Friday, February 7, 2020

Weekend Window Shopping: My Affair With Athleta

I've been a regular shopper at Athleta for the past few years and, while I really like their fitness clothing, I love their lifestyle clothes. The pieces I own are comfortable, easy to care for, and well-designed. (They also have a great return policy.) There is a lot of great stuff on sale right now and here's what looks good to me:


  1. I have a hard time paying their not-on-sale-or-ebay prices, but I own 4 pairs of the Headlands hybrid Cargo tights (black, navy, and two green. They are DIFFERENT greens, damn it), and a black pair of the Headlands Hybrid Moto tights. I love them and wear them alllll the time. And then there are the 4 or 5 skorts that I did get on sale or on ebay that also see a ton of wears in the warmer months.

    1. I usually wait for a sale or hunt on Poshmark but yes! When it's good it's really, really good.

    2. Also, now I want those Moto tights.


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