Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Adrien: That Thing You Forget About.

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Now! Outfit time. I bought a tie-back Loft top earlier this summer, wore it once and then completely forgot about it because I hung it up in the back of my closet. Then a few weeks ago I remembered I had it and was like, RIGHT. I LIKE THIS THING! And now I wear it basically every week. Check it out:

This top is a big old slouchy mess in the best possible way. My color is sold out but it's still in stock (and on sale) in red and grey, size medium. And, being Loft there are a bunch of other similar things -this dolman top is a great color for fall and this tie-neck top has slouchy-mess possibilities. Looking towards cooler weather, this mixed media sweater thing is awfully cute and, here you go, world's collide with a tie back mixed media sweater because why not. 

So, my dumb pants. They are too tight tbh. Like, I really need to admit they don't really fit anymore and invest in a new pair of black pants, because, you know what? I documented the buying of these pants and LOOK THEY USED TO BE LOOSE. UGH. ANYWAY. I am seriously very interested in these Madewell track trousers because they look f'ing comfortable, right? Also these black jeans that aren't supposed to fade intrigue me because I can usually get away with wearing black jeans to work. I'm also dying to try on these these grey utility pants at Loft because cargo pockets and becasue I don't have grey pants. MOAR PANTS PLS. Now, details:

Okay, really not very many details but I'm wearing a crescent moon pendant by Alex and Ani which I can't find, but this one by Ashley Schenkein is a more delicate version and this one at Nordstrom Rack is pretty cool. I'm also wearing my Apple Watch which I love but I want a new band for it. Unfortunately I really like this one which is too freaking many dollars so I just keep on with the sport band. Bag and shoes: 

My bag is the same old super awesome MBMJ Too Hot To Handle Hobo which I carry an embarrassing amount. Several colors still available at NR and there's also this little nugget that's the same color as the bag I'm carrying.

Finally, my shoes! Oh, my shoes. They're Chie Mihara and I've had them forever. There are a few cute pairs of red Chie heels out right now but they're definitely not inexpensive. If I were to buy a pair of red heels right now I'd probably go for something like this pair on Yoox or this pair by Everlane, though these Miz Mooz are very similar to mine! I think red shoes just make everything better. Give it a try if you haven't already.

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