Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Outfit Of The Day: A Tale of Two Boots.

I have so many outfits planned in my head to post and when I started writing them down I realized, wow I gots a formula. Now that formula involved leopard boots, a thing I can't believe I didn't own until very recently. If you'll remember, I bought a cute pair by Seychelles (worn here) on super sale and I really liked them. Then, the Madewell Regan pair went on crazy sale and I was like, BUT I LOVE THOSE MORE. I mean, come on:

They're both cute but the Madewell boots freaking glow. Am I wrong? It's not just the lighting, right? Anyway, I sold the Seychelles pair on Poshmark and haven't looked back. File under: The heart wants what it wants. Anyway, here's my outfit:

I'm wearing a drapey Violet & Claire top I bought years ago at TJ Maxx that has a fun jeweled neckline. It's impossible to find it online now, but this Derek Lam top has a very similar shape and this Liz Claiborne blouse has a pretty jeweled neckline. 

I finished the look off with my Juliette cardigan from J.Crew. I hope a few of you were able to pick it up from the sale yesterday! I would love one in another color but I'm biding my time, for now. 

My jeans are H&M from a few years back and they're my current favorite. This style at Madewell is pretty similar as far as cut, but these distressed jeans from H&M are way more fun and this patchwork pair at the Gap are pretty interesting. On to details: 

Never one to leave well enough alone, I'm wearing both my silver necklaces by My Precious Studio. My friend Tere is so talented. 

I'm still carrying my Longchamp Le Pliage Cuir because I need a cheerful red bag for gloomy days. The bright pink version is still on sale at NR and the bigger version of my red bag is as well. 

These leopard boots, you guys. The heel is a bit higher than I usually wear but not uncomfortably so. I just love how rich the leopard pattern is and they are so well made. Boots are fun and this pair brings me joy. 


  1. I bought that cardigan yesterday in the green "heather cilantro" which I'm hoping is a nice olve. I might even have bought it straight from your link!

  2. The contrast between the Madewell and the Seychelles in that top photo makes the Madewell look like an actual Bengal cat that you might pet. Gorgeous.


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