Thursday, October 11, 2012

Adrien: Style Tools 'n Stuff.

This is a style tools kind of entry because who doesn't like talking about stuff? I like stuff and here are some odd things that make my life easier:

Pedag Leather Heel Grips

These are far superior to gel or foam grips because they are made of super-soft leather and basically bond to your shoe. They aren't super thick, which I also like. (Thanks to Lara for introducing me to this brand!)

Hollywood Fashion Tape

This stuff is really very useful (but please don't use it to tape your cardigan down over your boobs like certain popular blogger I won't mention. That is just too far, people. Too far.) I generally use it in place of tiny safety pins to make tops stay closed and it's great on the flap of wrap dresses. That kind of thing.

Dr. Scholl's Moleskin

I am a sensitive flower and shoes are basically torture for me. I think moleskin is designed to be stuck to the skin, but I find that sticking tiny pieces on the inside of shoes just where they rub is really effective. It stays forever. I have officially become my mother.

Solia Flat Iron

My sister Molly has one and she let me use it. I was immediately obsessed and bought the exact same one all Single White Female. It's not super-fancy but it heats up fast, doesn't catch my hair, and has a temperature dial, which you absolutely want. It is also very easy to get on sale. I bought mine at where they always have some kind of deal or code. (And 5% cash back on eBates! Fuck yeah.)

Sephora Glass Nail File

I know this sounds dangerous, but I read about this nail file's superiority on a beauty board and felt like my life wouldn't be complete without one. It's all true! It's really gentle and files a very smooth edge. And it's hardy - I had to drop my first one eight or ten times before I broke it.

Okay, your turn. What are you favorite style tools? What brands do you swear by?


  1. I'm surprised that you say your feet are sensitive! Because you wear killa shoes!! And I was sure you had perfect feet and a very high pain threshold. Thanks for the tips about moleskin, and that fashion tape will be the perfect solution for one particular wrap dress I have that exposes my slip regularly! :-))

  2. I wear very specific killa shoes! I've found a few brands that work for me and stick with them. And hey, sometimes they hurt anyway, I just do my best to suck it up.

  3. I use those leather heel grips too! So much better than the skinny/flimsy ones you can buy in the store. Blech.

  4. Hi there, love your tip about leather heel grips because I sure find that heel grips are often not "grippy" at all but smooth plastic and how is THAT supposed to help. I also got some hollywood fashion tape in the check out lane at Old Navy! Yes, it is now officially everywhere!

  5. I like Bandaid Blister Block, which I refer to as "foot lube: because it comes in a little stick that looks like a mini deodorant, and makes a shoe slip instead of rubbing. Chafe gel for runners also works for this purpose - it's silicone based, so it stays put okay, too.

    I'm also not together enough to iron my whole head of hair, but I do have a mini flat iron, which is a wonderful thing, because I can at least deal with my bangs really quickly and easily on the mornings when they look like a tiny tornado. The rest can go into a pony or braids or something.

    1. I adore Blister Block! It's amazing how well it works.

  6. Oh yay! Those Germans know what's up! The ball of the foot cushions for higher heels are awesome too! The gel things always slide around and get smelly. Ew!

    Blister block rules my life... and moleskin is my best friend now.

    I now need to invest in some shoe stretchers to break my shoes in for me!

  7. The leather grips are a life saver! I use them all the time.

    xo, tasha
    twenty-something blog