Friday, August 18, 2017

Weekend Window Shopping: Total Eclipse of the Cart.

LOOK, I KNOW. I know. I'm a total nerd and I just made a pun IN THE TITLE so you're probably already mad at me. But I'm pretty excited about the eclipse on Monday so why not go full nerd and make it the theme this week? Just be glad I didn't include stuff like this incredibly on-the-nose Givenchy clutch, this insane Maison Margiela dress or this beautiful necklace that caused involuntary grabby hands. That would just be mean.



Thursday, August 17, 2017

Stuff I Like: The Food Edition + Watching, Listening.

Rough week, right? Since my Whole30 is now a distant memory I can get back to stress eating with gusto. Thus, a food-themed entry, mostly.

image: Pinch of Yum

This Spring Roll Bowl That Is Amazing. 

My friend Malissa recently recommended this Spring Roll Bowl recipe and it was a revelation. Super fresh and full of good ingredients! And yes, there is sugar in there! That's what makes it delicious! I made it with shrimp but I think it would be great with any protein of your choice or with zucchini noodles in place of the rice noodles if that's how you roll. And definitely don't smell the fish sauce, just add it in and trust. I pretty much followed the recipe and thought that 7oz of rice noodles wasn't enough for the amount of sauce, but I ended up using the extra sauce to marinate the shrimp so that all worked out.

This Knife, By The Way.
If you're an adult who cooks and you don't have a good knife it's time to fix that. Last year for my birthday I bought myself a Wusthof Classic Ikon 7-Inch Santoku and I am SO IN LOVE STILL. I use it more than any other knife in my kitchen and it's worth every single penny. This set of two Ikon knives on Amazon seems like a good deal if you want a paring knife as well. Also, you need these tongs if you don't have a set. You'll wonder how you ever cooked without them. And get this spatula while you're at it. I'll stop now.

This Old Highball Which I Love.
Remember when I was comfort-reading Rosamunde Pilcher books? People drink a lot in those books and they especially like to drink whisky and soda. I am a fan of bourbon on the rocks but it's a winter thing for me, so I thought maybe I would try a bourbon and soda as a summer thing. And you know what? It's delightful. So simple and refreshing but still bracing. Add a twist if you desire, but it's not necessary. You don't need a recipe but this is still useful.

This Season of Bake. 
Y'all know that Marianne and I are big fans of The Great British Baking Show and the most recent season was seriously delightful. Delightful! Marianne hasn't watched it yet but I told her in a non-spoilery way that I actually really liked all of the final four contestants and that never happens. I don't know WTF this is all about but I am pretty sure I'm just going to not watch that. I mean, just stupid Paul? No Mary, Mel or Sue? Yeah, no thank you. (Seriously, look at that photo. They don't like him either.)

Finally, I am going off-theme to recommend a really timely listen:

This Podcast Episode That You Shouldn't Avoid. 
I am a native Virginian and the past week has been beyond horrifying and infuriating. Is this the tipping point? It as to be, right? Anyway, I highly recommend this episode of Pod Save the People for some really insightful interviews regarding the events in Charlottesville.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Adrien: I Can't Be Complicated.

The doldrums of August are when my outfits start going...real simple. I just can't get excited about any of my summer clothes anymore and it's too hot to really think about buying fall clothes yet, so I tend to go kind of boring. However, even though it's simple, I thought this outfit turned out fairly cute:

I'm wearing a simple swing dress from Loft (surprise!) that is slightly too tight in the arms but I keep wearing it anyway because it's so easy. They currently have a sleeveless version (more colors here) but I'm partial to this Lou & Grey dress which looks really comfortable. Old Navy also has something similar and this one at the Gap is fine, but I'm partial to this French terry dress. I'd wear the hell out of that. 

