Monday, August 7, 2017

BUY THIS (Because I Already Have): Dermstore Anniversary Sale.

I mostly buy my beauty products online at Sephora but for skincare I check Dermstore first because they almost always have a discount code going. Right now they have a really good one - up to 25% off with code HAPPY18

There are, of course, a ton of exclusions but the code works on a lot of the products I really like! I mean, how often do you get a discount on Sunday Riley? Not often. The downside of Dermstore is that they don't always carry the full product line. The upside? Free shipping and eBates cash back for Dermstore is 12% (today only*) which is crazy! Crazy I say. Here are some products I really like that are included in the sale: 

I bought this moisturizer for my sad rosacea face and it's so great - super gentle and soothing.

Y'all know I love the Sunday Riley Juno oil. It's a staple and I hate being without it.

 I haven't bought Good Genes in a while but it's such a game-changer! Highly recommend. 

If you don't have a BKR bottle yet, this is the time. They are really amazing. I promise.

I haven't bought the Living Luminizer, but I tried Marianne's and think about it a lot. Glowy.

Baby Foot! I haven't bought this yet, but I'm dying to try! So gross in a good way.

* eBates is having a Member Appreciation promotion in which over 300 stores are offering 12% cashback today only! Go get those rebates! 


  1. Baby foot is awesome! I followed people's comments on Amazon, which recommended soaking your feet in warm water every day for about 20 min, once you've done the Baby foot bags. For the first few days, nothing happened, but on day 5, the shredding arrived. Really worked wonders!

    1. I tried the Tony Moly version but I still think Baby Foot is probably better.

  2. Damnit. I just ordered 3 Sunday Riley products. The deal was too good to pass up. Why do I feel happy and annoyed?

    1. Ha! I know that feeling well. What did you get?

    2. Ceramic Slip, Juno, and Good Genes. I love Good Genes already just from trying the Sunday School set and the reviews of the other 2 products (including yours) inspired me to try those.


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