Monday, November 30, 2020

BUY THIS (Because It's Cyber Monday): UGH UGH UGH.

 YOU GUYS. This is the most stressful Monday of the year because it's a reminder that I'm way behind on holiday shopping AND it's also when everything I didn't even know I wanted goes on sale. Ahhhh. Ahhhh. Ahhh. I can handle this, right? Here are some of the things currently torturing me, every single one of them on sale. Prepare for a fair amount of all caps:

OH MY GOD. Is there anything I need less than a sequined blazer? Nope. 
But that doesn't mean I don't want it in my life. 

Anthro also has the cutest damn ornaments every year and every year I'm like, 

Okay, this. There is nothing quite as good as an Athleta hoodie and this one is leopard print. 

I should also add that even though I'm PERFECTLY FINE with the Target version, True & Co has added a snake print version of this excellent bralette and I might need it. We'll see. 

Okay okay okay. I DID ORDER THIS. I posted about it a while ago and kept it in my cart and now it's, like, 60% off and is there anything more cozy than a sweatshirt/tunic/turtleneck thing? We'll find out!

I AM DEFINITELY NOT BUYING MORE BOOTS. But...if I did it would be these very on-sale Sorel boots because they are so cute. Also, the more serious Sorel Caribou boots are 50% off today. 

Finally, I am ABSOLUTELY not buying another leather jacket even though I'm pretty sure this oxblood number would make my life complete and oh my god, just look at it. Sigh.

Thursday, November 26, 2020

Obnoxious Black Friday List, Part 2!

Happy Thanksgiving! I'm getting on this Black Friday list a little early because the sales are already happening. But first, I thought it worth mentioning that my Avec Les Filles leopard jacket is now $75 at Amazon (which is not really a Black Friday deal, but still a deal!) Also, my Esska boots are on sale because of course they are.  Now, onto the main list, which will probably change, but this is where it stands right now:

Athleta - 20% off your purchase, no code needed

Anthropologie - 30% off everything, no code needed

Banana Republic - 50% off everything, no code needed

Bloomingdales - Take 25% off regular and sale price items (there are exclusions), Take an extra 50% off clearance items

Gap - 50% off everything, no code needed. Extra 10% off with code GAPFRIDAY

J.Crew - 50% off your purchase, extra 60% off sale styles

Loft - 50% off your purchase with code INDULGE

Madewell - Up to 50% off with code VERYMERRY

Nordstrom - Cyber deals up to 50% off

Nordstrom Rack - Extra 40% off clearance and free shipping

Old Navy - Receive 50% off everything. Styles starting at $5

Shopbop - 20% off sitewide on orders $200 or more with code SHOP20

Ulta - Multiple deals including 50% off Tarte foundations

Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Obnoxious Black Friday List, Part 1.

Every year I try to compile a list of some of the better online Black Friday deals because and I've already seen a few that I think are outstanding. I should also mention they're hurting my feelings A LOT because I can't take advantage of all of these sales! Here's one that made me whimper:

AllSaints - 30% off of everything INCLUDING LEATHER JACKETS. YOu GuYs. Help. Also! Don't forget that Nordstrom price-matches so they also have AllSaints on sale. *weeping*

Anthropologie just sent me an email that they're doing 30% off of everything, including new arrivals. I am like, do I need a sequined hoodie? Or maybe some cute ornaments

I've been wearing my workout stuff a lot more since I'm working from home, and, you guys, Sweaty Betty is offering 30% off EVERYTHING. I, for one, am very invested in stalking these leopard leggings. Ugh.

Alo Yoga also has up to 70% off sitewide! I am somewhat fascinated by the crazy sherpa jacket and is it weird that I want these plaid leggings

That should get you all started! More to come...

Monday, November 23, 2020

BUY THIS (So We Don't Have To): A few things I absolutely do not need from Madewell.

 Madewell really, really, really wants me to buy stuff. It's getting kind of stalker-y, really. Like, right now they're giving 30% off your purchase and up to 50% off a bunch of the newer stuff (but only if you're an Insider, which you should be! Free shipping and stuff!) Here are a few things that I ABSOLUTELY DO NOT  NEED: 

Ugh, can we start with this? I love the cabernet color with all my heart. Such a lovely bag. 