A plain dress needs a strong accessory and what's better than a red bag? Nothing, that's what. Mine is a vintage LV epi leather speedy but a great red bag doesn't have to be fancy. This red Frye bag is a glorious color and this adorable red Cambridge satchel is on sale! For a super-bargain, this MJ satchel at TheRealReal is a total steal. For your under-$50 option, this red Merona tote is pretty handsome. More details: 

I can't wear my giant Ann Taylor tassel with just anything - it demands a blank canvas. I can't find anything quite as enormous but this multi-tassel necklace will definitely make a statement! You also can't go wrong with a Lulu Frost tassel, that is just the truth. For something slightly less gigantic, I'd go with this pretty option from Ann Taylor! Oh, and my bracelet is a Bijouone Screw Cuff (a blatant knockoff of the Miansai modern screw cuff.)  

Finally, my sandal of the summer of 2017, my copper Birkenstock Gizehs. I know, I know, I'm sorry. They're just so comfortable and cute that I don't want to wear anything else. I also love them in silver but they're getting hard to find. Ooh, but there are a couple of sizes of the Madrid sandals in copper at Yoox and they're on sale! Go get em.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

We Discuss Brown Crayons and Fashion Lobotomies.

M: I bought that Urban Decay mascara you liked and hate it! Why can't there be One Mascara To Rule Them All? I'm back to using Tarteist for now.

A: Oh no, I'm sorry! I'm wearing it today and still love it though it doesn't really hold up all day.

M: Oh it's fine, I wanted to try something new, and I'm going to take it back and exchange it. I just need a different brush and formula.

A: I have rediscovered my love for Tarte BB cream. Man, that stuff is so good.

M: I re-bought It Cosmetics CC cream and like it a lot. It has more SPF than the Clinique stuff I've been using. It's so annoying that just replacing mascara, CC cream, and an eyebrow pencil was 96 freaking dollars. But I returned some other stuff so broke even.

A: That's some good sale math! I am nearly out of my Tarte BB cream, my Pixi cleanser and my Juno oil. Whyyyyy all at once?

A: Also! I got my eBates payout and used it to buy that $22 Foley + Corinna bag I didn't need. Oops.

M: Haaaa speaking of sale math.

A: Hush.

M: I did go back to an eyebrow pencil after over a year of Ka-Brow because I got tired of dealing with it and turns out the pencil took just as long because I'm rusty I guess.

A: I am currently using a NYX eyebrow pencil and an Anastasia pencil and, while the colors are different, the pencils are basically identical.

M: I should have gotten a cheaper one but I already knew the Benefit pencil is the right brown for me--so many dark browns have red in them and I have a very cool undertone and blah blah blah $24 for a brown crayon.

A: That's why I'm using two - one is too red, the other too brown. It's really stupid. It takes hours.

M: Sometimes I wish I was some person who never shops and wears the same stuff forever and doesn't wear makeup and is literally the opposite of everything I am.

A: I would like to be the kind of person who doesn't care about clothes or shopping or makeup but I don't know how to do that. How do you do that?

M: Total personality transplant? Lobotomy?

A: A lobotomy might work but sounds expensive.

M: Yeah voluntary fashion lobotomies are prob not covered by insurance.

A: That figures.

Monday, August 14, 2017

BUY THIS (So We Don't Have To): TJ Maxx, The Boot Report.

Yes, once again I've been scouring the new arrivals on the TJ Maxx website lest a good bargain gets away from my grabby grasp. I don't generally link to the shoes because the sizing is so limited, but there are some GOOD boots right now so you'll just have to pray to the size gods. Here's what I saw:

Delman boots! Several beautiful pairs:

These Delman riding boots are so glorious, I can't even. Tiny sizes only, I'm afraid, but YOU GUYSThese are $600 boots. If you have tiny feet please buy them because I can't! Ugh.

These over-the-knee boots are pretty legendary in the fashiony world for good reason. They're stretch suede so they fit like a glove and retail for close to $700 according to Nordstrom Rack. Again, tiny sizes only. BOOOO.

