Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Outfit Of The Day: Color? Who Needs It.

Do you ever like a new piece of clothing so much you wear it three days in a row? I have and I did: 

My friend Kate gave me this leopard print Athleta sweatshirt for Christmas and it's been a really fun casual layer. It's long and slouchy so you can hike it up or pull it down over your hips however you like. I wore it to work last Friday (which is what you're looking at) and then again on Saturday and Sunday with different jeans and boots because it was working for me and also I am lazy. This sweatshirt comes in a bunch of solid colors as well and, while it's not inexpensive, I swear I always wear the hell out of my Athleta gear so it ends up being worth the money. Also, they have good sales! This funnel neck sweatshirt is on sale and looks so cozy-but-chic. 

I'm wearing my sweatshirt with my new Madewell Perfect Vintage jeans. They look black on the website but are really dark grey, so I am just wearing a lot of grey, which feels right. My hair and lipstick is my pop of color, right? These jeans are definitely becoming a favorite - they're my attempt to branch out from skinny jeans. Madewell has a lot of good options if you're also trying to branch out. I love this pair of of the Demi-Boot that's on sale. 

Here I am stealing Marianne's pose. If you're mad at me for making you want an over-priced leopard sweatshirt, here's a very similar one at Old Navy or check out this Betsey Johnson sweatshirt that's super cute and on sale. On to details:

The usual Dean Davidson labradorite tassel. I love wearing labradorite with grey because it seems to bring out the fire in the stones. This is another DD tassel necklace which I adore and here's another labradorite necklace I love but can't have right now. 

My favorite Miu Miu bag, of course, and my Vince Newlyn sneaker boot things that I forgot I had. Oops. I have been wearing them a lot since I found them in my closet. Look at me! Shopping in my closet or something. 

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