Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Adrien: It's The Pants.

Remember Marianne and I talking about the Loft pants that are a revelation? Hey guess what, not everything needs to be tight! We are totally brilliant and came up with that all on our own. I KNOW. Anyway, here's an outfit: 

Since I bought them, the Loft Cuffed Drawstring Pants have been, like, eight different prices, sometimes  changing within the same day. At the time of writing they are 40% off which makes them $35 and change, but if you wait a few hours, they will probably be less (or more.) Sorry! They're really good though! Like wearing work-appropriate sweatpants. Something about the cut is just really flattering and I don't really have anything like them in my closet, so bonus. 

Loft also appears to have a wide-leg version which are quite breezy and for those craving a bit more structure, I think these Riviera Pants look like a happy medium.  Annnnnd, if you're looking for pants that are slouchy and slightly insane, Everlane totally has you covered. Heh.

Something about this feels very 80s Banana Republic safari which I'm okay with. I'm wearing the pants with an old BR top that I would like a lot better if I'd sewn it shut a bit because if I don't tape it up it gapes open all, "look at my bra!" Nobody needs that. I haven't linked BR in a while because of tops like this which seems to be a scourge lately, but they do have this fairly simple drapey tank and this piped v-neck top looks really wearable too. I also don't hate this sheer-sleeve tee! Progress, Banana. 

On to details:

Same old stuff - my super favorite Giles & Brother hook pendant that I probably wear too much! This lovely Miansai necklace is the most similar (and on sale!) but this spiked urn necklace is super cool and has a similar weight/feel. My bracelet is Lisa Freede and there's currently a similar Lisa Freede bracelet on TJ Maxx

I'm wearing sandals that aren't Birkenstocks! I know! These are an old pair of Chie Mihara slingbacks that I will wear until they die. These Chie sandals are somewhat similar and this pair has the same fun buckles. My bag is the Twist Lock Satchel from Cambridge Satchel Co and I don't carry it enough! It's a good one. There are a few similar styles in the same color - the Poppy Satchel which is on sale and the Push Lock which is a bit simpler in style. 

That's it for today! Go find some not-tight pants and see what happens. 


  1. I was hoping they would be in stock at my local Loft to try on, alas, no.

  2. First time commenter, motivated to do so because yes indeed, these pants are magic! How do they manage to be drapery and comfortable and not give one diaper butt? I wore the olive pair last night and immediately had to take advantage of one of Loft's every other week sales to buy a pair in black.

  3. Just bought a pair because free shipping yesssssss. Can't wait to see how these look!