These Delman suede ankle boots have a better size range available and the price is incredible! Nordstrom Rack has a few colors available (and better pics) but the prices aren't nearly as good.

In non-Delman boot news, there are a couple of really great looking leather Chelsea boot styles all well under $100:

These are your basic perfect black Chelsea boot! They also come in a cool snake texture that of course I love. 

I immediately loved this pair of wingtip Chelsea boots because they remind me of the glorious and expensive Church's version that will never be mine. PS. They come in burgundy too! 

TJ Maxx also has several pairs of Frye boots but, while the prices are good, they aren't amazing. This pair is under $200 and looks like a super-classic Frye style:

Pretty nice, right? The perfect cognac brown and not too cowboy-leaning. Nordstrom Rack also has a ton of Frye boots, so definitely do a bit of comparison shopping. 

One more pair! Remember how you kept waffling last fall about perforated ankle boots? Maybe you didn't give in? Now's the time:

These beauties are Dolce Vita and they also come in a medium grey color. They're leather and under $60! These will be your perfect transition-to-autumn ankle boots. What are you waiting for? 

Friday, August 11, 2017

Weekend Window Shopping: Oh, Hey Boden.

I kind of forgot about Boden for a while but they recently sent me a catalog which compelled me to check out the website again. Boden is a bit more expensive than your average store but the quality is really good and I love their funky prints and unapologetically retro style. (The baby stuff is also ridiculously cute.)  The autumn line is out now and code 4GL7 gets you 15% Off + Free Shipping & Returns on $49+ Orders! (Unfortunately the code doesn't work on clearance items.) Being the bargain hunter I am, however, I mostly checked out the clearance items. Here's what I liked:



Thursday, August 10, 2017

Stuff I Like: This and That + Whole30 Wrap Up

Hi there! I'm still reading 1Q84, still working my way through the Bad With Money podcast and lately haven't been watching much TV at all, so I don't have much new stuff to talk about. Instead, just some of this and that! I've also included a Whole30 wrap up at the bottom, so feel free to skip it if you don't curr.

image via

This Friend of Mine Who Should Be Famous
Are any of you in the NYC area? My incredibly talented friend Noah Scalin is going to be part of a group show called dOGUMENTA - an art exhibit for dogs! It's at Brookfield Place August 11-13th. Noah makes incredible portraits out of unconventional materials, so definitely worth checking out.

This Video That Keeping Cracking Me Up
Watching this baseball dude get fucked up by a small grey kitten has been making me laugh all morning. Is he new? Has he never met a cat? Because this cat is NOT COOL WITH IT.

This Dumb Bag I Can't Stop Mentioning
Remember this awesome Foley + Corinna snakeskin weekender bag with leather trim? It's now $22 at TJ Maxx! This is crazy. It's still $117 on the F+C website! Amazon wants $109!

These Tiny Avocados I'm Obsessed With
Did you know that Trader Joe's has bags of teeny tiny avocadoes? TINY BABY AVOCADOES. Aside from being just adorable they're a perfect single serving size and they're the exact right size for a single slice of avocado toast. (My basic bitch avo toast tip: drizzle it with honey or chipotle hot sauce before eating. Delicious.)

This Weird Primer That I Can't Afford
My June Allure Beauty Box included a very generous sample of Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat Blur Primer. It seemed dumb - a clear gel primer with flecks of gold in it. I mean, that shouldn't really work at all. Unfortunately it's awesome and luxurious and works great and gives my face a nice glow. Also unfortunately it's $52 so I'll just use up my sample and cry bitter tears tbh. The usual.

Whole30 Wrap Up
A few of you asked, so I thought I'd write up my Whole30 results. I finished a week ago and I was really glad to be done with it. It gets pretty tedious to be constantly thinking about what you're going to eat but, it wasn't actually that hard. It was boring and took a lot of planning but I ate a lot of really good food and didn't have an massive cravings. My positive results:

  • A huge improvement in my sleep. I fall asleep immediately and sleep through the night.
  • My GI issues definitely improved.
  • My skin is glowing and my rosacea completely disappeared. (I don't know if this was related, but I thought it worth mentioning.) 
  • I lost 4lbs which isn't a ton but I was also eating quite a lot. 
  • I lost an inch on my waist, stomach and hips.
  • The program got me cooking again which has been really fun. I loved going to the store and only buying fresh stuff, nothing processed. 

