Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Marianne: Cold Weather, Not My Favorite

Y'all, it is COLD outside.What happened? Fall is okay but once it's actually cold I go into hibernation mode and it makes getting dressed...difficult. I'm really determined to not fall right into my rut of tunic sweater + skinny jeans + tall boots + scarf this year.
Totally, totally not the same.
 So here is a sweater DRESS + tights + ANKLE boots + scarf. See? Totally different. This is the warmest dress ever and I just looked a the tag and realized it's maternity. Oops? Well, it fits a non-pregnant person and that just means there is extra stretchy room for pie.

Lu had a lot of questions for me this morning. For example, why do we have to wear coats and sweaters now? Why can't we go swimming? Why is it so effing dark?

I don't know what to tell you kid. Let's get out of here.

scarf: Fred Flare (cute red animal print scarf here,and covetable McQueen scarf here)
dress: Isabella Oliver (similar cozy sweater dress here and cheap version here)
ankle boots: Vince Camuto Hadley (similar here)
bag: Su-Shi Old Skool Mini (another great satchel here and inexpensive version on sale here)

Monday, October 29, 2012

Adrien: Blue Suede Shoes.

I've wanted a pair of cobalt blue shoes for a while now but they're surprisingly hard to find unless a 4" heel is what you're looking for which NO IT IS NOT. So, when I found this pair of blue kitten heeled pumps I was pretty excited. Now, they're suede which means I'll probably destroy them pretty quickly, but sometimes you just need to buy the damn blue suede shoes. Elvis (and Carl Perkins) demands it.

dress: En Focus Studio (similar)
cardigan: Ann Taylor
tassel necklace: Ann Taylor (similar)
shoes: Calvin Klein Diema  (similar) (flat similar)
bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs (similar)

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Adrien: BP Trolley Boot Review & A Sweater You Need.

I've bought two things lately that I really love, like, A LOT. And I thought I'd tell you about them. First, I really, really wanted to buy the Vince Camuto boots that Marianne has but they seem to be sold out in black everywhere they are for sale, which is... two places. This makes no sense to me, but okay, Vince Camuto, I didn't want to give you my money anyway.

Anyway, a few weeks ago Kate and I went to Nordstrom and I found these:

They are inexpensive and cute and they totally fill the Rag & Bone Newbury-shaped hole in my soul. I bought them in my regular size and then read all the online reviews about sizing up and got paranoid that maybe I bought the wrong size. Dammit. I'm not going to wear them out until I've at least tried the next half-size up JUST IN CASE. I should never read reviews after the fact. But, they are cute as hell and I'll wear them in an outfit as soon as the temperature drops a bit.

The other thing I bought is something I am going to live in this winter. It's the perfect drape-y soft sweater tunic thing from Ann Taylor and it's very on sale right this second so go get one! Trust! It was marked down (much less than the website price) and they have an extra 30% off in store right now! Seriously, go.

When I first pulled it off the rack I thought, "Well! This will for sure look like complete shit on me" but you guys, it didn't. It it fitted at the top and then just sort of glides out and covers all the bits you'd want covered if you were, say, wearing it with leggings. (Which are not pants so you need your business covered.) It's beautifully ass-skimming and very soft but not mumsy because of the deep v-neck. God, maybe I need a second one in another color. Anyway, you; are welcome.

What have you bought this fall that you're excited about?

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Adrien: Getting There.

More experiments in outfit photography! Almost there, but I need to find a better spot and work on focus and stuff. And I need to slap on more lipstick. And maybe stop wearing high-waisted skirts. My shoes are cute?  Anyway:

tee shirt: Gap (similar)
skirt: Ann Taylor (similar)
necklace: J Crew (similar)
shoes: Camper (similar)
bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs Hillier Hobo  (similar)

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Adrien: Goop is killing me.

Oh you guys. Aside from my photography woes, I've also got a mean case of wardrobe fatigue. The high temperature every day this week is in the upper 70s which I love, but it also means that I'm not wearing sweaters and boots yet because I am not that blogger. Also, I hate all my clothes. All of them, you guys. ALL OF THEM. I am throwing an internal tantrum just thinking about it! Argh. Instead, I decided I would do a little review of my Goop Birchbox.

