Monday, November 30, 2020

BUY THIS (Because It's Cyber Monday): UGH UGH UGH.

 YOU GUYS. This is the most stressful Monday of the year because it's a reminder that I'm way behind on holiday shopping AND it's also when everything I didn't even know I wanted goes on sale. Ahhhh. Ahhhh. Ahhh. I can handle this, right? Here are some of the things currently torturing me, every single one of them on sale. Prepare for a fair amount of all caps:

OH MY GOD. Is there anything I need less than a sequined blazer? Nope. 
But that doesn't mean I don't want it in my life. 

Anthro also has the cutest damn ornaments every year and every year I'm like, 

Okay, this. There is nothing quite as good as an Athleta hoodie and this one is leopard print. 

I should also add that even though I'm PERFECTLY FINE with the Target version, True & Co has added a snake print version of this excellent bralette and I might need it. We'll see. 

Okay okay okay. I DID ORDER THIS. I posted about it a while ago and kept it in my cart and now it's, like, 60% off and is there anything more cozy than a sweatshirt/tunic/turtleneck thing? We'll find out!

I AM DEFINITELY NOT BUYING MORE BOOTS. But...if I did it would be these very on-sale Sorel boots because they are so cute. Also, the more serious Sorel Caribou boots are 50% off today. 

Finally, I am ABSOLUTELY not buying another leather jacket even though I'm pretty sure this oxblood number would make my life complete and oh my god, just look at it. Sigh.


  1. These all look great! Can you tell me what size is your Allsaints jacket? The model wears what is usually my size and that doesn't seem to be the same one as I should be wearing :)

    1. The Allsaints jacket I own is number sized (it's an 8) so I can't say how that particular jacket fits but the model is wearing it over a big sweater and it looks a little big on her! They do describe it as "oversized" so you're probably safe going with your usual size.

  2. I actually want the sequin pants! They look so great with that blue sweater. NEXT YEAR.

  3. I bought those Caribou boots! Through your link! I've been looking for boots to keep my toes warm if it (God forbid) snows. And there they were! Half off! So thanks for that! (And I saw you at the OTR market last weekend! I thought it was you, but wasn't sure because masks, and then realized I recognized your coat! :-) But you were buying something, and I got distracted by a friend selling pottery and then it was the next day and I remembered. So "Hi," late!)

    1. Ah, that was me! I’m sorry I missed you. I hope the boots are perfect! What a great deal.