The not so great results:

  • I never got the huge bursts of energy that some people experience. In fact, I felt more fatigued during my workouts. 
  • No improvement in muscle soreness. I am still waiting up feeling all crunky every day. Yay, aging.
  • It was a total drag, socially. I avoided going out because it wasn't much fun. 
  • My grocery bill doubled. It was balanced out with not eating out/buying booze, but it's expensive to do a Whole30.

Now that I've added food groups back in I've definitely noticed that I have a sensitivity to dairy but wheat seems to be fine. I haven't added legumes back yet and I'm still trying to limit sugar but I had a cocktail or two over the weekend and, despite what another Whole30er told me, it tasted EXACTLY like I remember, which is to say it was delicious.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Adrien: It's The Pants.

Remember Marianne and I talking about the Loft pants that are a revelation? Hey guess what, not everything needs to be tight! We are totally brilliant and came up with that all on our own. I KNOW. Anyway, here's an outfit: 

Since I bought them, the Loft Cuffed Drawstring Pants have been, like, eight different prices, sometimes  changing within the same day. At the time of writing they are 40% off which makes them $35 and change, but if you wait a few hours, they will probably be less (or more.) Sorry! They're really good though! Like wearing work-appropriate sweatpants. Something about the cut is just really flattering and I don't really have anything like them in my closet, so bonus. 

Loft also appears to have a wide-leg version which are quite breezy and for those craving a bit more structure, I think these Riviera Pants look like a happy medium.  Annnnnd, if you're looking for pants that are slouchy and slightly insane, Everlane totally has you covered. Heh.

Something about this feels very 80s Banana Republic safari which I'm okay with. I'm wearing the pants with an old BR top that I would like a lot better if I'd sewn it shut a bit because if I don't tape it up it gapes open all, "look at my bra!" Nobody needs that. I haven't linked BR in a while because of tops like this which seems to be a scourge lately, but they do have this fairly simple drapey tank and this piped v-neck top looks really wearable too. I also don't hate this sheer-sleeve tee! Progress, Banana. 

On to details:

Same old stuff - my super favorite Giles & Brother hook pendant that I probably wear too much! This lovely Miansai necklace is the most similar (and on sale!) but this spiked urn necklace is super cool and has a similar weight/feel. My bracelet is Lisa Freede and there's currently a similar Lisa Freede bracelet on TJ Maxx

I'm wearing sandals that aren't Birkenstocks! I know! These are an old pair of Chie Mihara slingbacks that I will wear until they die. These Chie sandals are somewhat similar and this pair has the same fun buckles. My bag is the Twist Lock Satchel from Cambridge Satchel Co and I don't carry it enough! It's a good one. There are a few similar styles in the same color - the Poppy Satchel which is on sale and the Push Lock which is a bit simpler in style. 

That's it for today! Go find some not-tight pants and see what happens. 

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Lou & Grey: Rude.

M: You know how Loft is soooooo generous with the discounts. WHY ISN'T LOU & GREY?

A: I KNOW RIGHT. Why are they so stingy with the soft-n-comfy?

M: I have had TWO of these jumpsuits in my cart for WEEKS and COME ON.

A: Ugh, that is so cute! I might even try something like that if it was, like, 50% off.

A: Um…don't get mad.

M: Wait did I just make that happen.

A: No, I did. That's the Loft site, not the L&G site.


A: Don't over-think it. You'll get mad.

M: To my credit, this jumpsuit was previously only available on Lou & Grey proper.



M: PS. My inner poor person wants these Birkenstocks a lot.

