Monday, August 21, 2017

BUY THIS (So We Don't Have To): Two Things Real Quick. Maybe Three.

Hey! So listen. Remember how I wasn't really excited by the Frye boot offerings on TJ Maxx? Well, I take it back. They just added a pair of the very classic Frye Veronica Slouch boots in a very un-classic burnt red color:

Available in many sizes! At $199 they aren't suuuuuper cheap but it's still a really good price for this style. I have a black pair and they're the most comfortable walking boots I own and they look great with skinny jeans. I just kinda wish I'd gone for a more interesting color.

Oh, and speaking of skinny jeans, there's also this pair of legit Jeanz for Teenz that is a good bargain:

J Brand jeans for $60? That's not half bad and they have a fair range of sizes available, which is nice. If you prefer your jeans to not look like you were dragged under a car first (which I personally love but I get is not for everyone), might I suggest these Joie moto jeans?

(In a surprise twist, it looks like they're slightly cheaper on Nordstrom Rack.) Those zip pockets, though, right? Sigh. It's happening, ya'll. Suddenly I want fall things.

PS. Please be advised that print placement is important. Thank you.

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