I know. I KNOW. What is it about Goopy that makes me crazy enough to sign back up for Birchbox?  I had to get my hands on it, you guys, and I was not disappointed. As Birchboxes go, it was a pretty good one:

So! My box included Kiehl's body gel, Naked Princess lipgloss, Essie nail polish, Joanna Vargas face serum and a stupid Luna fiber bar. I was pretty happy about all of it except the Luna bar because you cannot tell me Gwyneth Paltrow is a big fan of Luna fiber bars. Come on. Surely there's a fancy French treat they could have thrown in there? But whatever. Here's my breakdown:

  • Essie nail lacquer in Power Clutch. So, grey polish is the thing now? This is what the kids are doing? Okay, I can maybe get on board with this, it's edgy. I don't know about grey toes, but it does make me kind of want to get a manicure, which I never do. Most likely this will never get used because I can't do my own nails, but we'll see. I like it in theory. One thing to note: This color is from Essie's 2011 fall collection which means it's old stock. Weird. 

  • Naked Princess Naked Shine Lip Gloss in Barely Coco. This is one of those "your lips but better" glosses. Smells good (vanilla-y), feels good on, looks nice. The sample is TINY but I will most likely use it up, which means I like it just fine. 

  • Joanna Vargas Daily Serum. This is a brand I've never heard of and, dude, the full-size price is $85! I think a slightly larger sample would've made more sense here because this stuff could be magic and I'll never know it because it takes a while for a serum to do it's thing, right? Anyway, it smells kind of odd but feels nice on my skin and sank in immediately. 

  • Luna Fiber bar - it's an extra, so I shouldn't really complain, but I just don't get this one. Yuck.

Overall, I was pleased with this Birchbox and I'll let my subscription run into next month just to see if the quality continues. I'd previously signed up but got tired of glitter products and hair ties I couldn't use. Do you subscribe to Birchbox or another sample box product? Do tell.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Depends on your definition.

A: Cute Boy Friday! Any ideas?

M: Hm. You don't watch Game of Thrones, do you? I don't really either, but Jason Momoa is UNH. MANLY.

A: Marianne.

M: What??

A: How can you be all down on my Daniel for being too beefy and then post this photo all, "What?"

M: Oh, you know. It's the same reason I give Joe Manganiello a pass.

A: WOW. I know that's photoshopped and I DON'T CARE. But I think there needs to be equal time:

M: Oh, fine, whatever.


M: He has a very cute figure, Adrien.


Love me! 

M: I'm sure he's a very nice man.

A: Oh, I hope not.

M: HA!

A: Seriously. "Nice" is not on the list of things I want Daniel Craig to be.

M: Unless he maybe is bringing you a kitten.

A: Oh, please. You know that dude is "allergic" to cats.

But, um, yeah.

M: I'm sorry, I just found this and I can't stop laughing ever:

A: Why do you always have to do this?

M: I will never apologize for that.

A: Oh, I know.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Adrien: Blargh.

Still having issues with outfit photos. I'm going to figure it out, I swear, but until then things are going to be murky. And this outfit is so cheerful! Ugh, y'all. (Tips for indoor photography?)


my shoes are cute, though.

dress: Velvet by Graham & Spencer (similar) (this is cute too)
belt: Banana Republic (similar)
shoes: Banana Republic (this year's version) (similar)
bracelet: Giles & Brother skinny railroad spike cuff (in silver, which now I want.)

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Your New Boyfriend!


M: Sure, we can't see his face, but who needs to with that outfit?


M: The shorts, the leggings, the t-shirt. Where to start?

A: No, I mean, does the model think he's Jon Hamm? There is...definition.

M: God, what is WRONG WITH YOU?

A: I DIDN'T TAKE THE PHOTO, MARIANNE. It's horrifying! Those shorts are a crime against humanity.

M: You are the one looking at his...areas.

A: It's kind of hard to avoid.

M: I managed it until I talked to you.

A: Ha. I'm just catching on to the $400 leggings. Four hundred dollar. Leggings. That cost $400.

M: Just the thing to go with your $600 shark mouth baby angel tee!

A: Well, duh.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Marianne: A Very Thorough Review of Seven's Slim Illusion Skinny Jeans.