A: Oooh, I like those! They're delicate for Birks. However, your inner wealthy person should invest that money in Birken...stock.

A: I’m sorry, I'll see myself out.

M: Hahahaha you're fired.


Monday, August 7, 2017

BUY THIS (Because I Already Have): Dermstore Anniversary Sale.

I mostly buy my beauty products online at Sephora but for skincare I check Dermstore first because they almost always have a discount code going. Right now they have a really good one - up to 25% off with code HAPPY18

There are, of course, a ton of exclusions but the code works on a lot of the products I really like! I mean, how often do you get a discount on Sunday Riley? Not often. The downside of Dermstore is that they don't always carry the full product line. The upside? Free shipping and eBates cash back for Dermstore is 12% (today only*) which is crazy! Crazy I say. Here are some products I really like that are included in the sale: 

I bought this moisturizer for my sad rosacea face and it's so great - super gentle and soothing.

Y'all know I love the Sunday Riley Juno oil. It's a staple and I hate being without it.

 I haven't bought Good Genes in a while but it's such a game-changer! Highly recommend. 

If you don't have a BKR bottle yet, this is the time. They are really amazing. I promise.

I haven't bought the Living Luminizer, but I tried Marianne's and think about it a lot. Glowy.

Baby Foot! I haven't bought this yet, but I'm dying to try! So gross in a good way.

* eBates is having a Member Appreciation promotion in which over 300 stores are offering 12% cashback today only! Go get those rebates! 

Friday, August 4, 2017

Weekend Window Shopping: Live Dangerously With J.Crew.

So, J.Crew is currently offering an extra 50% off final sale stuff with code YAYSALE (plus 1.5% cash back with eBates) right now. I'm not generally a fan of final sale but the deals are real and there's some good deals to be had if you know J.Crew works for you. If you're one of those people who buys holiday gifts in August (you weirdo) this destination silk scarf would be a really nice present and who wouldn't want this little metallic coin purse?



Thursday, August 3, 2017

Stuff I Like: Cooling Towels + Marianne's Pick, Listening, Watching.

This cooling towel that makes summer so much better.
I mentioned pretty recently that I'd developed rosacea this summer and the heat and sun was making my flare-ups so much worse. Yay! Things seem to be in remission right now, but I had to be really careful with sun exposure/overheating which is hard when I like to do things like mountain biking and hiking. I remembered that a friend told me about cooling towels so I went on Amazon and bought this one.

It seems like witchcraft but you just get it wet and flick it three times and it's magically COLD. Amazing! And it stays cold for a while! I put the towel in my gym bag or leave it in my car when I do bike rides and then basically wrap it around my head or neck on the way home. It definitely helps bring down my body temperature and I'll be sticking in my pack on the next hike.

This podcast that examines my deepest shame. 
Money is such an uncomfortable thing to talk about and when you're bad with money it feels pretty shameful. I never had a good money role model growing up so it's not really surprising that I'm bad with money, but it's still something that causes Deep Issues. That's why the Bad With Money With Gaby Dunn podcast was such a great find. Gaby Dunn is very upfront about being bad with money and examines this topic from every angle, starting with her lack of role model. It's also a great podcast for learning how to be less bad with money, which it's really the goal, right? Right.

This Netflix show full of terrible people that I really enjoyed. 
I recently watched Friends from College, the new series on Netflix about...a bunch of friends from Harvard who're now in their 40s and, as it turns out, are all kind of terrible people. But, I tend to like shows about terrible people and I legit laughed out loud at some of the stupid, awful things these terrible people said and did. They are AWFUL. But it's pretty damn funny and I was bummed that the first season is only eight episodes long.

From Marianne: 

This website that looks sketchy but it's legit.
Okay, so I notoriously HATE PERFUME SAMPLES. They are never something I want to try and I feel like they aren't the same quality of the actual perfume? I don't know.

