Friday, October 19, 2012

Depends on your definition.

A: Cute Boy Friday! Any ideas?

M: Hm. You don't watch Game of Thrones, do you? I don't really either, but Jason Momoa is UNH. MANLY.

A: Marianne.

M: What??

A: How can you be all down on my Daniel for being too beefy and then post this photo all, "What?"

M: Oh, you know. It's the same reason I give Joe Manganiello a pass.

A: WOW. I know that's photoshopped and I DON'T CARE. But I think there needs to be equal time:

M: Oh, fine, whatever.


M: He has a very cute figure, Adrien.


Love me! 

M: I'm sure he's a very nice man.

A: Oh, I hope not.

M: HA!

A: Seriously. "Nice" is not on the list of things I want Daniel Craig to be.

M: Unless he maybe is bringing you a kitten.

A: Oh, please. You know that dude is "allergic" to cats.

But, um, yeah.

M: I'm sorry, I just found this and I can't stop laughing ever:

A: Why do you always have to do this?

M: I will never apologize for that.

A: Oh, I know.

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  1. Daniel Craig is what I imagine the stereotypical sweet grandpa to look like when he's younger. I'm with you on Joe Magniello and Jason Momoa. I was so sad when he died on GOT.


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