Thursday, February 6, 2020

Stuff I Like: Winter Edition

I don't know about you, but I am REAL TIRED of winter. It's not been a very cold winter but it's currently pouring down rain and also rained yesterday and is supposed to rain tomorrow so am just ready for this to be over. Anyway, here are the things I like that are making these dreary days a little bit better:

This Uniglo Hoodie Is Saving My Soul
See how smug that model looks? It's because she has the pile-lined hoodie from Uniqlo. I am a bad blogger because I should've reported back on this hoodie sooner and it's now under $15 and nearly sold out! It's SO SO GOOD. Thick and warm and cozy. It's like wearing a large, warm puppy. It's everything and it's keeping me from freezing to death. I recommend wearing it with the pile-lined sweatpants, a non-bra from True & Co and wrecked old t-shirt from Everlane for maximum comfort. Fashion!

This Outfit IG That Is The Distraction We Need
Okay, so I didn't ask @Everythingconverges if it was okay for me to pimp her IG on the blog, but you know what? I'm doing it anyway because she is totally Our People. Her self-described "daily fashion identity crisis" is all about excellently cute outfits with dueling descriptions that always make me laugh. Go follow her! (Also, is the title a Flannery O'Connor reference because that is THE BEST.)

This Scalp Massager Is Potentially Awesome
A few months ago I started using Hairstory New Wash Deep (also on Amazon) instead of traditional shampoo/conditioner in an effort to preserve my expensive color. My stylist recommend this product and I'm really happy with it. Then I looked it up online I was like, wait. a. minute. There's a scalp massaging brush that goes with it? The next time I got my hair done my stylist used the brush while washing my hair and it was magical. So relaxing! The Amazon link pairs the product with the brush or you can buy one by itself but I also found this version for nearly half the cost and I'm wondering if it's just as good. I might have to find out because I truly thing I'd be a better person if I had a soothing scalp massage on a regular basis.

This Product Combo That Saved My Sad Feet
One thing I hate about winter is how sad my hands and feet get - my skin is SO dry it literally cracks. WHY DO PEOPLE LOVE WINTER. It's the worst. Anyway, I got this Starskin Exfoliating Double-Layer Foot Mask in my Allure beauty box and finally decided to try it out.

I soaked my feet in disgusting squishy bags of goo for an hour, rinsed it off and forgot all about it until a week later when I started shedding all over my yoga mat during class. (MORTIFYING.) However, a few days later I had nice feet! My heels looked normal and by god, I was going to keep them that way. At my friend Kate's recommendation I bought O'Keeffe's Healthy Feet Cream and have been using it daily. It's thick, unscented and works really well. I've been using it on my sad hands too because why not. Highly recommend both products. The end.


  1. I got the generic Amazon version of the scalp massager and it is incredible!!!

  2. Use the O'keefe's cream right before bed and then sleep in the NatraCure vented moisturizing gel heel sleeves. From Amazon, of course.