This is probably the second or third time I've posted these. But that lug sole, y'all. I love it.

Welcome to the first dress that's turned my head in a while. It's got a bit of metallic going on, 
which makes it festive but it's still so wearable. Hmm. 

These are just so sweet with the little cloud and the fresh water pearl. So pretty! 

This might be the wash that gets me back into skinny jeans. It's just so rock'n roll. 

I keep scrolling past this jacket, then slooooowly coming back to it. 
It's a little weird but still compelling?

Okay, this cozy sweater with some skinny jeans and those lug sole boots, right? 


Oooh, fancy sweatshirt, you say? Sign me up every single time. 

Friday, November 20, 2020

Weekend Window Shopping: Crazy-Good J.Crew Sale

J.Crew is giving clothes away again - offering an extra 60% off sale styles with code SHOPSALE. I pawed through all twenty pages of the sale section to find the good stuff! Here's what I like:

Thursday, November 19, 2020

We Discuss: Kidnapping Harry Styles.

 A: So, I listened to this:

M: Oooh I need to listen

A: And then immediately bought his album. It was involuntary.

M: The album is very good

A: It’s literally just Hamish Bowles reading the interview which was disappointing but the article is great

M: lol Hamish has such a crush

A: He’s def got a crush, who wouldn’t?

M: Seriously! It’s just cute

A: The album isn’t 100% my thing but it’s growing on me

A: Were you the one that posted that story about Harry Styles and the telescope?

A: Oh, wait, was it on the celebs IG?

M: Yes Overheard Celebs

A: Yes! That was SO CUTE


A: Like, can you Imagine

M: Indeed I cannot

A: How has he not been kidnapped


A: By some middle aged lady

A: Hahaaaaaaaa

M: lol jinx

A: He’d make an excellent pool boy for our future Golden Girls retirement plan

M: Indeed


A: This Harry Styles album is musical Ativan

M: mmmhmmmmmm

A: Also, it is such an insane stretch to be offended by Harry Styles in a dress. 

A: Like, you have to WANT to be offended.

M: Oh lord, I was going to say WHO is offended but of course someone is offended

A: Apparently people are SO offended because never in the history of music has a man worn a dress

A: I mean, except for David Bowie 40+ years ago

M: lollll

M: Think of the children! They will grow up to think they can wear whatever they want! Horrors!

A: That is crazy! Next, women will be wearing pants

M: Remember when that dude called me a cross dresser because I wore jeggings

M: #neverforget


A: That was one of the single weirdest moments in our blog history

M: Truly incredible

A: Where have all the weirdoes gone?

M: Tiktok probably

M: Anyway, Harry Styles


M: It’s not on this album but have you listened to the song Sweet Creature?

M: Le sigh

M: What a lil dreamboat

A: I’m listening to it now

A: The comments seem to think it’s about Louis Tomlinson

M: Oh they always do

M: The One Direction obsessed are just certain they are deeply in love

M: It’s a whooooole thing

A: The Internet cannot seem to decide which way he leans

A: And honestly? I just think he’s darling and no curr

M: Exactly!

M: I mean I think he’s pretty solidly into women but also doesn’t feel like it’s anyones business

M: He says the song is about his little sister btw

A: Awwww

M: See? He is just delightful

M: I am glad you are with me here

A: I am way too old for this but maybe it’s what I needed

M: It’s the one bright spot in this beshitted year

A: Yes, yes it is

M: I also love his band and the women in it

M: I watched a whole Howard Stern interview with him and his bandmates clearly just adore him and he them and it’s SO sweet

A: He just seems like a nice person

M: yes

A: And, he seems to actually LIKE women

A: We always know when they don’t

M: Yup

M: agree

A: Now I’m watching his tiny desk concert:

M: Oh so good!