Oh my lord. I'm going to cut right to the chase: I bought these jeans (using Adrien's methods, except I don't use rebate sites please don't tell her she will yell). And then I got this big brilliant idea to compare them side-by-side with my old Gap skinny jeans. To show how awesome they are! Except.

Left: 7 For All Mankind "The Slim Illusion" Skinny Jeans. Right: Gap "Always Skinny" Jeans.
Is it just me, or do I look thinner in the less awesome, less comfortable Gap jeans? I think I do. I believe the Seven jeans are SO stretchy that they maybe aren't as skinny-fying as I had hoped.

Left: 7 For All Mankind "The Slim Illusion" Skinny Jeans. Right: Gap "Always Skinny" Jeans.
But let me say this: While the "Slim Illusion" jeans may not be quite as flattering, they are incredibly comfortable. So soft. So stretchy. So lacking in muffin-top. The Gap jeans are...binding.

Left: 7 For All Mankind "The Slim Illusion" Skinny Jeans. Right: Gap "Always Skinny" Jeans.
And from the back (LORD, I am posting these pictures, y'all. I must love you.), I think the Sevens win. The pockets are bigger and placed better, and don't have rear-highlighting contrast stitching. So, overall, I pretty much love these jeans, even though they don't make me look a size smaller. I do think I could have probably sized down, but these are so comfortable that I don't care. I love them, you should consider getting some, the end.

scarf: Fred Flare Zebra Crossing Scarf
top: Willi Smith (similar here and ugh so cute here)
jeans: on left, Seven for All Mankind The Slim Illusion Skinny Jeans, on right, Gap Always Skinny Jeans
shoes: French Sole Sloop (hands down the most comfortable flats ever, y'all)

**Because we are total enablers, it should be mentioned that Shopbop has a F&F code good for 20% off right now: WEAREFAMILY. Go get some fancy jeans! **

Monday, October 15, 2012

Adrien: Brown-Based.

I'm still having fun with my new Coclico shoes, which continue to be comfortable and stuff.  I think when it comes to basics, things like shoes, belts, bags, coats,  most people are either partial to black or brown. I have always been more into the edginess of black, so working with brown has been interesting. Wow, this is boring. Here's the outfit:

top: Banana Republic (similar)
trouser jeans: Paige denim (similar)
shoes: Coclico Renny
bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs (spendy similar) (inexpensive similar)
cuff bracelet: Fisticuffs Leather

Friday, October 12, 2012

Don't Tell Her Anything.

A: Cute boys?

M: Ugh. All I can think of is snot. And thanks to the Vampire Diaries, Ian Somerhalder. Who I don't even find attractive, and yet.

A: I do not watch this show. Please hold.

M: Oh, it's awful.

I will stalk you.

A: Oh, that guy! He was in Lost. Not so much. He's, like, creepy-pretty.

M: Yes, exactly! He weirds me out. He's like Rob Lowe but instead of affably sexy he's maybe going to stalk you.

A: Oh, he's definitely going to stalk you. Hey, you know who I've been liking lately? Chris Hemsworth.

I'm Thor!

M: Eh. Is that the one marrying Miley Cyrus?

A: WHAT. NO. Jesus, Marianne. Look, he cleans up really nice:

Nice, right?

M: Why in earth did I think he was marrying Miley? Am I having a stroke?

A: You're thinking of Liam Hemsworth who is apparently Chris Hemsworth's brother. Ugh. But, maybe this is where I admit that I think Miley Cyrus's new haircut is pretty cute.

M: Aha! Well, he is meaty but attractive. No comment on Miley's hair.

A: I have a weakness for funky short hair. I'm not saying I like HER, lets be clear.

M: She just seems so desperate to be seen as cool and edgy and above it all, so I can't.

Are we going to talk about your Tebow problem?

A: Tebow problem? I have no idea what you mean. What is a Tebow?

M: Don't lie. I have the email saved.

A: I'm sorry, who is this again? How did you get this number?

M: "Adrien: certain angles...find Tim Tebow attractive. I'm sorry."

A: Really? This is what you want to do today?

M: I'm sick in bed. Bored. Shall I go on?

A: No. You are a very mean lady.

