Friday, October 12, 2012

Don't Tell Her Anything.

A: Cute boys?

M: Ugh. All I can think of is snot. And thanks to the Vampire Diaries, Ian Somerhalder. Who I don't even find attractive, and yet.

A: I do not watch this show. Please hold.

M: Oh, it's awful.

I will stalk you.

A: Oh, that guy! He was in Lost. Not so much. He's, like, creepy-pretty.

M: Yes, exactly! He weirds me out. He's like Rob Lowe but instead of affably sexy he's maybe going to stalk you.

A: Oh, he's definitely going to stalk you. Hey, you know who I've been liking lately? Chris Hemsworth.

I'm Thor!

M: Eh. Is that the one marrying Miley Cyrus?

A: WHAT. NO. Jesus, Marianne. Look, he cleans up really nice:

Nice, right?

M: Why in earth did I think he was marrying Miley? Am I having a stroke?

A: You're thinking of Liam Hemsworth who is apparently Chris Hemsworth's brother. Ugh. But, maybe this is where I admit that I think Miley Cyrus's new haircut is pretty cute.

M: Aha! Well, he is meaty but attractive. No comment on Miley's hair.

A: I have a weakness for funky short hair. I'm not saying I like HER, lets be clear.

M: She just seems so desperate to be seen as cool and edgy and above it all, so I can't.

Are we going to talk about your Tebow problem?

A: Tebow problem? I have no idea what you mean. What is a Tebow?

M: Don't lie. I have the email saved.

A: I'm sorry, who is this again? How did you get this number?

M: "Adrien: certain angles...find Tim Tebow attractive. I'm sorry."

A: Really? This is what you want to do today?

M: I'm sick in bed. Bored. Shall I go on?

A: No. You are a very mean lady.

M: "Adrien: I didn't say I liked him, just that I find him, OCCASIONALLY, attractive. "

For the record I still think he is a small headed crybaby.

A: If you think I'm going to post this on the blog you are crazy.

M: Now don't be like that.

A: I don't even know what TEAM he's on!

M: Sure you don't.

A: Jerk.

M: I think I'll take a nap now.

A: Sleep with one eye open, sister.


  1. Tim Tebow is hot. I will say, I prefer covering up his face and just drooling over his bod most of the time, but occasionally I don't mind looking at his face too.

    Chris Hemsworth is a little too blonde/bland for me. I like my men a little more rugged/stubbled/dark/mysterious.

    I can't believe you didn't post a picture of Ewan just for old times.

  2. When my mom found out Chris Helmsworth was going to be in the Diana Gabaldon adaptation, she just HAD to see 'The Avengers'.


  3. I prefer the Thor Helmsworth over the cleaned up version.

  4. I admit I kind of like Thor, too.

    You should just like Marcus(?) Mumford instead, who looks just like Tim Tebow, but is British and talented and doesn't Tebow all over the place.

    1. Oh, I DO like Marcus Mumford! Apparently I just have a type.


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