves a really long flight, so these will be ideal since they look cute but feel like pajamas. I'll post an outfit this week! 

Finally, even though this is stupid and boring, I still think Athleta makes the best everyday cloth mask. I have two sets of the color set above and they wash really well and still look like new. I love that they're adjustable and aren't overly large. I bought my first set early in the pandemic and they're still going strong though if I'm being honest, I can't wait to burn them on a ceremonial bonfire.