M: "Adrien: I didn't say I liked him, just that I find him, OCCASIONALLY, attractive. "

For the record I still think he is a small headed crybaby.

A: If you think I'm going to post this on the blog you are crazy.

M: Now don't be like that.

A: I don't even know what TEAM he's on!

M: Sure you don't.

A: Jerk.

M: I think I'll take a nap now.

A: Sleep with one eye open, sister.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Adrien: Style Tools 'n Stuff.

This is a style tools kind of entry because who doesn't like talking about stuff? I like stuff and here are some odd things that make my life easier:

Pedag Leather Heel Grips

These are far superior to gel or foam grips because they are made of super-soft leather and basically bond to your shoe. They aren't super thick, which I also like. (Thanks to Lara for introducing me to this brand!)

Hollywood Fashion Tape

This stuff is really very useful (but please don't use it to tape your cardigan down over your boobs like certain popular blogger I won't mention. That is just too far, people. Too far.) I generally use it in place of tiny safety pins to make tops stay closed and it's great on the flap of wrap dresses. That kind of thing.

Dr. Scholl's Moleskin

I am a sensitive flower and shoes are basically torture for me. I think moleskin is designed to be stuck to the skin, but I find that sticking tiny pieces on the inside of shoes just where they rub is really effective. It stays forever. I have officially become my mother.

Solia Flat Iron

My sister Molly has one and she let me use it. I was immediately obsessed and bought the exact same one all Single White Female. It's not super-fancy but it heats up fast, doesn't catch my hair, and has a temperature dial, which you absolutely want. It is also very easy to get on sale. I bought mine at where they always have some kind of deal or code. (And 5% cash back on eBates! Fuck yeah.)

Sephora Glass Nail File

I know this sounds dangerous, but I read about this nail file's superiority on a beauty board and felt like my life wouldn't be complete without one. It's all true! It's really gentle and files a very smooth edge. And it's hardy - I had to drop my first one eight or ten times before I broke it.

Okay, your turn. What are you favorite style tools? What brands do you swear by?

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Adrien: Bear With Me.

I moved last weekend and everything is still in disarray. I haven't had time yet to figure out an outfit-photo-taking arrangement because I've been too busy looking for my sweaters and tights and socks. All missing, you guys. WHERE ARE THEY. Of course the minute I moved the weather took a turn for the cold and sucky, but at least that means I can break out my sweaters and boots, right? Well, I got my boots but no socks. Also, no sweaters. And where the fuck are my tights? I've looked in every box. Every container. Missing. I really, really hope they didn't accidentally get donated with the thrift store stuff. I...can't breathe. Hang on.

Okay. Ugh. I will keep you posted. In the meantime I did take a few stunningly awful outfit photos in the mirror this morning so you have something at which to laugh:

Slightly blurry! Totally natural!
This is how most of the photos turned out. I am a master.
At least my hair looks cute?
dress: NY & Company (similar print) (similar style)
cardigan: Martin + Osa (similar)
boots: Camper (similar)

Monday, October 8, 2012

Marianne: It's New Boots Day!

**psssst! Some great stuff is up in the shop. Anthro, Tibi, DVF and more!***

By now you're used to Adrien and I obsessing over boots. These latest object of our affection? Rag & Bones Newbury Bootie. UGH. Y'all, those are some seriously pretty boots. They are also seriously five hundred dollars. No. So, I set out to find a reasonable facsimile, and instead, I found a straight up knockoff.

The Vince Camuto Hadley is as close to the Newbury Bootie as anything I've seen. Same pebbled leather, cuffed top, and even the same half seam across the toe. 

My only complaint is that after reading reviews, and trying on a different style of Vince Camuto boots, I went up a half size to a size 8. I think I probably could have stuck with my usual size 7.5, but it doesn't bother me enough to pay to exchange them. Plus it gives me the option of thick socks come winter.

I just looove the back zipper. 

So there you go, my review of the Vince Camuto Hadley Boots, a near-perfect knockoff of the Rag & Bone Newbury Booties. What do you think?

bag: Su-Shi Old Skool Mini in Honey Brown (in black or red here)
boots: Vince Camuto Hadley (also comes in a great caramel color)