ANYWAY, I also want to try ALL THE EXPENSIVE PERFUMES. Allllll of them. But hello, I'm not dropping $150 on a Serge Lutens perfume I've never even seen in real life because the description sounds so amazing. I mean:

 A fire fanned by the wind, a desert in flames.

As if bursting from the earth, Chergui, a desert wind, creates an effect that involves suction more than blowing, carrying plants, insects and twigs along in an inescapable ascent. Its full, persistent gusts crystallize shrubs, bushes and berries, which proceed to scorch, shrivel up and pay a final ransom in saps, resins and juices. Night falls on a still-smoldering memory, making way for the fragrant, ambery and candied aromas by the alchemist that is Chergui. 


Enter The Perfumed Court. After doing some googling, I found this verrrry old school looking website that decants really expensive perfumes and lets you buy them in tiny amounts to try. I was suspicious but they are very highly reviewed by people that are intensely into perfumes (that's a weird corner of the internet, I'll tell you what). I ordered 3ml of Serge Lutens Chergui for $20 and it arrived very quickly. Of course now the problem is I love this damn $150 perfume, but that's a Future Marianne problem. Current Marianne has a tiny spray bottle of this very potent perfume that will last me for a little while, and I didn't have to spend a ton to try it. Recommend!

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

BUY THIS (So We Don't Have To): LOFT 50% Off Sale!

LOFT confuses me with their pricing - it changes constantly! My $12 shorts were back to $24 when I wrote about them on Monday but now the extra 50% off sale items is working and they're back to $12 and change. Here is my pomegranate pair which arrived last night:

So comfy! I am pleased with them. I also ordered this top which is currently sold out. Boo. However, there are still some really good deals to be had, especially if you go through eBates for 2% cash back. Here's what I saw that I really liked:

As a rule I am not a cold-shoulder person but this pretty dress is under $15. I mean. 

Say hello to your dreamy print seasonal-transition infinity scarf.  $7.50! 

This top is now 50% off in all the colors, making it $12-$16. I have it in teal and really love it. 

These gorgeous earrings look like something you'd find at Anthro. They're $9.99.

This fun double tassel necklace looks like something I need in my life. $9.99! 

This double strap cami is new but with the Summer VIP promo so it's 40% off. I LOVE IT A LOT.

In other quick notes, there are a ton of other tassel necklaces on the LOFT site right now and all of them are 30%-50% off! Also, zebra socks. I know, right? 

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Japanese Sunscreens Are The Best.

I know I've talked about my favorite Japanese sunscreen a few times before. I've been using Shiseido Senka Aging Care UV sunscreen for a while now and liking it very much. However, this summer I started developing rosacea out of nowhere (yay for being in my 40s!) and had some bad reactions to the sun. I realized that I was using the same sunscreen for everything - everyday, pool, outdoor workouts and that I might need to switch things up. With the aid of this excellent sunscreen comparison chart, I found a few more options and ordered:

Biore UV Aqua Rich Watery Essence
This one is pretty close to the Senka sunscreen (both are chemical sunscreens with a gel consistency) but has a slightly different formula and contains Hyaluronic acid, which I like. It's meant for everyday use and works well under makeup.

Biore Uv Perfect Face Milk Spf50
This one arrived a few days ago and I love it! It's a little bottle that you have to shake up and contains both physical and chemical sunblock ingredients. It's really great under makeup and feels like a primer going on and leaves a slightly matte finish. I got no white cast from it but YMMV.

ROHTO Skin Aqua Super Moisture Milk
This one just arrived last night! I specifically bought it to wear on the days that I do long outdoor rides since it's waterproof and specifically meant for outside/sport use. That said, I put it on this morning and it works just fine under makeup. Definitely good for everyday use as well. It contains both physical and chemical ingredients and has no alcohol, which I especially like.

None of these are over $10 and all of them are far superior to any of the U.S. brands I've tried. They're just much more cosmetically elegant than anything made here. Check out the chart if you want to try one but don't know where to start!