M: I am watching Golden again ha

A: Hee

M: He really seems to be enjoying all of this so much. It’s nice to see someone just ENJOY being successful

M: Instead of acting all tortured or whatever

A: Plus, he mentioned David Bowie twice in that Vogue interview which is truly the way to my heart


M: Now fully in a Harry Styles wormhole AGAIN even though I have so much work

M: Sorry/not sorry

M: Goodbye forever:

Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Outfit of the Day: These Things Happen.

So, yeah. I'm wearing the same pair of (quite excellent) jeans multiple times a week and some kind of t-shirt and cardigan combo but I promise I'm really trying to put together an actual outfit every day. Also, continuing with my current theme, I'm trying to add in one special or cool item that might not be entirely practical - a leopard jacket, fun statement earrings, OR the coolest boots on the planet:

Yep, I bought em. What, you thought I just enabled you guys? I also enable myself ALL THE TIME. If I didn't there wouldn't be a blog to write. But first things first, I guess. I'm wearing a perfectly basic black tee from Madewell - it's exactly the kind of long sleeved cotton tee I'm always looking for and I'll probably buy more. My jeans my older Madewell Boyjeans but this current version looks like a very similar wash and this black denim version is 30% off. 

My long cardigan is the Juliette cardigan from J.Crew and it's honestly magic - you can throw it over any old thing and it instantly makes you look pulled together. Works every time, I swear. (See above.) It comes in a bunch of colors too! I will eventually get another one, but for now my charcoal Juliette is working out nicely. The Sophie cardigan is another great magic option if you want something a bit more blazer-y. Now, the boots: 

I mean, how could I not. With that Bowie-esque lightning bolt? They were 100% made for me! These are the Esska Mash boots I posted about pretty recently and they come in several heel height options. I went for the mid heel which suits me perfectly. The color in real life isn't a true red- it's more of a persimmon/brick which makes them a lot more interesting! I bought them as a Christmas present for myself so I haven't worn them out yet, but I couldn't resist showing you all. (I will pack them away until the 25th because it's nice to have something to look forward to, right?)

In an effort to use my nice things, I bought my favorite Miu Miu bag out for a stroll. I'd honestly forgotten how much I love it! Such a thing of beauty. It's long gone from the internets but this Coach hobo has a similar pebbly appeal and oooh, look at this beauty. That is a nice bag. 

More details! I'm wearing my Madewell paperclip chain necklace and my Dean Davidson labradorite tassel. The usual thing. I tried to find another labradorite tassel to tempt you with but there isn't one! Annoying. I'll keep trying. 

One last look. Aren't they cute together? I think so. 

Monday, November 16, 2020

BUY THIS: One More Thing!

Y'all, I'm so dumb. I wrote that entire Anthro post and totally missed that my very favorite yoga mat (which I talked about it here) is also on crazy sale! I didn't even know Anthro carried B Mat but they do and this yoga mat, which is normally $96 is now just under $42 (discount in cart):

It's nice and thick and your hands will absolutely not slide at all. Also, fun colors. Treat Yo Self! 

BUY THIS: Treat Yo' Self (via the Anthro sale)

 Listen, I know right about now the pressure is on to start with the holiday shopping and when that happens my natural inclination is to double down and just buy more stuff for myself as a way to get in the holiday shoppy mood because who needs that kind of stress? Not me. To help with this process, Anthro is offering an extra 30% off sale stuff and I am here for it:

I somehow feel that we all kinda need this weird hoodie. Just me? 

These adorable boots also come in black and cognac. (But really, just get the fun snake boots.)

Who says your big cozy gin cardigan has to be basic? This one is kind of extra and I love it.

Speaking of extra, this dress is THE BEST KIND OF CRAZY.

These are so pretty and would make a great gift...for yourself.

I am all good on green jackets but this one is drape-y and pretty, right?

Eep. I am so into this and it keeps going more and more on sale. 

You just can't go wrong with a floaty Maeve dress. 

I have two yoga mat towels and they're great (so many uses!) but mine ain't this pretty. 

Okay, this mulled wine candle isn't on sale but WHO CUrRs. It's a wine candle!
A HOLIDAY wine candle. Hooray.