Monday, February 17, 2020

Weekend Shopping Report: Knoxville Trip.

Hi hi hi! I am back from visiting Marianne in Knoxville and, no surprise, we did a little bit of shopping together. I also coveted some of her things and ended up making an online purchase while I was there which always seems to happen.

First, we made a short trip out of town to visit Greater Goods, a by-the-pound thrift store that had come highly recommended. Digging in bins of clothing is not everyone's idea of a good time but we were into it and found some great stuff! I found Marianne this cute leopard cardigan that I'm pretty sure is made out of 100% static and water bottles:

Here I am afterwards with my loot:

We also made a trip to Ulta so Marianne could stock up on a bunch of staples. I bought more of The Ordinary's Buffet and also, on her recommendation, the Real Techniques makeup sponge which is WAY cheaper than the Beauty Blender and also bigger and comes with a travel case. What? WHAT. I tried it this morning and it's great. (Also, now I feel like a sucker.)

We also hit up TJ Maxx because it's a long-standing tradition of ours. It was pretty picked over but we both ended up buying the same Tahari olive green linen t-shirt that I can't find it online anywhere but it's super great and we're both scared to wash it, because linen.

Finally, I made Marianne go to Madewell to try on skinny jeans and she bought this pair which looks AMAZING on her:

Never mind that what she needed was plain dark denim skinny jeans, the heart wants what it wants and Marianne's wanted distressed black skinny jeans.

We also spent a lot of time trying on stuff for each other and I marveled at her amazing closet and tried on a bunch of her stuff without asking. (Just kidding, I asked.) Marianne recently took advantage of the Sorel boot sale and bought some really nice, lightweight and warm boots to wear to her daughter's riding lessons, because muddy, cold riding rings are not sneaker-friendly. Her boots arrived right before I did and they're great:

They are the Sorel Explorer 1964. Super light, very warm and cute as hell. (They run half a size small, btw.) I tried on her boots because that's the kind of asshole I am and immediately decided I needed a pair for my upcoming trip to Scotland. (My Docs are great but they are HEAVY and not water-proof.) They'd sold out of most of the colors in my size but I found them on another site and ordered a pair in Quarry. Fingers crossed!

And then I drove all the way home and now it's Monday and I'm sad. Boo.


  1. Love Marianne's lipstick! What is it? Thanks.

    1. It’s Huda Beauty “Alluring” which was exclusive to the Allure box (but can be found on Poshmark or eBay.)

  2. I wanted to know about the lipstick too! I've been looking for a shade like that.

  3. What boot socks are Marianne wearing? Because I can never find ones that stay up! Thanks.

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